[Mod] Unity v2.032 - A New Threat


cool, thanks.

The MOAT weapons overpowered … NO Shurley not! (and don’t call me shirley)


I am enjoying the unity ships very much thank you for this mod look foward for union mod.


Thanks :slight_smile:
I enjoyed making it (mostly)


Played couple battles against Unit central core need either bigger guns or bigger ships. This thing is frighting maybe throw mother of all fighter swarms at and hope??


The Unity Core is vunerable to rush tactics (while the guns are big, so is the minimum range)
Plenty of room to park and cause some damage - of course you have to get there in one peice :wink:


I’m finding the Uni-T AI Battles challenging and fun as well. I’ve tried all sort of tactics and the race is actually quite balanced with the rest…minus that they have a lot more weapons to choose from. Not a bad thing. On the last one and it’s still fun. Very nice job darkstar. Can’t wait to see what Union is like.


Thankyou very much - it is good to hear that the Unity Mod is balanced.
[size=85]for now - Muhahahahahahah[/size]




Assault of Re-encounter at andromeda does not work on my computer when I go to start gsb.exe crashes any ideas???


Cool, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:
Looking into it now . .


My version of gsb 1.56 unity mod 2.03 deploy fleet click on fight button then windows says gsb.exe encountered an error and aborts gsb. this help any??


Yeap - it tells me that i have mixed up two different versions of Unity . .
In previous versions i had remodified the survial challanges to use unity shios.
But after much consideration i scrapped them in favor of this one

Open survival1.txt and replace all the text with the code below.
That will fix the problem.

gui_id = 91
backdrop = "survival1.jpg"
icon = "survival1_icon.jpg"
name = "mod_survival1"
guiname = "Point Blank"
mapsizex = 8192
mapsizey = 8192
player_deployment = 1000,1000,7192,7192
ai_deployment = 10,10,8182,8182
starfield = 1
fleetcostlimit = 120000
pilotlimit = 200
enemyrace = unit
shader = "data/shaders/survival1.fx"
description = "No spatial anomalies"
size = "Massive"
unlocked_after = "mod_scenario12"
type = "SURVIVAL"


1 = wave1_1.txt,100,
2 = wave1_2.txt,100
3 = wave1_3.txt,100
4 = wave1_4.txt,100
5 = wave2_1.txt,100
6 = wave2_2.txt,100
7 = wave2_3.txt,100
8 = wave2_4.txt,100
9 = wave3_1.txt,100
10 = wave3_2.txt,100
11 = wave3_3.txt,100
12 = wave3_4.txt,100
13 = wave4_1.txt,100
14 = wave4_2.txt,100
15 = wave4_3.txt,100
16 = wave4_4.txt,100


Still have the same problem found this in debug file does this help

15/4/2011 - 2::46 - WARNING: Desktop Screen Resolution is below MinScreenHeight
15/4/2011 - 2::47 - Assertion failure:filename:…\src\SIM_Battle.cpp,linenum:50,build:Full 1.56


Strange - it fixed the problem on mine . .
Ok, i will reupload Unity tommorow and ask for you to download it again (might fix the problem)


That means your resolution is too low (768 vertical is the minimum it’ll run on IIRC). If your resolution is fine then it’s certainly strange.


My computer resolution is 1600x 900 IU have star blazers mod install that plays on same size map and it runs fine this size map any ideas?


so this error only appears on the Point Blank Survival mission ?


Yes it is as now I can play other surival scenario and other maps just as big could be my computer conig or is there conflict with windows 7?? thank you for all yuor help look forward for union mod.


Hmmm, this one has me stumped . .The mission works without any problems on this laptop.

I have reuploaded the mod again with the patch for the point blank mission
If you could please delete the unit folder and redownload the mod again.

here is the linky:


That did it now have respect for for the probe crusiier. It is annoy when park on cruisers then fighters come long and kill boom goes doomsday generator thats nasty. thank you very much for all your help!!