[MOD] Turian Space Navy from MassEffect (Updated)

[size=200]TURIAN SPACE NAVY MOD[/size]

Hi guys

Beta time. Thanks to your support, I managed to make enough progress to release a beta-ish version of my mod. It now has custom turrets graphics, five (unballanced) turian-only weapons, no crashes (and I cannot stress this one enough xD ), neat shiny explosions for cruisers along with retexturing and a new ship. I am still far from the finish line, both graphically and codingly…scrpiti… text-edit-ly… I’m working on the other thing too :stuck_out_tongue: Ships still need rebalance, updates and so on but now at least they are fully playable. I’m not sure if they are OP or UP at the moment. I suspect the ships are UP and the weapons are OP which balances them in a way :wink: All in all, I am quite happy with what I did so far (a bit proud even :smiley: ), and I’m sure this is going to be a neat mod in the future.

Check out what I’ve accomplished so far:

Download link for new beta:
Tell me what you think ^^

Wow, great job Kalthaniell, some real nice work in here, I hope to see more :slight_smile:

Scroll down until you find this:
Instructions to make your modded weapons compatible with v1.50

Its not obvious when you read these instructions, but it will resolve the problem :slight_smile:
I assume its only for the mass driver turret ?

Following the instructions, the end result would be:

armour_penetration = 4
blasttexture = "turret_blast_red.dds"
category = "WEAPONS"
classname = "SIM_BulletWeaponModule"
color = 3
cost = 40
crew_required = 2
damage = 10
description = "Naval Officers often underestimate the power of a high quality blaster. The beam laser boys may have their fun, but more than ever, people are turning to blasters for their needs."
fire_interval = 100
guiname = "Turian GARDIAN Point Defense"
height = 17
hitpoints = 50
icon = turret_massdriver_v0.dds   <-- this line will solve the problem in the stats screen
lockable = 0
max_range = 350
min_range = 20
name = "turian_defensegun"
optimum_range = 100
powerconsumed = 3
shield_penetration = 4
size = "CRUISER"
slot_type = TURRET
sound = turian/data/sounds/gardiandefensegun.ogg
soundvolume = 0.9
speed = 17
tracking_speed = 3.9
turret_sprite = "turret_massdriver_v1"
turretsize = 10.0
uisortpos = 1090
unlockcost = 0
weight = 30
width = 1.5

0 = cost,DECIMAL
1 = weight,DECIMAL
2 = hitpoints,DECIMAL
3 = powerconsumed,DECIMAL
4 = max_range,DECIMAL
5 = damage,DECIMAL
6 = fire_interval,INTEGER
7 = tracking_speed,DECIMAL
8 = shield_penetration,DECIMAL
9 = armour_penetration,DECIMAL
10 = crew_required,INTEGER
11 = optimum_range,DECIMAL
12 = min_range,DECIMAL

and place a copy of turret_massdriver_v0.dds in \turian\data\bitmaps\modules for good measure

as for the Turian Light Cruiser, try this in your hulks:

[hulks] 0 = 177,19,343,274,(emit-227-209-hulk_emmiter),(emit-269-246-hulk_emmiter),(emit-300-249-hulk_emmiter),(emit-282-254-hulk_emmiter_bluesparks),(emit-239-229-hulk_emmiter_bluesparks), 1 = 43,271,340,521,(emit-312-338-hulk_emmiter),(emit-278-300-hulk_emmiter),(emit-220-294-hulk_emmiter),(emit-203-287-hulk_emmiter),(emit-277-360-hulk_emmiter),(emit-273-368-hulk_emmiter),(emit-247-292-hulk_emmiter_bluesparks),(emit-302-325-hulk_emmiter_bluesparks),(emit-275-368-hulk_smoke_emmiter),

wow finnally somone is implementing mass effect into this game… i wonder what took so long… maybe grationous space battles might evolve into synthetics O_O

Those are some fantastic looking ships, very clear. Perhaps more of the mass effect universe could be explored… Krogan space-thresher-maw :smiley:

Very awesome-looking stuff. I think you will find no shortage of assistance and advice from the Mod Squad. Looks like you’re off to a great start already though! :slight_smile:

Awesome stuff! =DDDD

You truly are the Modding Guru xD It all works perfectly now! I think I understand why did the crash occured and I’ll be able to avoid it. I did look at that section of modding tutorial, though I quickly dismissed it as ‘having something to do with modules you have to unlock’. Clearly I know better now ^^

I am still analyzing what you did there with the hulk. Once I figure it out, I’ll be able to make more ships that work xD


Syntetics huh? Don’t worry, if I will expect that an army of some OP syntetics is going to overpower my mod, I’m going to create a cycle involving an army of my own syntetics to overpower my mod every five weeks, to prevent my mod from being overpowered by OP syntetics. It’s the only logical course of action…worked for ME writers :stuck_out_tongue: And it’s proven to be effective xP

Ok, lets look at the code again

0 = 177,19,343,274,(emit-227-209-hulk_emmiter),(emit-269-246-hulk_emmiter),(emit-300-249-hulk_emmiter),(emit-282-254-hulk_emmiter_bluesparks),(emit-239-229-hulk_emmiter_bluesparks), 1 = 43,271,340,521,(emit-312-338-hulk_emmiter),(emit-278-300-hulk_emmiter),(emit-220-294-hulk_emmiter),(emit-203-287-hulk_emmiter),(emit-277-360-hulk_emmiter),(emit-273-368-hulk_emmiter),(emit-247-292-hulk_emmiter_bluesparks),(emit-302-325-hulk_emmiter_bluesparks),(emit-275-368-hulk_smoke_emmiter),
0 = x1,y1,x2,y2, (emit-x-y-graphic.dds)…

Breaking it down into 3 simple components
0= this is just an sequential id number
x1,y1,x2,y2 thise 2 sets of 2 co-ordinates form the box that surround a section of the hulk (which will spin independantly when yous ship goes boom. The coordinates are on a 512 x 512 grid starting at the top left (0,0) and finishing at the bottom right (512,512)
(emit-x-y-type) each one represents where some “activity” will occur on the hulk. You have a choice of 3 types:
The x and y are the coordinates where it is placed.

problem is…there are not many ships…that i see in the game so ya you have to create your own :l and that is going to be strange…make a fighter model sheperd in space :smiley: like he is shooting bullets at enemy ships…>:3

I’m making a new ship and two aditional weapons. With all the advice from Darkstar, the next release will hopefully be bugless and crashless beta. In the end I should have six ships + fighters, and about 10 uniqe weapons. I won’t worry about balancing them until then, but any suggestions during releases are welcome xD. I’m in for a busy weekend so net update should be ready in about a week.

Thank you for the kind acknowledgment. At that time, I had no notion that the detailed hull-balance advice I provided you with would eventually loop back like Halley’s Comet in such grand style. I wish your pioneering beta effort the very best of luck. :slight_smile:

name = "turian"
guiname = "Turian Space Navy"
logo = "turian.jpg"
debrisstartuv = 0
debrisenduv = 16
escapepodid = 1
shield = "alliance_shield.dds"
description = ""Turians are awesome.""
repairbotid = 3
contrailid = 3
music = union_battle.ogg
shieldcollapseuv = 0
defaultnames = warships
guiid = 12
lockable = 0
unlockcost = 0

turret_auto_v1 = turian_turret_auto_v1.dds,turrets_turian.dds,0
turret_auto_v2 = turian_turret_auto_v2.dds,turrets_turian.dds,1
turret_auto_v3 = turian_turret_auto_v3.dds,turrets_turian.dds,2
turret_auto_v4 = turian_turret_auto_v4.dds,turrets_turian.dds,3
turret_auto_v5 = turian_turret_auto_v5.dds,turrets_turian.dds,4
turret_auto_v6 = turian_turret_auto_v6.dds,turrets_turian.dds,5
turret_bull_v1 = turian_turret_bull_v1.dds,turrets_turian.dds,6
turret_bull_v2 = turian_turret_bull_v2.dds,turrets_turian.dds,7
turret_bull_v3 = turian_turret_bull_v3.dds,turrets_turian.dds,8
turret_bull_v4 = turian_turret_bull_v4.dds,turrets_turian.dds,9
turret_las_v1 = turian_turret_las_v1.dds,turrets_turian.dds,10
turret_las_v2 = turian_turret_las_v2.dds,turrets_turian.dds,11
turret_las_v3 = turian_turret_las_v3.dds,turrets_turian.dds,12
turret_las_v4 = turian_turret_las_v4.dds,turrets_turian.dds,13
turret_las_v5 = turian_turret_las_v5.dds,turrets_turian.dds,14
turret_miss_v1 = turian_turret_miss_v1.dds,turrets_turian.dds,16
turret_miss_v2 = turian_turret_miss_v2.dds,turrets_turian.dds,17
turret_miss_v3 = turian_turret_miss_v3.dds,turrets_turian.dds,18
turret_miss_v4 = turian_turret_miss_v4.dds,turrets_turian.dds,19
turret_miss_v5 = turian_turret_miss_v4.dds,turrets_turian.dds,19
turret_pd_v1 = turian_turret_pd_v1.dds,turrets_turian.dds,20
turret_pd_v2 = turian_turret_pd_v2.dds,turrets_turian.dds,21
tractor_turret_v1 = turian_tractor_turret_v1.dds,turrets_turian.dds,27
tractor_turret_v2 = turian_tractor_turret_v2.dds,turrets_turian.dds,29
turret_plasma_v1 = turian_plasma_turret_v1.dds,turrets_turian.dds,24
turret_plasma_v2 = turian_plasma_turret_v2.dds,turrets_turian.dds,25
turret_plasma_v3 = turian_plasma_turret_v3.dds,turrets_turian.dds,26
turret_ecm_v1 = turian_turret_las_v1.dds,turrets_turian.dds,10

turian_defensegun = turian_turret_auto_v4.dds,turrets_turian_new.dds,0
turian_frigate_quantumblaster = turian_turret_auto_v1.dds,turrets_turian_new.dds,1
turian_frigate_tesla_gun = turian_turret_auto_v2.dds,turrets_turian_new,2
turian_quantumblaster = turian_turret_auto_v1.dds,turrets_turian_new.dds,3
turian_rapid_fire_mass_cannon = turian_turret_auto_v2.dds,turrets_turian_new.dds,4

0 = "Awesome turian win"
1 = "Turians are too cool to lose"
2 = "Pancakes!"
3 = "I'll think of something later"

1 = "Damn OP mods."
2 = "You need moar gunz."
3 = "-sadface- :("

0 = "Robert"
1 = "Andrew"
2 = "Kevin"
3 = "Pete"
4 = "Mario"
5 = "Chris"
6 = "Katie"
7 = "Carolyn"
8 = "Jack"
9 = "Aaron"
10 = "Ryan"
11 = "Brian"
12 = "Jesse"
13 = "Colin"
14 = "Wallace"
15 = "Derek"
16 = "Wesley"
17 = "Bill"

I was at it for hours and I keep getting “turret mapping not found [turian_turret_auto_v2]==>” over and over again, when I try to mount a weapon on a ship in ship design menu, no matter what I try. I went through the modding 101 on turrets a dozen times but I am still missing sth. Common turrets work great, but the custom ones are causing problems… can anyone spot my error ? :confused: [size=50](hope it’s not an obvious, retarded kind of error :stuck_out_tongue: )[/size]

I’m fairly certain that the problem here is that the game is looking for “turian_turret_auto_v2” on the LEFT side of the equals sign (highlighted below):

which probably means you have a module file with the following line of code:

turret_sprite = turian_turret_auto_v2

when it should be more like

turret_sprite = turret_auto_v2

which should pick up the “turian_turret_auto_v2.dds” sprite based on your race file coding.

Hope that helps.

That was the problem indeed. Thx Ace ^^

OMG, loved so much the archievements pic!!! “Destroyer of Hope” i’ve archieved that so many times that i’ve lost the count, long long ago…

And about the mod, loving it, such epic graphics!! =D

[size=50](and i was wondering if you want to give me a thrust with damaged and hulk sprites of The Plague insectoid fighters ^^ )[/size]

No problem. I figure someone should benefit from my OCD-fueled sessions of poring through the datafiles. :slight_smile:

Really nice work on the pics in the first post, by the way. I really like the hulk texture - it feels almost gory (that’s a good thing).

[size=50]I hadn’t thought of it in terms of achievements, but I think you and I are probably about neck-and-neck with that sort of thing. :)[/size]

I have a question to the modding squad:

I want to make a corvette size ship. Like in Praetor’s mod. A fighter, but big, with half the strengh of a frigate. My question is this: can I use a separate .dds for hulk or do I have to use the one in fighter_hulks.dds ? And if I can’t, can I make a hulk section for it, to break it up after it is destroyed?

What I would want to do is:

[config] classname = fighter name = Turian Sitello Frigate* guiname = Turian Sitello Frigate sprite = Turian Sitello Frigate.dds damagetexture = Turian Sitello Frigate_damaged.dds hulktexture = Turian Sitello Frigate_hulk.dds width = 54 height = 54 powerproduced = 10 cost = 50 racename = turian
*(in ME frigates fight like corvettes, from point blank, along with fighters)

I haven’t try this code yet. I want to make sure I won’t be wasting time trying to make sth impossible.
Can anyone help?

In answer to your question based on what i know:

  • Yes the code will work so long as there is a Turian Sitello Frigate_sprite.dds somewhere nearby which is a combo of the Hull and damage file.

  • When the turian Sitello goes kaboom - nothing will be left behind (except for a few tiny floaty peices)

  • If wish to have a twisted frame left behind you need to add in those three lines and create a fighter hulk map.
    (please note that you can have several fighter hulk maps)

On the slight chance that it might prove useful. I have placed a summary of what i know about adding fighters into GSB

Thx Darkstar!

I followed your advice and the m101 section, and using Praetors EX-Lima code as basis, and with Fighter_hulks.dds and Turian_Sitello_Frigate_sprite.dds I managed to make it work. Flawlessly I might add (no crashes whatsoever! ^^). This little cutie was the result:

*btw: yes, that is me getting owned in tutorial again :stuck_out_tongue:

Any new updates on this , I do enjoy what you have done so far . Looking forward to more !