[MOD] The Plague v1.0

Wow, cools. I like Damage Detail number 2. I like the layers of fragmented bones, muscular tissue, etc. etc. Can really see into the “belly of the beast.”

i choose 2 and 3 for differnt positions on the plauges body

I hadnt thought of having more than one type of damage, though the more detailed one could be used for the ‘brain’ or the vital organs of the beast!

Really nice idea =D

So, are you going to deal with the plague with the last two damage types, CptFox, or you need more confirmations of that they look great? :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to add an addendum to my previous response:

I like the idea of using damage types 2 and 3 together, provided there is some vague pattern to their placement. After all, these are living creatures, yes? There must be some method to the madness in the placement of their internal bits.

There are some special weapons that are not based on standard GSB ones, like “Cry” weapons that are based on sound, or acid vomit, plasma eggs, dark gas bombs, energy blasts/expulsions, blood launchers, or even the still-as-wip Melee Weapon-like claws.

Thats all the go ahead i need, i’ll start as soon as life (meh) will let me :smiley:

News Report:

Bad news actually, the university, friends and other things are taking a lot of time, enough to keep me away from modding projects. If not enough, i’ve lost my internet connection in my home for more of two weeks, and stills down. All of this forces to me to make a full stop to any modding progress…

Oh well, i just want to tell you all, IMA NOT DEAD! Just having connection problems, see ya all later :stuck_out_tongue:

Aha seems we are jinxed, i dont have power for some days and ive been away, and with school work revision and homework. Oh and freinds D: Good luck freind and see you on the otherside!

Aww then you are in the same situation? i was hoping to see you writting “i’ve completed half of the plague damage graphics” or something like that… oh well, lets hope we can get some free time or this mod is not going to have a good future… :confused:

I have been working on The Plague this last week…

Progress Report:
> Added around 10 new weapons with completly new turrent graphics, Fx and Sfx. Things like Spike launchers, blood spitters, acid spitters, plasma eggs, parasite launchers, bioelectrical discharges and more.
> Turret graphics fully coded.
> Modified a bit the main theme of the race, instead of HUGE swarms of not really powerful beasts i’ve added to them a bit more of suvirval possibilities in exchange of swarm size. Not much, just a bit.
> Now the beasts will be begin able to regenerate itself by a technically unlimited time, this includes to Hunters, Seekers, Destroyers and Hives. Hunters and Seekers are going to be focused on offensive capabilities instead of defensive/regenerative ones. In the other hand, Destroyers and Hives are going to have GREAT defensive/regenerative capabilities and destroyers will exchange number of turrets for damage, meaning less ammount of weapons but higher overal damage.
> Shields will be almost nonexistent, The Plague now is focused on Armours (in the case of seekers) and HP (in the case of hives), i will try to keep the destroyers in the middle of those categories.

Pic Of The Day: Pending

An idea i tried to do wth the Ghoulcast was a completely reliant on repair modules way of playing, so they could’nt take large amounts of damage but if the enemy was only peppering them then they could easily repair it. More of a ‘keep all ships in the battle’ with the modules having near unlimited supplies and a slow repair rate. I think it’d be really cool if you saw a cruiser limp behind the main charge after taking the first barage of MWM’s and then later in the game re-join the frontal assualt, just ideas :slight_smile:

Yep, the main idea is around that, but they will not have really low defences, some critters will be fast and fragile, others will be slow and really hard to kill (massive ammounts of HP) others will stand against specific enemy classes (armour variations). Add to all of them a medium-slow HP repair rate and a medium-high armour repair rate and you will get really hard to kill monsters if you dont strike them hard from the beginning.

As i said, the module-weapons numbers will be quite different to most of vainilla hulls, mostly cuz several (if not all) plague monsters will have higher ammounts of standard modules than offensive ones. But this does not means that those few weapons are going to be weak :wink:

Progress Report:

> Finished the Codes for Armour and Hull Regenerative Organs.
> Coded the first two prototypes of the Melee weapons, temporaly named “Deadly Bite”, for seekers and destroyers. Added new visual FX in order to obtain the closest attack effect, but it might have several upgrades in the future.

I’m advancing VERY slowly due the brutal bombardement of exams that i’m facing since this last month, and since there are no news about hull damage and hulk graphics i have no idea of how much more time will take to have them ready for the swarm-ish fights. I’m wondering if i will have to make them by myself…

I wonder if it would be possible to add custom explosion sounds to this mod. Organic sounds and monster roars would be super cool.

There are going to be some scary bestial roars, rage vocalizations and things like that, but its very hard to find new alien/bestial/insectoid-ish sounds of that type.
However when the beast is destroyed, there is no way to change the explosion sounds.

you can make monster sound effects provided you have a computer, acess to the internet, and some sort of microphone, using a program called vocoder 1.02. simply record you voice, or if you do not have a mic, get someone else to,and place the file it in the modulator slot. pinch an animal roar/ yelp off of the internet or youtube, and place the file in the carrier slot. you can play around with the different sliders, and hit render. you should now have a decent monster speaking/growling :slight_smile: there is a drop down menu, switch it from disabld to what ever headphones you have plugged in or you won’t be able to hear your effect

News Report:

The Plague Mod advanced a lot thanks to Kalthaniell and me, i would say that 70% of the mod is already completed. The problem is that university is taking A LOT of my free time, enough to fully stop the mod progress… I’m not happy to say this cuz i really wanted to release this mod in a much shorter time than PI Mod, but looks like it will take its time. Sorry guys…

Progress Report:

Made some progress with the beasty hulls, almost all of them are fully functional (except for 3 Hunters and 2 Hives). Having some trouble with balancing them, i think that this much time without thinking about the plague made me lost the general idea about plague hulls characteristics… Thus i’m going to make a full revision of them, probably balancing them in the way.
After that i just have to code 10 modules more, a few scenarios (surely suvirvals) and make the final release trailer.

I just hope to find some free time to complete this mod fast

I have been waiting, and waiting, and being too lazy to make an account, and waiting and waiting.
Finally some progress! Do you know when you might find more time? I cant wait!

And I think your style was fast, regenerating hulls with close-range, high-damage attacks?