[Mod] Squadrons of Frigates v1.59

Awhile ago I was asked if i could enabled frigates to deployed in Squadrons
After a bit of tinkering i have managed to do just that. I present to you:

Frigate Squad Mod v1.59
This mod will add Frigate Squadrons to the vanilla and DLC races, they have all the firepower and defenses of the standard frigate however they are deployed in Squads, behave like fighters, can dock in carrier bays and have access to fighter weapons. They also have the same weaknesses as they can not be deployed in a no fighter zone.

The “Frigate Squad Mod v1.59.zip” is currently offline as it has triggered the following cease and desist.

Near as i can tell, it seems that the DtecNet team believe that this mod infringes on “The Mod Squad.” - My guess is that they had a bot search for various key words (i.e. “Squad” and “Mod”) and send a Cease and Desist based on those results.

Anyways, I have registered a counter claim (on the 21/12/12) stating that the file in question (Frigate Squad Mod) has nothing to do with any of their clients copy rights. So now I just have to wait until they decide to respond or not.

After a month of waiting and not hearing anything, I sent Mediafire an second counterclaim on this file. This resulted with the Cease and Desist being dropped as the DtecNet team did not respond in the space of 10 days.

While it would have been nice to receive an apology from the DtecNet team for what seems to be a “scorched earth” approach to protecting their clients copyright, i am not going to hold my breath.

So, after all that. We are back online :slight_smile:

Download: <>

how did you do this?!

EDIT: I said that before I actually downloaded it. I’m surprised I didn’t think of that before -_-


Tell ya what, see if you can improve on the mod and get the turrets to be drawn.
I set all frigate turrets to size zero or else they are drawn as white squares.

i tried doing something like that to make the corvettes in the FF mod corvettes instead of beefed-up fighters, but they got drawn as white squares. :frowning:

I think its got something to do with frame rate optimization.
The fighter is so small, whats the point of drawing a turret ?

well, there’s one thing that’s obvious: it’s hardcoded.

That my current guess . . if im right then yeah, its hard coded.
but what if i am wrong ? (which happens, alot)

For example, When i first converted the frigates to fighters they appeared as white squares.
After a bit more poking around and several more failed attempts, i found out how do convert them into fighters by changing the way the game handles them.

Untill such time as Cliff posts a comment and says thats “Yeah, its hard coded.”
I will keep trying weird and crazy ideas untill it works.

Try changing the offending weapon’s turret sprite to “turret_bull_v1” and see if that fixes the issue.
I suspect that fighters are hardcoded to using a limited selection of turret graphics.

maybe the “Turret_auto_v1” sprites are the answer. they aren’t even used for any other ships.

Um is this still up I did not find it in time to download it but wish to try it out…

The files disapeard of Filefront awhile back - i never bothered to re upload them . .

has idea
How about a squadron of my <> Leviathans?

Short Answer: No
Long Answer: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

If your still interested in them Lonestar, let me know and i will check my archives to see if i kept a copy of this mod

Why not? They’ll only be a little[size=200]-ish[/size] overpowered…

How bout you finish all the other work you been talking about and then we shall see if you have time to work on a squadron of Leviathans . .

Yeah- that’ll be delayed by about a week- school is starting to get annoying, even for an asian that’s got no life…

Yea I’d like to get this if you still have it. Or if you remember how you did it can you leak the information to me in the form of a private message?

Much thanks.

I’m in totally, extreme and absolute agreement with this man…
imagines the size of the scuad
Randy, U GOT TO BE KIDDING!![size=150] o.O[/size]

Observe, children. This is what is commonly known as a [size=200]BAD IDEA[/size].

I cant find the perfect one, but there is one
(the perfect one is “Good Ideas… This is not one of them” (with two guys with pistols shooting at one HUGE gundam) xD