[MOD] The Slavoni Imperium

Very very nice-looking indeed! I’ll be keeping tabs on this…

A bit of an update (Actually a really major update)

First off, a reveal as to what the -[REDACTED]- actually are and what they actually are called:

Slavoni Empire Frontier Fleet HQ, important message to 13th Frontier Fleet

[i]You have been tasked with eliminating an enemy you know little about, this message contains a plethora of information to educate yourselves about the Archae.

The Archae are a ‘race’ of Arachnid creatures that function under a hive mind. They come in many forms, primarily the Mite. The Mite attaches itself to pieces of ships and somehow manages to hook itself to the ship functions and control them. The mites are considered ‘Frigate’ class ships for the most part.

Their turrets are where things start to get strange, they are also separate living organisms and have no technology used in making them function. The most basic turrets fire a superheated bolt of mucus, as they are eternally sick and have a gland which super heats mucus whenever they sneeze. These are just the most basic of laser turrets though. The ‘Missile Launchers’ also seem to be stuck in a poor situation: They are constantly giving birth to babies, which have some sort of fire breathing like abilities allowing them to fly like a missile. We have no other information on the other kinds of turrets at this moment.

Also, the best way to take them out is to destroy their legs, detaching them from the ship they are on.

We also know where their central mind is and have managed to get some information on it.

It is called ‘The Mother’ and is the collective the intelligence of the entire Archae species, without it the Archae would be nothing more then a bunch of feeble babies. The mother also gives birth to all the Archae(well aside from those missiles). However getting to it has been an issue because of what has been called ‘The Father’ It is a large behemoth surrounded in a massive field of ship debris with tones of turrets attached…and well I think you can figure out its other purpose in regards to making more Archae…[/i]

So, there you have it the Archae are finally not a super secret thing. Also another thing:

I’ve decided to release a new version of the mod!T he Slavoni Imperium are pretty fleshed out at this point and it now has the Archae.

DL: mediafire.com/download/sxuzd … riumV1.rar

just to let you know you still have this new rare listed as “-redacted-” on the op

Oops, well fixed now.

Thanks for the heads up.

you still have 8 of them on the story at the top… unless you have other plans

Darn it, well I think that’s all fixed now.