[MOD] Star Blazers!

Need to do some color correction, etc…

Arrowlet II fighter added for Gamilons.

Cosmo Zero added for EDF.

Tweaked colors from above image. Improved some dds files. Slots in progress.

I expect version 0.6 to be up tonight or tomorrow.

Has anyone even DLed this and tried it, or am I just doing this for myself? :slight_smile:

The Cosmo Zero (still need to go back and tweak running lights):

Strictly following a “no shields” rule in making ships has left me with heavily armored or quite fast ships.

One thing I need to adjust is cost of hulls, etc. My gut says the EDF and the battered Earth should pay more for everything.

I’m sort of blogging my ideas so I don’t forget them, and/or remember to test them.

I added (it’s in the 0.50 version available above) a set of engines for frigate that produce twice the thrust at more than twice the cost, and around twice the weight (think the HPs are not quite twice). I wanted EDF and Gamilon ships to be faster but didn’t just want a speed bonus, though that is also an easy thing to do instead. The idea was to have more movement of ships since:

  1. I find piles of overlapping ships ugly.

  2. Seems wrong for Star Blazers.

  3. I made a couple HUGE maps, and I want placement, orders, and maneuver to matter more.

Regarding a suggestion post I made, it would be really, really useful for missile weapons (all weapons?) to have an entry that allows the designer to disallow attacks on certain classes of targets. I’d love to set missiles/torpedoes designed to attack capital ships to NEVER be fired at other fighters. Then you could set the fighter engagement range for a bomber at 150 or whatever, and they’d fly for their cruiser targets, and shoot fighters that attacked them—but not waste the torpedoes.

I realize that in the stock game where fighters magically carry 10,000+ torpedoes this is not a huge issue, but I want proper fighter/bomber interactions. This is clearly also an issue for the naval warfare mod.

Hmmm…tried to download it through crome or firefox, but got the same message both times: your browser doesn’t support downloads from mediafire. Funny thing is, it worked a couple days ago. Anyone know what the problem could be, or how to fix it?


Thanks to hopefast, I now have some sense of what the DM needs to be. Downside is I’m redoing a bunch of damaged states :slight_smile:

Working on some new icons for race-specific stuff. Old shot, I have a torpedo one now, too :slight_smile:

Some more:

Revenge II (Gamilon carrier). I just finished the DM for her. Seems to work.

I completely redid the Gamilon Destroyer I had before in photoshop.

Hmm, triple beam needs to be a tad more narrow.

I think this is to the point I can upload it for another test. That is assuming that anyone cares and I’m not talking to myself, lol :slight_smile:

I have to take the kids to skating practice, but later tonight I’ll up this puppy.

Looks good! … although is it me or is that green ship in the recent screenshot look like a Zaft ship from Gundam SEED or something?

That green ship?

Or this one:

Hey tater, this looks interesting. I’ll give it a shot when you update your download. But, I’ve no clue what Star Blazers was; I wasn’t into TV that often.

Yep that one there. although it doesnt have those “arms” most zaft ships have it still looks like it would be remarkbily similar to one dont you think so?

cant wait till you release it though :3 any estimate or exact number of new ships (hulls?), modules, engines etc.

Uploading now.

I have for the Earth Defense Force:

3 ships rated as GSB frigates—the EDF DD, the “old battleship” (red one, first episode), and the Yukikaze missile destroyer.
2 ships rated as GSB Cruisers—the Yamato battleship, and the EDF Heavy Cruiser.
2 EDF fighters—the Cosmo Tiger II, and the Cosmo Zero

For the Gamilons I have:

1 ship rated as a Frigate—the Exterminator class DD (other slight visual variants coming).

3 ships rated as GSB Cruisers—the Audacious battleship, the Galmus battleship, and the Revenge (improved) Carrier.

4 gamilon fighters—the Prowler, the Arrowlet II, the Striker (dive bomber), and the Ramhead torpedo bomber.

A pile of new weapons, many with very long (for GSB) ranges, though the missile weapons are frequently limited in ammo, and the large warship cannons use the salvo commands to have them fire a few shots in a row, then a longer reload time.

There are 2 not so great scenarios (tough to edit them in text, I’m working on it). I need some balance feedback, frankly. Note that they play OK with stock ships, particularly on the smaller stock maps where range increases don’t matter as much. Hopefast did Yamato entirely and she is extremely powerful. That said she can still lose to comparable Gamilon forces.

Also, to play “officially” you’d not want to use shields.

Currently no weapons are locked, either.

[size=150]Here is VERSION 0.6:[/size]


booooo! only 15 new ships? oh well still gona be epic fun lol :stuck_out_tongue: … Also thats one HUUUGE mod!! 7.2 MB!? wow thats insane for what it is …

well in any case i look forward to your updates i’ll try your mod soon … gotta eat first heh …

Hopefast’s Yamato comes with a HUGE turret file. I will eventually fix that and it will drop the file size by 5 MB.

Heck, I should fix that now, frankly. I was just lazy.

Re-uploading. Packed size is not as reduced as I had thought even with a 5 MB change, lol.

[size=150]VERSION 0.61[/size]



lol you sure there isnt anything else you want to change? you know since your at it XD we went from 0.60 to 0.61 in record time after all :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL, some feedback would be cool.

Star Blazers is very fighter oriented. I think the scenarios need to be altered to have more pilots per budget.

BTW, some weapon icons have a number on them. That’s the number of shots they have before running out of ammo (salvo_interval set to 999999). All the SB fighter missile weapons are limited ammo, even without a number (I just added those icons, and am not finished).

Using stock fighter missiles/rockets/torpedoes will be grossly unbalancing to SB, it’s designed with fighters having to carry only a few missiles/bombs/whatever.


PS—the 2 scenarios are on 8192x8192 sized maps.