[MOD] Union Coalition - Resolute Rising

Look at the price, and dang that looks awesome!! I wonder how a Eve-online dreadnought with hold up to it? Only 3 guns to what 46 guns. mmm

The Resolule is, supposed to be the Union’s flagship…and fully loaded I have one that costs over 21,000!

Yes the Starburst and Resolute are kinda broken the stacking shields and armor are probablly broken as well. I TRIED to balance the shields with resistance even lower than the metaphasic.

The idea with the shields is that; yes, you can have almost impenetrable shields BUT you’re going to have to commit like 5+ slots TO shielding, in exchange for massive weight, crew, and power requirements…and even then they’re still just as vulnerable to Disruptor Bombs.

The armor idea was the exact opposite idea. being that you can get away with dedicated less slots to armor in favor of other things (like carrier bays, target boosters, etc)

And to be fair…We’re talking about Dreadnaught-class ships here. On the Windreaper or Jakalope, or any other cruiser with a more standard number of slots it becomes way harder to make a ship unstoppable.

As for the Union EMP shield…I dind’t notice that, here’s the fix. Just go into the union folder/data/modules, find file called Union_ecm_heavyshield, and replace the text in the “name” line with this “Union_ecm shield” that should do the trick.

I get a turret error when I try to place any Antimatter Shell guns on my frigate. I’ve not modded in so long, so I’ve forgotten the solution. :frowning:

  • On It . .
  • Got it . . .
  • Fixed It . . . .
  • Uploading <>

Err, that might’ve actually been an error on my end; I think I remember modding something with your borrowed graphics… If it helped you track down a bug, all the better.

Doesn’t look like i can upload the patch :frowning:

I had wondered if the problem was with some of your “extra content” since we dont have Antimatter Cannons.
But yeah, i found another possible conflict with the modules.

To fix these two minor problems open the following files and change the name field
Frigate_plasma grenade launcher.txt
name = “frigate_plasmabomb”

name = “Union_ecm shield”

When i get home i will upload the file.

The Rapid-Plasma sprite seems to be very large as well; its almost twice as large as the other frigate sprites.

That sort of thing is up to Cen2050 as he is the author of the mod, i am just tech support and do as i am told :slight_smile:
and look - he is on line now :slight_smile:

Assuming you’re talking about Plasma Grenade Launcher (PGL) as I like to call it, the size is actually intentional and serves two purposes

  1. it makes the shot a little more visable so you know what’s firing, especially with all the flashy new weapons I made simple plasma bursts get lost pretty easily. Between the short range and fast movement speed it makes the shot a little more visable.

  2. A bigger shot fired at a ship has less chance of being avoided…so I could justify raising the tracking speed a smidgen.

I don’t know how to break this up to you, but the current positive stack armor is FAR more broken then you can even imagine. Stacking shield is nothing compare to that.

Put in another way. Proton beam has 73 armor penetration, any armor resistance beyond this takes the ship to 98% damage immunity against all stock weapons. A 80ish armor resist with 0-1 gun is your typical “Armor Tank”, the stuff that people complain on forum about. When you get over 100 it’s already practically indestructible. Now we are talking about 300 armor resist frigates, 2000 armor resist cruisers, fully loaded with guns. They are the kind of stuff that can crush stock fleets 10x it’s credit count.

From what I seen, about 70% of the imbalance in fan mods come from too much armor. 10% on every other hull bonus, and 20% from exceptionally broken guns.

However, you can fix this to what you intent. Positive stack = exponential growth. If you intent the armor to be “good with a few” but not spammable, you should do exactly the opposite. Have something with high initial value but high stack penalty.

Hrm…you have made some valid points I had not even considered. And that is largely because of how I design ships.

I have always done my best to put wepons in weapon slots and modules in standard slots. Beyond that I’ve always favored and maneuverability over armor

In short I don’t use armor all that much, and when I do it’s little more than one or two…and I took that bias into the mod.

For instance: I have a 21K resolute and it “only” has 6 armor slots because by my way of thinking 6 (an average armor of 29.1) was enough to get me by if the shields collapsed. with 30 more standard slots to spare it allowed me to make the Resolute a true multi-role ship. I for 1 adhere to the fact that it is Union’s flagship…and if it goes on a map I NEVER put more than 1 (that’s just me) and with 29 armor I’ve seen that whittled away by fighters and frigates flying into the shield bubble. I’ve seen the Resolute blow up many times. Particularly at the hands of Darkstar’s Unity ships.

But I have to give you some credit, for the first time I actually just tried an all armor version and you are 100% right…the armor is TOO appealing. And I will certinly make sure that adjusting the armor for both cruisers and frigates is one of my top priorities.

I’m afraid I’ve got a problem-the images for the new modules and ships aren’t loading! Having checked the files, I think I’ve found the problem. Could you re-upload the bitmaps as .png files instead, if it isn’t any bother?

I was referring to the turret sprite itself, not the shot sprite. I liked the shot sprite. Sorry if there was any confusion.

Also, thanks. Union was one of the first mods I wanted to try, and I’ve waited all this time for it. :slight_smile:

No Bother :slight_smile: - Delete the Union folder from GSB and download the Mac version. Let us know if it solves the problem
(I also fixed up those two text files . .)


Excellent! Thank you very much for the mac version-the mod works like a dream, and the new units are awesome to play with!

I’m glad you like them Eyrok…There’s a REASON this mod took over a year to get out! Darkstar and I put a lot of time and effort into this one!

There are numerous interesting innovations I attempted to make for this mod beyond simple graphics. Including:

Knockback missiles for cruisers and frigates that don’t outright wipe ships out.

A tiny cruiser (the Windreaper Assault Frigate) that fighters have a real hard time getting near.

the first real space station that the game has ever seen. (the Hurricane Assault Platform)

Several frigate weapons with enough power to cause minor damage to cruisers

The first positively stacking modules ever seen in the game!

Everyone! I have some grave news pertaining to the Union mod! One of the potential themes I was attempting to run with was revolutionary POSITIVELY stacking modules. Modules that started out weak and got better the more you put on.

Due to a peculiarity in the game, discovered by myself and Darkstar barely 9 hours ago has completely destroyed the concept and forced me to re-evaluate EVERY positive stack module I’ve developed.

Over the next few days I shall be attempting to correct this, as well as re-visiting the balance on some of my weapons. As I have also made an incorrect assumption about the shield resistance values. There is a bright side however, As now the Union ships will be far less unstoppable. When the patch is released I certinly hope everyone downloads it with the same anticipation that version 1.00 has received.

1000 appologies for my modding ineptitude.

You might not know this, but Microbe revolves around positive stack and has been out for 2 months. But I guess my mods are never that mainstream (I think maybe 5 people downloaded it?). This is also why the exponential growth problem is so obvious to me.

In case you don’t know already, mixing positive stacking and normal stacking armor/shield works properly in combat. It’s just mess up on display, showing the multiplier of the module in the last slot. So if you thought that was the problem you can just ignore it. However, even though each module is calculated seperately in combat, you can still throw in a bunch of minimal armors to boost your positive stack ones. This is also why I made my positive stacking module the cheapest/weakest in my mod, so this can’t be abused.

The new weapons, especially Board Spectrum and Chaos, are brutally strong. Like super accurate, super long range, and cruiser laser damage rating for only 190ish. At first glance it appears to be countered by exceptionally huge/weak hulls with money bonus, but then there’s the Windreaper, which with all it’s bonus makes the 15% paid for even before the 120 size.

The next set of guns to look at are the proton/particle. High damage mid range at low cost. It puts stuff like beam laser to shape with 1.5x more dps, 1.5x accuracy, and rapid firing.

Are you kidding? you mean to tell me I revised all my postive stacking stuff for NOTHING?!?! The whole stack effectiveness thing in the ship design display doesn’t actually AFFECT the gameplay?

that makes me feel better and worse. Better in that it means some of my innovations can still WORK…worse in that now I still have a lot of balancing work to do

I’m aware of the Chaos cannon/broad spectrum situation I’ll be watering them down slightly in the first update (Comming soon) and offsetting the appeal of putting them on the Windreaper by making them heavier. I didn’t think the Photon/Partical cannons were all that bad…especially since each one is like half a weapon and the damage isn’t incredible.

All the same I AM re-evaluating a good number of my weapons, specifically the penetration values and tracking speed.

I TRIED to give each ship a role they were most adapted for, at which I was only marginally sucessful

Windreaper: fast attack cruiser for either hit and run skirmishes or to draw enemy fire and evade it with it’s small size

Hurricane: it’s a static defense station, the proverbial last line of defense

Starburst: With so many standard slots it’s the perfect carrier platform/anti-fighter platform

Resolute: THE quintessential space superiority cruiser

I THOROUGHLY appreciate the feedback though.