[MOD] The Front WIP [Paused until further rest]

Backstory(Based on Unofficial Galactic Map): The Front is a race that originated more than 1140 years before the beginning of the Great War. They originated on the other side of the GSB sector. They launched generation ships across two hyperspace obstacles. They also sent FTL Ships around them. A mission to connect the two areas was destroyed by the Swarm, just as they swept into the area. Now, their areas are around the Swarm’s. They are dedicated to destroying them.

Basically, a race that centers itself around the area of the Swarm. Stupid, I know. That’s why they’re called The Front. These guys are a race dedicated to fighting the Swarm. Their ships are of all races, only bashed together and cleaned. They have no specific color. Their ships are basically all-color kitbashes.


Omega 0.01(Idea, Ship sprites built)Need help with black boxes. 0.04 Progress, 3 built(one basically joke)

Zeta 0.1(Vessels begin to be coded) 0.02, 1 Ship almost fully coded!

Alfafa 0.2(Testing, checking if there is a crash when a certain ship is launched, destroyed)66%, need help with coding to avoid crashes. Almost ready to start, just need to finish coding cruiser and finish making and coding frigate.

Alpha 0.4(Allowance of people testing, just after Alfafa)

Alba 0.45(more work, possibly with help)

Beta 0.5(Fixed, testing period 1)

Beta 2 0.6(Second testing period, people say if unbalanced)

Superbeta 0.8(Some people may actually help for the second time)

RELEASE! 1.0 I am 5% closer than when I started

Progressive release after this.

Ship design targets:
Fighter Groups:
Minifighters:(3 ft-6 ft) Planned: 3 Created:1

Fighters:(7 ft-20 ft) Planned:10

Gunships:(21-42 ft) Planned:7

Corvettes:(43 ft-60 ft) Planned:5

Frigate Groups:
Minifrigates:(61-69) Planned: 2

Frigates:(70-89) Planned: 6-9

Destroyers:(90-99) Planned: 3

Cruiser Groups:
Minicrusier:(100-105) Planned: 1

Cruiser:(106-231) Planned: 15

Carrier:(176-231, subdivision of cruisers) Planned: 3

Minidreadnought:(232-251) Planned: 1

Dreadnought:(252-299) Planned: 17 Created:1

Juggernaut:(300-350) Planned: 2

Leviathan:(350-475, unknown how high limits without crash) Planned: 4

Ulitimita:(475-Beyond) Planned: 1

Fighter Designs:25
Frigate Designs:11-14
Cruiser Designs:45
Total Planned:80-84 Planned

Ambitious for anyone,let alone a new person, I know. However, I will do the long Alpha testing period after one of each ultraclass is made. So, 1 fighter(Check), 1 Frigate, 1 Cruiser(Check) when Alpha Starts. When release Happens, There will be around 10 fighters, 7 frigates, and 15 cruisers.

The game ships are measured in meters:) It is less about crashing the game with a massive ship than massive maps to accommodate them and not being able to see an entire vessel on the screen no matter how far you zoom out.

Now that being said I have some vessels in a mod I am building that are 800+ “meters” long by about 200 or so “meters” wide.

Good Luck, sounds ambitious!

This certainly sounds ambitious, oh my yes. But also very interesting. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance/advice/tips/whatever from the many friendly modders floating about the forum! Good luck! :slight_smile:

This post is for Ship images.

The Front Superior Cruiser. Base: Imperial Imperator Cruiser(I think), Other large, Federation Sections:Falcon Fighter and Fox Frigate,Swarm Sections: Seth Fighter.

The Front Eayaha Minifighter. Base: Tribe Dove Fighter, other Tribe parts: Heaven Fighter, Rebel parts: Icarus Fighter.

They look good, but you might wanna just make a detailed cut (of the components) on one side then map the alpha channel for the other (half the work but better symetry and detail)

You mean for symmetry? I did that for the two bulkhead-like pieces for the fighter. I never thought to do it before that. GIMP lets me simply copy it then flip it so it faces the opposite direction.

You might want to smudge together the edges of diffrent ship arts to make them look more ‘together’ (good luck with the mod) :slight_smile: