[MOD] The Pisces Ludus! -- Swordfish Light Cruiser Launched

I have too much time on my hands, and I’m feeling a bit creative. So far I’ve planned out an entire race, sans balancing. Its an entire race of fish (better name in progress)! The fish love darting in and out of combat, hence their ships have a theme of speed boosts and advanced shielding. Like all fish tanks however, their ships tend to crack easily, getting nerfs to both hull and armor. Visually, I’m aiming for the ships to look like the Federation and Order had several illegitimate babies. The backstory so far is that someone peed in their pools back home, so now they are trawling the skies, looking for the aliens that did it.

Currently Planned:
Piranha Class Interceptor (1H/3M) - 99%
Hammerhead Class Bomber (2H/3M)- 99%
Stingray Class Gunboat (4H/4M) - 99%
_____ Class Gunboat () - 0%

_____ Class Corvette () - 0%
Sturgeon Class Frigate (5H/6M) - 99%
Viperfish Class Frigate (4H/7M) - 99%
Barracuda Class Destroyer (7H/7M) - 99%

Swordfish Class Light Cruiser (4H/8M) - 99%
Man’o’War Class Cruiser (8H/10M) - 99%
Orca Class Cruiser (7H/12M) - 0%
Leviathan Class Battlecruiser (10H/15M) - 0%

Race Modules Include:
Fighter Shields - 100%
Fighter Powerplant - 100%
Fighter Enhanced Torpedos - 100%
Fighter ________ ________ - 0%

Frigate Impulse Drive - 100%
Frigate Bulwark Shields - 100%
Frigate Spine SSM - 100%
Frigate ________ ________ - 0%

Cruiser Aegis System - 80%
Cruiser Augmented Shield Cluster - 80%
Cruiser Cruise Missiles - 80%
Cruiser Concussion Rockets - 80%

And here’s a nice, lovely pic of the Piranha Class Interceptor:

Funny idea!

The only thing is that tractor beam effect is always beneath the ship, so, on your current “Piranha Class Interceptor”, the tractor beam emitter can’t be linked by the effect…

I think I see what you’re saying, but ingame the scale is so small that the clipping is minimal. I think I fixed the problem on the Hammerhead Class Bomber already, thanks.

Hammerhead Class Bomber

Combat Shots:

Two more ships rolled off the line: the Stingray Class Corvette, and the Sturgeon Class Frigate.

Stingray Class Corvette:

Sturgeon Class Frigate:

Shots of both in action:

Stingray Corvettes escorting Sturgeon Frigates

looks great

Really has a “Federation-Order with a touch of Rebel” feel to it.

I’m curious to see how it’ll be when it’s finished.

Those are pretty much the only segments I’ve used so far, but I’m happy with the look.


The Viperfish Class Frigate:

Really good!
The only think is that we can see the little tractor beam cutting problem with the Viperfish.

I’m seeing this as well. It may seem small, but it doesn’t look very good. Hopefully you haven’t flattened the originals.

Even if the image has been flattened, it would be a simple fix.
(I have lost count the number of times I flattened an image and then realised that i needed to change something)

Good work Coinich - cant wait to see the heavy hitters :slight_smile:

I didn’t originally think it would be an easy fix, but all the ships should be updated now.

Also finished is the Barracuda Class Destroyer!

Deployed with all Pisces special modules:

--------------------- Pisces Module, Fighter and Frigate ---------------------

Revealed! The Man’o’War Class Cruiser!

Sporting 8 hardpoints and 10 utility slots, the Man’o’War Cruiser absolutely dishes out the pain.

Currently sitting at a 30% shield bonus and a 10% speed bonus, this cruiser has the ability to maneuver to the best spot of the fight and simply unload missiles at the enemy.

I’m really loving this awesome fed-rebel race combination with order tractors!!

must see new (fish flavored) wepones

Thanks for the comments!

Now that I got the two stage missiles mostly working, I’ve finished all of the cruiser module mechanics. I may consider changing icons further (currently using Imperial turrets) but I’m honestly not certain thats a task I wish to start.

So now here’s the Swordfish Light Cruiser. I prefer pairing it with the Viperfish Frigate and having them both rush the enemy fleets. These ships rely on mobility and light shields to stay alive. The concussion rockets pack a powerful, if short range punch while the frigates can provide antifighter support and Ion Cannon fire to take down enemy shields.

Stingray Class Light Cruiser:

Viperfish and Stingray ships:

Spine Antifighter Missiles and Concussion Rockets:

Cruise Missiles and Concussion Rockets:

Fight winding down:

Aegis Shield Array

I like the look of this mod so far. Considering there are several projects on my list that include the Order tractor beams, it’s encouraging to see that someone has used them to such great effect. :slight_smile:

If I might offer a bit of advice based on my own efforts: if you like the general look of the Imperial turrets (in terms of shape, anyway), you might try just color-shifting the whole mess of them to something that looks appropriate on your modded hulls. It takes a fair amount of the work out of building turret files, and the Imperial ones are a good starting point (those almost-black turrets actually have a surprising amount of color in them).

[size=50]As an aside, is this new ship the Swordfish or Stingray? You switch names about halfway through your post, and this confuses me.[/size]

Hey there…all I can say is I’m REALLY impressed with the clever combination of Rebel and Federation parts…and cunning use of order tractor beams.

I didn’t know tractor beams could be used on something fighter-sized…I also like how on most of your screenshots the tractors are blue.

This is some good looking stuff here…and I for one am impressed.