[MOD] The Slavoni Imperium

[i]The Slavoni race first left their home not because of dreams of conquest or war…but because their planet was doomed, pollution caused by the Slavoni nearly had left their home un-inhabitable, so they took to the stars and began to colonize far throughout the galaxy. And while they were peaceful at first, their warlike culture could not hold itself back and soon they began taking worlds by force and massively expanding their territory.

However, they were no where near united and for many years the different factions within the Slavoni empire fought for control, and eventually there was a victor and from that the Slavoni Imperium was formed. A more unified government system was established and production of warships went into overdrive along with recruitment and soon their expansion began once more. The Imperium then came into contact with the Archae A race of arachnids who also had a sizable territory. The Slavoni made the horrible mistake of attacking the Archae and a great war was started, however the Slavoni stood no chance against the Archae and their strange capabilities.

The Slavoni soon realized if they did not act quickly are their years of work would be destroyed, so they created a weapon known as ‘The Eviscerator’ With this they destroyed the Archae’s ‘Mother’. They then had to spend many years rebuilding what they had lost, however they now had a weapon of mass destruction…and were nearly unstoppable…[/i]

[i]Slavoni Biology:

The Slovoni are a large humanoid lizard/salamander race. They average a height of 6’ 7". Slavoni have claws on their hands and feet, making them very capable in melee combat even without a weapon. Slavoni also have very sharp teeth and are carnivores, eating only meat. Slavoni are also able to breath underwater, their only Salamander like quality. This is very useful to them as their home planet is considerably more water then Earth. Slavoni also live longer then humans, partially thanks to their advanced medical technology, with the average Slavoni lifespan being 167 years old, however most Slavoni only live to be on average 32 as many die in battle.

Slavoni Culture:

The Slavoni are fierce warriors, and have not care for the lives of their soldiers…only that they achieve victory. From a young age Slavoni are taught that to die in battle is the greatest honor anyone can achieve, while dying of old age is considered somewhat dishonorable. Because of this Slavoni soldiers do not fear death and will gladly face a force larger then their own, knowing that if they win they will have done a great honor, and if they lose they have also achieved great honor. Surrender is considered the ultimate dishonor, and those who do so and return to the Slavoni at some point are tortured for many years until they die from it or until they die of old age. The Slavoni culture also has similarities to Ancient Greeks.

Slavoni Military:

Slavoni soldiers wield large round shields-similar to those used by ancient greek hoplites-and Energy Spears that are able to pierce even some light ship armor. They also will commonly be equipped with sidearms, however Slavoni soldier value the fear instilled in their enemies when the charge forth into fire not wavering in the slightest. Slavoni Shields are resistant to energy weapons and are very good against melee weapons. The armor soldiers wear is also similar to ancient greek soldiers, and like the shields is hard to damage with weapons of any kind. [/i]

And now onto the thing everyone came for…

[i]Slavoni Navy:

The Slavoni Navy is focused on heavy hitting and some more un-orthodox strategies. For instance their ‘Aspída’ Type ships:

The Apsis Frigate and Aegis Cruiser are both designed to be a the front of the fleet with quite alot of armor, however to save weight the hull is not very strong so once the armor is down the ship will go soon with it. These ships protect the other, far better armed ships that will do the damage to the enemy fleet. These ships commonly are destroyed.

Bridging the gap between these ships and the conventional ships is the Corinth Heavy Frigate:

This ship has stronger armor then the average ship, however it does not have the weaker hull of the Aspida type ships. It also has very powerful engines to give it a speed advantage over other ships. However despite these advantages is fares quite poorly in space combat and is commonly used to support ground forces thanks to its ability to fly in atmosphere.

The Conventional ships make the brunt of the Slavoni navy:

These ships are focused on having great firepower at the cost of speed and mobility, and they are able in most cases to take out equivalent ships of other races.[/i]

That concludes the current stuff for this race, I plan on making more things for it and probably will post pictures of some of the new stuff when I’ve got it ready.

Primary Plans:

More Corvettes and Fighters
‘The Eviscerator’
Space Stations
The Archae
New Modules
Civilian ships, mainly for Scenarios. (Raiding merchant ship missions or something similar.)

DOWNLOAD: mediafire.com/download/sxuzd … riumV1.rar

Great start TheMightyCat11

Just some quick feedback:

  • Since your rar file is a diect export from your GSB directory, the mod will not work unless the player knows how to operate mods.

I have rearranged the files in this zip file*, so that the player just has to extract the files directly into the GSB Directory. (I also gave them their own icon, but you can change that if you want)

Note: I have set the zip file in my mediafire to self destruct in 7 days mainly since its your mod.

That works much better, Thanks! And that Icon looks good.

I have updated the download, now all you have to do is drag the files into the GSB directory, thanks to darkstart076. (I did muck around with it a bit prior to uploading it) and all future updates will be using that method.

I was hoping you release your own mod, the ships you posted before were looking pretty good to not make it a new race!
As Darkstar said, good start! I like the race presentation, greek salamanders? lol, awesome. I’ve already downloaded the mod (using Darkstars fix) and will playtest it as soon as i get some free time :wink:

Dreadnoughts are cool…so I made one.

Its called the Hades Dreadnought, its the only ship of its class ever made and is used by one of the best Slavoni Admirals. The idea for this ship is you would only use one(in a scenario or campaign) but in a campaign if it was destroyed you would never rebuild it. Of course you don’t have too…thats just to fit with its lore.

Also to make it more unique it has a different color scheme from the rest of the Slavoni ships.

I was thinking Klingons, but sense you say greeks and it is similar me wonders if the Klingons were based of the greek as well

Well the Slavoni are mostly based on greeks but their honor stuff is based on older Japanese culture.

TheMightyCat11, it’s nice to see someone still willing to roll-out a new mod even when GSB1 is so far into the winter twilight of its life cycle. My best wishes to you for the success of your Slavoni Imperium. The Hades, Eviscerator and -REDACTED- have inevitably caught my attention; such ominous things are a good story hook to keep us wanting more. Rock on! :wink:

I hope when GSB2 rolls out more people will either come back to GSB 1 or attract new folks, its an amazing game.

As for the story stuff, Im thinking of having a story driven set of Scenarios, I’d have a section of the thread and a txt file with the info for it and it would also have some rules for certain missions. This would be in particular geared towards the -REDACTED-.

Made the first Space Station of the mod:

The Prostatis station is designed to function both as an orbital weapons platform and a refueling station for ships. It is heavily armed but because its a station it doesn’t move.

Couple of new things:

something about that battleship screams
Mon Calamari Star Cruisers

keep up the good work

It reminds me a bot of the Mon Calamari ships aswell, probably because of its very ‘bubbly’ nature.

I like. :slight_smile:

The Ares Battleship looks like either a repurposed bulk hauler, or perhaps just the type of ship that serves as a cargo vessel for a race that doesn’t believe in unarmed starcraft.

And the Kidemon Station puts me in mind of my own Tribe Commune, with the same “collapsible” look. (Not a complaint in any way, just noting the similarity.)

Good work!

I quite like the idea of it being a repurposed bulk hauler, and I’ll have to check out your Tribe Commune…

New ship, the Polemistis Cruiser.

Time for a bit of a reveal:

[i]Slavoni 45th Fleet, First Contact Report. Captain Thanus Pelio.

We have defeated the hostile fleet, which consisted entirely of what the men have taken to calling ‘mites’ (Gods know why, they don’t look much like a mite to me, but whatever). These ‘ships’ seem to be living organisms who have attached themselves to parts of destroyed space craft. The scientists say they have somehow connected their brains to the ship parts allowing them to control them. Another thing we managed to do was capture a couple of their ‘guns’, which also are living organisms. The scientists say they attack by launching super heated mucus (Great, some of that hit my ship…definitely cleaning my ship now…). They apparently always seem to have a cold and thus are easily able to sneeze out the mucus which gets heated by a special gland…(ew.). As for their appearance and biology they seem to closest resemble Arachnids.
Also one of our drones caught a picture of the retreating mites:

End Report.[/i]

That concludes the first reveal for the -[REDACTED]-.

Kinda reminds me of that new game… Habitat. :stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose so, although the larger -[REDACTED]- ships would probably more resemble that.