[Mod] The Traders [WIP]

During war, trading becomes a dangerous game. Battle areas, blockades, fortified borders, and political conflicts make interstellar trading nearly impossible. Few organizations will even attempt trading in these conditions. Even fewer would attempt this by legal means. But one does. They call themselves…

[size=150]The Traders[/size]
The Traders transport everything everywhere. They don’t care who, what, where or why, as long as they get paid.
[size=25]And if you’re wondering, I haven’t abandoned The Foundation; it just slid on to the back burner a bit.
Hulls in this mod are named after Canadian cities and towns, with functions and size of the real city and its matching hull often being related. Organization of the naval division may be based upon the Royal Canadian Navy. Similarities between the content of this mod and any real persons are purely coincidental. I’m not a military buff, so I apologize for any errors I happen to make.[/size]

Originally a division of Starlines Inc., they separated prior to the Gratuitous War. Once the war broke out, the company expanded through lucrative trading deals with galactic powers, running cargo and passengers across known space, often through active military zones. They have made deals with nearly every faction in known space, and even between some of them. The nature of some of their trade operations could depose the government of a Great Power if exposed. Their trade fleets operate from their large trading stations scattered throughout the galaxy. Until recently economic prosperity through their existence and economic sanctions through their destruction has left them relatively untouched by military action.

While always politically independent and neutral, in response to recent company growth and increasing military raids the company voted in favour of sovereignty, including exerting control over several semi-isolated systems.

[size=150]The Trader Fleet[/size]
Their fleets consist of two major divisions, which almost always operate together. The Trade division does the economic work while the Naval division provides support. Fleets of the Traders operate out of the Ottawa-class Trade Stations, large stations serving as economic, political and military bases.

The Trader fleets consist primarily of transport vessels, with armed escort Destroyers (frigates).

The Traders uses a variety of transports to get the job done, all of many sizes and roles, ranging from the mighty Vancouver Superfreighter to the Edmonton Fuel Tanker to shuttles. The transports are larger in size with lots of cargo space, but have a lower weapon density than most hulls.

The Destroyer units are the main military power of the Traders. Not really a navy, its ships serve as escorts, defenses and occassionally contract enforcement (but, unlike the Federation, it’s always meant literally). To compensate for smaller size and increased costs due to low availability, their destroyers have high and weapon density capabilities, even being able to use many cruiser module.

[size=150]Hulls of the Traders:[/size]
Vancouver-class Superfreighter
Winnipeg-class Communications Station
Edmonton-class Fuel Tanker
Saskatoon-class Micro Transport
Trenton-class Interceptor
Asteroid Defense Network

WIP Hulls:
Ottawa-class Command Station

[size=150]Hunt for the Confederation[/size]
At over 1000m in length, the Confederation serves as a command ship from the Traders. The ship is one of the largest mobile vessels ever constructed, with a cubic capacity large enough to transport a fleet. The ship has an unusual hyperdrive to match, rumoured to run safely at over 100 megalight, among other powerful systems. The ship did not always have its current capabilities, however. The previously militaristically-inferior Traders’ sudden burst of curiously alien technology, combined with a rapid fortification of an unknown region in the Stygian Abyss, has raised suspicions among the Great Powers.

Hunt for the Confederation is the Trader Campaign. Many galactic powers desire to acquire these technologies by any means, but lack the leads to track down the vessel. A seemingly normal convoy raid may someday give you the opportunity to strike.

does not have enough engine = successfully gratuitous

i commend you good sir

Well the Vancouver-class was never meant to be lightning fast in real space. The cargo payload is what mattered to them, plus they have a top of the line hyperdrive.

Really like the concept, and the hull looks great (its not the best colouring that i’ve seen but stills great =D)

Thanks. I’ve was originally trying to work with the colouring used in Starship Tycoon (the main inspiration), but the low-res images didn’t give too much to work with:
If you have any suggestions for improving colouration I’m open to suggestions. What do you feel should be changed? Fuel pods at the back too dark? Red seems a little out out place? Or do you think the light blue isn’t the best choice? I’m open to all ideas, and made sure to save an uncoloured version.

Actually, I like your current color scheme. Possibly because it’s nice to see someone other than me who uses colors that aren’t quite bright enough to be eye-searing. :slight_smile:

I like the general look of the Vancouver as well. It strikes me as the type of lumbering freighter that, because of its size and bulk, can mount some seriously epic weapons.

The design is great, keep making them with that style. The colouring however… how to explain? The colours dont mix. Try using this technique, it is always used for any serious colouring job (OF ANYTHING):

Here you have a link to a really short and easy tutorial (of 1 page) to learn to colour things using that wheel:

You can use any of the options (complementary, analogous or triad colours) but always remember that funky coloured ships dont look as great as serious ones does (most of the time :P), you CAN use any colour you want, do not paint the ships with super-strong/flashy and eye-burner yellow/white/blue/etc and things like that, most of colours look better when they are not used with a saturation of the 100% (or higher :P), i think that its always better to work under that limit ^^

@Ace: Do not use this tutorial, your Antares mod looks cool as it is right now :stuck_out_tongue:

In general principle, you are entirely correct. However, sometimes a judicious use of opposed colors is what it takes to make a visual design “pop”. The primary colors here are the blue/teal and yellow, which have a strong contrast to each other, but do not conflict enough to be off-putting. The small amount of red trim is just enough to enhance the overall design without clashing painfully. Any more red than is already on the Vancouver would be too much.

Of course, all of this is just my opinion, and some of my designs prove that my aesthetic sense is rather off-kilter compared to the average baseline. :slight_smile:

Thank you sir. I have endeavored in most efforts to tone down the intensity of the colors that I lean toward, but I do enjoy the contrast of opposing colors from time to time. Glad to see it has the appropriate effect. :slight_smile:

you know hes using the TRIAD of colors listed on that page

omg lol, epic fail. Didnt noticed!
Okay, then if the technique is good, and the colouring is good… no idea what makes me hate the colour scheme, lol?!
Maybe the position of the colours… no idea xD

Sorry for begin useless :stuck_out_tongue:

I may be trying out an alternate colouration plan with some of the other ships. There’s reasoning behind it, I’ll explain if it works out.

I’d also begun work on new ships, my current one being the"Edmonton Armoured Tanker". When you transport explosive fuels, your ships tend to be extra durable. Because of it’s cargo I may also incorporate something power related. Might be power boost, might be a (slightly) larger blast radius. Problem with hull design is the Order has the parts I need, but if you’re symmetry-obsessed like me you can see the problem. I’ve put duplicate modules on my hulls before just because I didn’t want my layouts to be asymmetrical.

Updated the post with some more details.

I’m working with a fighter design, and I can’t decide which looks better for the cockpit. I posted both variants on either side below. Thoughts? If I do yellow stripe I’d probably make it less purple and more blue.

I actually like both looks myself. They’re different enough that I could see them both being used in the same fleet for different designs, say for lightning-fast interceptors and slow, tough bombers.

From a personal standpoint, I would say the long blue cockpit says “interceptor” to me a bit more than the squat white one. But for a race whose ships are largely based off of cargo ships, the more compact design is probably more in line with what they’d come up with. (The fighters for my mining race are one-man work vehicles and a crew shuttle, for comparison.)

Sorry, think I explained that wrong. The design is meant to include both parts, what I was asking about was the colour variant of the white part. I should probably cover up the Federation cockpit or perhaps change the fighter to a sort of 2-man patrol craft.

Definitely the white part of the right, blue tones mixes better with the rest of that awesome ship. =D

Ah, my mistake. If your goal is an interceptor-type craft (as indicated in your first post), then I would agree a single cockpit would seem to be most appropriate. As for the colors, either one works pretty well. The blue-stripe side makes for a more consistent color scheme, but to go with your Vancouver-class dreadnought, I would use the bluish cockpit and yellow wing accent. The touch of contrasting color works for me.

Alright, work is being done on some more hulls, just trying to find the right parts.

I did get a set of hulls completed.

Federation announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce the latest Trader cruiser hull!
crowd goes crazy with confusion
Announcer: What’s going on here!? Where’s the ship!?

Federation Captain: Weren’t we supposed to meet the Traders here to discuss their new defense system?
Navigator: We’re in the right place, but I don’t see anything other than that debris field.
Captain: See anything in there?
Navigator: Negative, sir.
Captain: Hold on, increase zoom! I swear I just saw something.

Captain: Those sneaky little…

Well, hopefully you see what I did here. I’m surprised I haven’t seen something like this done already, search came up negative. And no, they do not have propulsion. Drift only. (Which was very noticeable on fighter-size ones)

Holy asteroids! (:P)
Looks nice sir! But, i think that they need some more, idk, maybe some very very little windows, or some engine… idk, something that makes them sightly different to normal asteroids
(yeah, i saw the tractor beams and the turrets :P)

The whole idea behind them is they’re simple asteroids with guns strapped to them. I put one of the turret bases on the fighter size ones. I tried adding them to the others, but unless I want to stretch them significantly (as in 2-3x) the turret completely covers it.

Alright, the first version of the next hull is finished. It’s not finalized, so I haven’t coloured it yet. I’m completely open to feed back on this, there’s a few parts I’m considering changing already. The tanks are almost guaranteed to change, don’t hold back there. Complete removal of tanks is not out of the question. I have alternate parts for several sections already (from initial designing). I’m also considering the addition of extra turret slots. I’d love to hear what you think.

Presenting the Trader Fuel Tanker prototype:

Fun fact, with the exception of the cockpit the main body is made solely of an Order fighter.