[MOD] (Steam Workshop) South Korea v0.6.1

Hey guys!
Recently, I made a mod for South Korea. It started in 0.1 and it’s all the way up to 0.6.1. What progress! Anyway, I’ve gotten some good feedback on it, but none from modders. Still, any feedback is appreciated. I apologize in advance if someone already has a Korea mod out there, because I didn’t know that going into this mod. Also, it won’t let me upload the mod itself to this forum since the .zip file is like 1.2MB. xD If there’s a strong demand, I’ll post a link to the file on SkyDrive. But for now, I’ll just say that the mod is on the Steam Workshop.

To any modders out there, I’m also needing a little help with the wealth mod for Korea. Currently, it’s at 11,000 and that seems to work okay, but it’s not ideal. Just so you know, the exchange rate is about $1=W1,100.

Thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide!

P.S. If it helps, my Steam name is the same as my username here so the mod will be by plankicorn.

I would be very grateful if you could upload the rar file on some hosting service.

Hi, I’m the developer, I can happily host the mod here, and on the page for non-steam mods which is listed here:
Just email cliff AT positech dot co dot uk with the mod, or upload it to some temporary hosting site and I’ll grab it from there.

Hum, I can’t seem to find it. Its not on the page that was listed. Has he not sent it yet?

As someone who works for EPIK I got a kick out of seeing “us” in this mod. However, having lived in South Korea for three years I have to say EPIK only making people happy is pretty unrealistic. Nationalists and Conservatives don’t care for us at ALL.