[MOD] The Antares Expanse (Beta Release v0.5)

Gotta say, I really like the design on the Xaan, and the extra focus on kinetic weapons is a nice change of pace. Great stuff so far.

Thanks! I will say that in an effort to intensify the “kinetic” weapon feel, I think I’m going to play with some of the weapon ranges and damage. I’m finding that the Xaan ships are winding up much more effective at long range, and that’s not exactly what I was going for with their powerplant/detonator modules. But that adjustment won’t be happening for awhile, so there’s plenty of time for beta tester feedback.

(Hint, hint.)

New Informational Post:

As the numbers above show, the Savants are nearing full implementation. The dreadnought hull needs completion, and then I can begin preliminary balance testing (I’m not planning to pass out severely OP toys for everyone to play with, sad to say). During that phase I will post some screenshots that I think will make folks happy, judging from the graphics testing I’ve already done.

And don’t forget that the next beta version will follow shortly thereafter, so this would be a good time for anyone who has doodled around with the Xaan to make their voice heard and tell me about any issues that have cropped up (OP? UP? Useless modules?)

I got a feeling I’ll like the Savants, cute little jar brains that they are :stuck_out_tongue:

UPDATE: The Savants are now live and in-game. Evidence:

And the whole happy Savant family:

A few balancing issues left to address, but hopefully I’ll have an updated release ready in the next day or two, tops.

I will say that at the moment, the Savants are definitely playing a bit differently than some other races - many of their unique weapons don’t do a lot of regular damage, so pulling down shields and armor is something of an exercise in creativity. But once the radiation weapons punch through any hull damage (and I do mean pretty much any hull damage), it’s “dead ship flying”.

UPDATE: Beta v0.2, including the tweaked Xaan Solidarity and the first release of the Savant Council, is available. Download link is in the first post.

As always, if problems are encountered, please let me know so that fixes can be applied. For details on the extent of revisions applied to the Xaan, refer to the included readme file. And as always, have fun!

This is good stuff, it’s always interesting see peoples new ideas for ship designs.
and i love the race descriptions and icons too, those are really good :smiley:

Well thank you very much sir! Since you’ve seen fit to give us such a high-quality game, I do feel it appropriate to put my best efforts into adding material to it. :slight_smile:

Just a quickie post here - I have not forgotten about the Expanse, but other pressures etc. have pulled me away from modding for a little bit. Rest assured I am still working on this and other GSB modding projects. Hopefully I will have the next iteration of the Expanse ready to go sometime in the next couple of weeks (the ships take a lot of time that I haven’t had of late).

Ace, no need to rush it; real-life pressures simply are what they are. For my own part, I’ve been crushed nearly flat by them ever since late last autumn, and their expected effect upon my own leisure pursuits has been impossible to resist. I formerly got a great deal done for our modding community’s various members, but due to unpleasant things IRL I’m now perforce out of that role for the time being. :frowning:

Anyhow, I know what pressures you’re talking about, and I sympathize. Your quality assortment of connected mod races can afford to wait for you…it’s more important to get things done right than to get them done quick.

On a lighter note, I have been literally LOLing with great gusto at the myriad number of inside references you’ve loaded this group of mods with. Oh man, you sure know how to efficiently mine a very rich vein of inspirational ore, that’s for sure. I’ve found enough shout-outs therein that I may have to take my liver out of service for nano-based detox, so I’ve decided to safely just accrue those bonus points instead. :stuck_out_tongue: Well done, mate – may your Core Waste Dumps and Deep Core Mines never fail you! :smiley:

Some revisions have now begun on the Expanse, notably a few changes in the Xaan. Turns out that when your destruct shockwave size is limited by your hull size, the “doom generator” (brand trademarked by Uni-T) is not a good fit for a race whose ships are half the size of everyone else. So I’ve shuffled some technologies around to keep the good concepts live but in more appropriate places. Hopefully a new iteration of the Expanse will be out in the next couple of weeks (yes, I know Ace, we’ve all heard that one before).

We’ll be here – thanks for the FYI. :wink:

Quickie update: As the progress logs show, the Corannan Union is ready to go for my initial testing. How long until it’s released depends on a couple of things, not least how many typos I put in the various files.

Hopefully there will be at least some quick pics later this evening or tomorrow.

Sweet! Thank you for the update, Ace. Your “minor power” races in the Antares Expanse are shaping up into something that’s seriously cool.

definitely ditto that =D


Looking very nice and with 5 races to play around with, definitely a mod I am interested in getting my hands on.

With some graphical issues cropping up and being away from my GSB machine the last few days, I haven’t quite gotten the next version prepped. But I’m cautiously positive about getting it out by the weekend.

Glad to hear that folks are looking forward to it. I’ll try not to disappoint. :slight_smile:

A quick teaser for the new iteration of the Expanse: Witness the fleet of the Corannan Union attacking the Alliance in the Tutorial sector:



No fighter images just yet on account of the aforementioned graphical issues, but rest assured that the hulls themselves are in-game and functional - just not looking right yet.

Cool =D

All right, after much hemming and hawing and last-minute tweaking, the next version of the Antares Expanse is good to go.

Beta version 0.3 adds the Corannan Union, a race that likes missiles and torpedoes perhaps a bit more than is really healthy. Their ships are super-loaded with hardpoints; with only one exception, every ship has at least half of its slots for guns, guns and more guns. I’ll let the general public determine what the best uses for Corannan tech are (I’ve found a few in my limited playtesting, but I’m sure y’all will come up with some nasty surprises).

I have also included a new toy for the Xaan Solidarity. With all the talk elsewhere in the forums lately about fighter rockets slaughtering frigates and going ping against cruiser shields, I got to thinking, What if there was something similar that would be useful against cruisers? Well obviously I’m not about to make nastily overpowered fighters with rockets that pierce Cruiser Reflective Shields. That would be silly.

Now a shield disruptor rocket on a squadron of fighters, though…

The link in the first post has been updated to the new download. I hope folks enjoy, and as always, I look forward to any sort of feedback either here in this thread, or PM me if it’s something that might be better spoken behind closed doors.