(MOD) Systems Alliance Cruiser [WIP]

Hello, I’m quite new to Gratuitous and got really interested in the mods and etc. I have a peep around the forums for tools to start my own mod. Well I present to you my first creation, the Systems Alliance Cruiser. It is a work in progress.

I did some simple rendering just to see how it turns out. I am working along side with a friend to bring out a completed version on this ship.

This is my first time in trying to design a ship, well copying one really. Any feedback will be helpful =)

Based on the feed back given another rendered version of the ship has been made with a slight re-design of the exterior wings.

Once this is completed I may consider to release more. These will be stuck into the Systems Alliance race which I will organise. Please note that I’m only releasing the ships using Federation equipment and turrets, if you would like to change this go ahead. Also if you would like to use this/these ships in your own mod go for it. If you can a little credit would be nice =3

For legal reasons, I understand that this is the property of Bioware and EA games, I do not own this product nor will it be used for commerical reasons.

This post will be updated so check back for any updates.

Simple colour render done by a friend, might change some bits and stuff =P Then I’ll need to port it into game for testing and balancing.


Damaged Hull:


Cruiser in-game:

Expect a release soon

Good to know there are new modders coming in the universe xD.

I like the design, wat u mean it is property of EA blah blah??

If u are just copying the design, u dont need to be worry about anything, even if u end making a completely same model.

Post your progress here and i will try to give you a little feedback -.-

Oh thanks to god the forum just looks dead xD

Well, i really like that design, everything except the exterior arms, they are too blocky in comparision to the rest of the ship shapes


Thank you! =D Well I only go into the property of EA as Bioware are a partner for EA and EA published Biowares Mass Effect which includes the cruiser I am copying. I may be being silly about it, but I’d rather be safe than have to deal with some moron bring up some claim about something, I dunno.

To Paetors

I’m shocked to hear that the forums appeared dead D= I thought it was still glowing. Thanks for the feedback, I’ve did some slight redesign and upload a re-render of the difference. Now you can compare the two =D

I think about 90% of the modders in this forume has copied original designs at some point (me included xD) so, it doesnt matter. Another thing would be that you are using an original 3d model property of EA or watever, in that case it is supossed u should ask the owner of the model. But, if u can access that model, it is supossed also that the owner released the 3d model for public use, other way u wont be allowed to have access to the model .- and aff, after this confusing paragraph, how u doing with the model? any progress?

Well luckily in my case I created the model from scratch and copied from images and such. The Model is coming along just fine, I’ll have a basic rendered color shortly

Hahaha i said that because is very rare that there be no new posts in 5 days, as you may know, normally there are around 5-20 comments per day

And, I used to be active.

[Nods] Yes, Very Active :slight_smile:
Not to mention entertaining

Update see top post and second post. I am now in the processing of implementing the ship into the game and preparing for balancing using Federation weaponary as I am not designing new weapons or turrets. But I will try and bring the Cruiser to it’s true nature. Expect a release soon.

The changes you made ​​were good, but I meant the two outermost points of the arms of the design, aaand I thought the design was aimed at exactly the reverse of how you did…
Oh, and it needs a command bridge :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh =/ woops I hadn’t really noticed that but I suppose so >.<

The command bridge is there D= it’s that rectangle things at the bottom of the middle part with 3 cylinders on it =P

Oh wait, then the ships moves in the same direction as I thought xD
Then, your design sprite is backwards, you will need to flip it if you don’t want to have your ship showing her butt to the enemy xD

It’s backwards? Really? I shoved it onto the game and it’s fine =P

Yeah the ship is in the right direction, but i think wat praetors means is that there is not visible bridge painted on the ship, so the ship looks a bit “confused” xD, by the way , y u didnt try to model the turret bases on the ship? that way the ship will look far better when u put the turrets on it. And since it is a 3d model and the (possible) race will look all the same shape, u can make the turret bases wherever u want :wink: