[Mod] The State

This is my first ever mod I’ve made. The State, this mod will contain policies, events and stuff that effect other situations that involve state control and the state as a whole. This is the first release. That involve State Ownership only. But more will come.

Change log:

--- 1.00 --- Added policy: State Ownership

Download State_100.zip (7 kb)

I would love to see what this mod will have to offer

I attempted to try this mod, but it does not appear to be functional. The new policy did not appear. I could not find a cause for this behavior.

Great mod concept. I wrote out a giant wall of text full of suggestions, but the forum logged me out and didn’t do me the courtesy of saving it. I’ll give you the TLDR version.

  1. Change the Icon, having two of the same icon in one section is bad.

  2. Make the policy cancellable (so it isn’t enabled by default at game start). It defaults to the middle of the slider at game start which doesn’t fit for most countries.

  3. Liberals and Conservatives should not be upset by it. Everyone is either Lib or Con, and In the game Lib/Con has no bearing on economic matters, those are represented in the Socialist/Capitalist divide.

  4. It should Increase the number of State Employees drastically. I think that may have been your intent with the State Employees opinion bonus, in which case you need to use StateEmployees_freq rather than StateEmployees

  5. The money associated with this policy should be increased by several orders of magnitude. 2 million to operate the entire economy of Australia is a tad low. Various other factors beyond gdp should affect both cost and income (wages, world economy, etc). During bad economic circumstances the policy should be able to run at a loss.

  6. This should take a significant chunk out of GDP, particularly at the extreme end. You could do this by tying it to situations such as Corporate Exodus and Uncompetetive economy.

  7. Should take a foreign relations hit. The Corporatist Plutocracies of the world will not take kindly to such extreme meddling in the free market.

  8. Remember you can make use of exponents for various effects, i.e. moderate nationalization might not not upset foreign nations or the wealthy (or even capitalists) too much but the extreme end of the scale should be met with complete and utter outrage.

  9. You could also consider splitting it up into separate policies for different industries, so you could nationalize the banks whilst leaving the manufacturing sector at the mercy of the free market and so on.

Sorry if I came off as a bit brusque, my original post was a lot more detailed (and more eloquently phrased) but I can’t be bothered rewriting it in it’s entirety.

Thanks for reading.