[Mod] Superpower

One new policy: Nuclear Program.
One new simulation variable: Military Strength. If falling too low, Tourism, International Trade and Oil Supply are damaged.
Police Drones no longer fight crime; instead they improve military strength.
Several military-related dilemmas: Allied Bases, Mercenaries, War on Drugs, Disputed Islands etc.

Changes in version 1.01

  • Technology improves Foreign Relations.
  • Legalizing Narcotics now decreases Drug Addiction, implied that Drug Addiction represents illegal drugs.
  • GDP increases Drug Addiction, for balancing.
  • Legal Drug Consumption now damages health significantly more (to offset benefits of legalization).
  • Altered happiness effects of National Service; Conservatives don’t care (they are already too easy to impress), young people are affected in a more dynamic way.
  • Other minor balancing.

Please provide feedback!
Modsuperpower.rar (18 KB)
Modsuperpower.rar (16.1 KB)

Current issues:
• Foreign Relations quickly drop to zero, with Nuclear Power and Drones. Considering to add positive Foreign Relations effect from other policies, such as Science Funding.
• Existing military-related events unaffected by Military Strength. Can overrides affect events?
• Should the hidden Terrorism variable interact with Military Strength?
• Concerning War on Drugs: if Drug Addiction represents illegal drugs, legalization of drugs should decrease it, not increase it. As an offset, legal drug use should be more damaging for health.

Why Nuclear Power isn’t good to environment, since it’s a clean form of energy? I know that there are disasters, but isn’t it better way of energy, and clean, etc?

BTW, the mod is working just fine. I like the dilemas. There is something I can’t remember right now, but it’s a good mod. Congrats.

EDIT: I remember! There is this dilema where another country asks to protect my country by creating a military base on my lands since my military spending was low; but I had my military spending on maximum for at least 6 turns after it was fully implemented. weird.
EDIT 2: I don’t think that military power should necessary lead to Oil Supply, but rather increase Oil Demand - tanks, aircrafts, huge sea ships.
Oil suply would be increased through dilemmas (secure pipelines) and other policies (Oil Drilling Subsides).

Override, PoliceDroneOrgCrime.ini:

[override] TargetName = "Organised Crime" HostName = "PoliceDrones" Equation = "DELETE" Inertia = 0

Isn’t TargetName wrong? Shouldn’t be “OrganisedCrime”, without space in between?

It is the right name. It deviates from the CamelCase pattern.