[MOD] Super Gratuitous Battles

[size=150]This has been moved to the Extended Fleet Project (EFP) All updates can be found there.[/size]

Hey there! this is a thread for my current WIP, a Heavy mod of GSB, characterized by Much heaver ships (More turrets/Modules) and extra stuff.
Temporarily all the ship/Module code has been taken down while i tweak it a bit. I’m getting ready to release Version 1.0, so hold on.
Stay tuned for more updates!

empire: 95%
allyence: 30%
empire: 50%
alliance: 0%

1/13/10, 11:11 PM pacific time: Imperial Megafleet Arrives, laying waste to all forces thrown at it.
1/14/10, 10:40 PM pacific time: Rebel Megafleet surprise-attacks Empire installations all along the frontier. Surprise, and destruction, is total. the Federation Appeals to the Galactic Counsel to intervene, and are ignored. the alliance unsuccessfully attacks the Federation homeworld. the Imperial Megafleet is bogged down by mass Alliance attacks, and unable to re-enforce the rapidly-falling fringe worlds on the frontier. with a better understanding of the Rebel fleet’s capabilities, the Empire fight a desperate delaying action to keep it from striking deeper into the imperium. the Rebel fleet is swamped with huge numbers of ships. The Planet New Terra succeeds from the empire, becoming a neutral power and offering Advanced technology to all the races.continued war ravages an entire galactic arm, as rebel and empire forces battle over once-uncontested worlds.
1/19/10, 7:23 PM pacific time: the alliance attacks New Terra. the Imperial and Rebel Megafleets meet for the first time, a twenty-minuet engagement resulting in 99% casualties on both sides. The Federation recalls its entire fleet and seals its borders. the galactic counsel continues to hold a stance of indifference. Empire forces report intermittent skirmishes with “An unknown, well equipped fleet, with no apparent scheme and powerful weapons of unknown origin, although they appear to be able to scavenge our tech.” Rebel spies in the federation report an increase in activity around a ‘Project Omega’, rumored to be a doomsday weapon.

This space is for custom ships, there are a few I’m putting in.

Perhaps you could make these a sepreate race, then? It’d make it much easier in terms of not accidentally mixing moded and unmodded content for challenges.

I’ve made your files into a new race, called Super Empire. Took awhile to get some of the code right, but at this point it looks like everything works. If you’re okay with it, I’ll post the text files into this thread.

Yes, thank you. I’m in the process of getting the other races Super’ed up, so there whill be more. More modules are coming as well, as soon as I work out some kinks.
In response to this I have compiled a list of Bonuses for each race:
Shield boost = 25%
Power boost = 15%
Speed boost = 15%
None, with powerful beam weapons and better frigates.
Speed/Hull integrity
Frigate carriers, but that’s kinda meh. Got any Ideas?

Well, here’s the hulls and race as it stands.http://www.mediafire.com/file/awnocjhzz3n/Newrace.zip

Thank you mutchly. the Rebel ships are taking a bit longer, as thy have a large number of custom turrets.

I bet they do. One thing to note is that at the moment the Super Empire doesn’t have any Fighters.

For all the guys who have made this mod possable, will be updated soon.

[This space reserved for DL links]

New download ready! This makes both the super rebels and super empire into their own races.

Thank you,Kind Sir!

As long as I’m here,
the stautus of the Tribe Megafleet is"Pending my buying the DLC", so they might not be done till much later.
I will also be adding ‘Megacrusers’, large, slow ships armed to the point of ludicrusness.there will be ONE per side, and VERY expencive to feild.
is anyone knows how to make a ship have Inner sheilds, that would be good.
what I mean By ‘Inner sheild’ is a small, cheap device that generates a ‘Plate’ of sheilding over a small part of the ship. these would not lose any effcency from multipuls, but you would need to deploy sevrel to fully sheild your ship, and they would be stronger induividually, but your overall strenth would suffer due to it covering only a portion of the ship. this would seem to suit the Tribe, as they rely on hulls more than shealds.
Secondly, does anybody know how to make beams propogate secondary explosion effects? EG, Beam hits something and that something takes beam damidge and an aria-of-effect explosion is triggered at the strike location. (I’m trying to simulate beams that rend atomic bindings, causing instant Fission when they hit something.) any Helpfull tips or suggestions? and can someone make a list of all the .dds files for turrets/beams? that would be most helpful. If I get enough feedback I’ll star a community Library thread.

No problem. It takes all of 5 minutes to change the text files and set everything else up.

I don’t think you can do the shields. Or at least, the stuff you describe doesn’t appear to be in the text files(though there is some quality “uisortpos” that I have no idea what it does). Of course. you can just make the shields stack better/worse by manipulating the “stack_effectiveness”, though I’m not sure how changing that number will effect things. Probably higher number means less stacking penalties.

As for the gun, well, cliffski has suggested something like that in another thread, but I have no idea how he would implement it.

Edit: just checked. uisortpos seems to determine the order the module appears in the lists found in the Ship Design screen.

Anyone who is following this, IT’S NOT DEAD. I am still working on this but recently a combanaition of factors has prevented me from working on it. I’ve converrted one of the upper posts to a progress report, for those who care.