[MOD] The Collective (Version 1.14)

I have version 1.11. Just got it two days ago. At worse, I’ll just reclear to Vanilla and try again.

One would hope that would take care of it. Before doing anything drastic though, is there anything being written into the errors.txt file? (You’ll find it in your My Documents/My Games/Gratuitousspacebattles folder, in the debug subfolder). It may be something familiar to any of the veterans around these parts.

Alright, I’ve had a sufficient amount of time to play around with your Mod, but I honestly don’t have much to day on it…

The Balance SEEMS great, but you’ve obviously set the bar at something higher than vanilla GSB, so it’s hard to know. The ships and modules are fun, exciting to use, and well thought out. The graphics are great, and the Collective plays well. That being said, “Better Than All” is a common, but lacking descriptor for a race. While they LOOK different, they don’t feel unique except they’re better than everyone else. It’s obvious you want more out of GSB, as you’re including different ship sizes, so that makes balance a difficult beast to tame, but you still hit the nail on the head with the Scenarios. They’re difficult, but not impossible, and loads of fun to try and beat.

To summarize, the Collective is a great mod, with lots of neat hulls and modules, and fit in nicely no matter what kind of GSB, but the more inventive objects gives an obvious power creep that’s hard to ignore, but, fortunately, there’s a fun fix to that. To make the Collective really hit home, they need a paired race! I suggest you get your work gloves on, sit down, and apply all these amazing ideas to another race so that the Collective can truly shine the way they deserve. That way, when people don’t like your bigger, badder hulls, you can point them to bigger, badder guys that make them necessary.

This is a great mod! Thank you very much for making it, and I’m DEFINITELY using ideas from it in my own mod. I had tons of fun smashing other races with it.

Just uploaded version 1.12 - I made it easier to place turrets on the Singularity Battleship and Horizon Station, made some balance changes to the cruiser Integrated Warpdrive and to station shields and armor, and added a cruiser version of adaptive armor. Glad the feedback so far is positive, though it would be nice to hear from more people!

Updated again - just realized some of the scenario ships weren’t in the game folder, and I hadn’t noticed because it was drawing from my saved designs.

UPDATE 2: Realized some of the current hull values were incorrect, so I updated them and made a few other hull cost adjustments while I was at it.

Since the edit option seems to be inexplicably disabled, here’s the Mod DB link for the latest version:

Still hoping to get some more feedback.

The game keeps crashing when I use the mod and says it cant find CPP-661

ohhh shiny, gonna have to get this one when the full version comes out
(im bad at updating my mods)

reminds of

also i seem to excel at not looking at post dates

this mod (so far) is the only thing I have found that can stand up to, and beat, the Tau’ri mod which I beefed up conciderably.

I have now beefed it up even more :3