[Mod] Squadrons of Frigates v1.59

Since Lonestar has requested it, i have updated the mod and it is now avaliable on request.
There is still a bit more to be done to the mod which will be conducted based on the level of interest.
See original post for details

Problem with the mod (may be because of the update not yet live)

When I save a design (say with the Fox Frigate Squad), the design switches back to the original frigate (so it switches to the original 1-ship Fox Frigate

I’ve discovered that this is because of the ship names in the text file being the same as the original ships. (guinames are different however)

Is this what you were planning to fix? I shall update my own mod files and tap into the awesome power of Fighter-Frigates.

I wonder if i uploaded the wrong one - the same should be different at the end . .

I am also adding in swarm and nomands . .
The frigate weapons are out of date, there have been a few balance changes and a few new weapons (ie Shield support beams)
Plus trying to make a different icon (still experimenting with that)

actually, it only happens with some of them (most notably fox and gazelle and all order frigs)

AHA !!!
Thankyou - I did upload the wrong file. (my version works fine - but i though that was the one i uploaded)
This will also be fixed.

ok so there is a new version Do i need a new linkie or what?

All done.

Mod has been updated with all races. (which you need if you want to play the mod)

Interesting. I’d like to try it. May I have a download link?

where’s the download link? i need to be be able to combat Praetors’ super fighter things

(ps - anyone know some good scenarios for download)

sorry for the bump but i must have this

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Open. Your. Eyes.

that still sort [size=85]of works as[/size] [size=50]a request…?[/size]

i don’t like to send personal messages, i tend to over do it and make people mad, and i have this blinding fear that i wont get a response (that’s not BS i really DO have that fear)

I suggest that you take a deep breath and get over that irrational fear, because littering the forums with less-than-necessary postings IS going to make the moderators mad and may eventually earn you a ban. Nothing’s stopping you from PM’ing Darkstar with a request for the password to the public download link for this mod. [-shrug-]

Doh, ninja’ed by Archduke.
But yeah, what he said.

I do not mind people PM’ing me, in fact I welcome people sending me Private Messages. Why ?
Because there are people that will not ask questions in an open forum because they have a fear of other people making fun of them.

Enjoy the mod dafrandle :slight_smile:

wow, I did not suspect someone can have a fear of not getting a response to a pm. I’ll make sure to answer each and every pm I get
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