[Mod] Unity v2.032 - A New Threat


ahh, good strategy. i suppose that the ark is being handled by top men?

anyways, its good to have ya back. hopefully things will get more “active” or “alive” around here…


Its good to be back :slight_smile:

One of my first priorities is to read over my notes and see what i was doing in the mod space.
Also i need to get my head back into the turret design space very soon as Praetors wants some more turrets for the community mod.
(that reminds me - i have to ask him to send me the graphics he wants matched up to turrets)

I must admit I have noticed that it has been rather quiet on the modding front.
Mind you there are still some good mods that look to be up n comming - some of the design work is fantastic.


Yep that is exactly the case, I have checked over the files a million times
there is simply no reason for it not be working all files are present and correct


It’s really funny hearing you talk about the Smithsonian when I live in Maryland and have been there numerous times. Anyway, Welcome Back!


Hey Darkstar welcome back.

Glad to hear you had fun and saddened that we were unable to have the chance to meet. Meh some other time i bet. Anyways I have a few projects under my belt right now and I think you might get a kick outa them. If you have not seen the Eve-online mod has new breath but back into it and I have reveled a project that is still in the planning process, as with making good progress with a total conversion with my roommate.

I have a lot on my plate right now and I hope to get things rollin soon and not have bad things happen.


In Order

I have to admit that is rather weird . . At the moment i can only suggest the fallback position of delete the unit directory, download the latest version and install. (if that fails let me know - there are some unorthodox options that might work)

That was rather close to where we were staying. Even though we were visiting DC our base of operations was in Alexandria Virginia and we all caught the metro in each day (the metro made it real easy to get to the JFK airport as well).

I must admit i contemplated trying to arrange visits around the place to catch up with as many people as i could, but the USA is an awe-fully big place ! Also my bank acount was running on empty because the wife went with her friends “outlet mall” shopping. we left Australia with 60 pounds of luggage and we came back with 220 pounds (plus we had shipped the same amount again over the 8 weeks as online orders came in. sigh on the bright side we have everything we need for the next 3-4 years (except for a new modding station)
However the invite for anyone to visit me in Australia is open :slight_smile:

I have been watching the Eve-online mod slowly take shape, its good to know that it still is a work in progress. As for your other project that you revealed, i must have missed that one (back to the forums to look for it)

Anyways - i better get going, its back to work i go to pay the bills and save up for another trip back to the states.


Heh don’t you love that? But it is ok my phone was turned off and it would have been hard to get ahold of me anyways. As much as i would like to go visit the land down under. I have too many bills and not enough income. So i can not and beside i need to go to Hawaii before i go out there. My girl lives out there and wants me to go visit her. And well i made a promise and i plan on keeping it.

And as for the mod, It is keep in hiding about its full details, As I want people to download it and then go OH MY GODDESS!!! heh. In this mod we are ripping out the races and adding in more or our OWN races with custom and existing ships. EACH Race will have there strengths and weaknesses, and there will be a FEW weapons that are cross-race available. There are EIGHT races planed and will use ALL of the expansions minus the conquest expansion. As of right now I am not sure how we will do this, BUT I think we will get this done and working.

Just a FYI there will be the following going from smallest to largest;
Interceptor fighters, Fighters, Bomber fighters, Gunship fighters, Corvette frigates, Frigates, Destroyer frigates, Cruisers, Carrier cruisers, Flagship cruisers, Dreadnought cruisers, TITAN cruisers, And If I can pull it off in the AI deployments the last one in the chain of the race will have a MASSIVE base teaming with weapons and may take up the ENTIRE back wall of the deployment zone.


It would seem as though i have fixed the problem, Before i was changing the lockable variable to 0, This removed the race from the Unlock screen however they did not appear
so instead i simply changed the Cost to 5 and then unlocked them they way as if you were playing normally :slight_smile:


Ah, yes. that would do it.
If you wish to unlock that race without spending the honor points then you would have to change the unlock and cost to zero.
Or change it to a number that you feel is an appropriate cost :slight_smile:

Anyways, its good to hear that you fixed the problem
Have fun Annihilating all that stand before you.


“… to the intellignce commanding Unity I have only this to say: go back to the trash heap you crawled out of or we will blast you back ourselves!”
- Admiral Robert Bianco

The Union Resistance Coalition (or more simply Union): is a collection of beings from all the major races of the war so far that have banded together to defeat Uni-T. Everyone in Union has been branded an outlaw, traitor and deserter because they have not only abandoned their home races or territories but are (according to their former commanders) cavorting with enemy species. It is because of this UNION of science, technology and thinking that the union has assembled a fleet of ships, weapons, and technologies beyond anything the galaxy has ever known.

Lead by plucky and daring Admirals Robert “Bob” Bianco and Andrew Smith, the Union is the only hope the galaxy has of defeating the Uni-T threat. This coalition of Federation, Empire, Rebels, Alliance, Tribe, Order and even Swarm beings is proof that absolutely ANYTHING is possible…even a lasting peace.

This mod you give you access to powerful new hulls and 2 new classes of turrets Siege and MOAT and comes complete with an awesome story ! viewtopic.php?f=23&t=6468&p=48713#p48709

The Domination is over, the power balance has been disrupted - Yes ladies and Gentlemen Cen2050 has completed his masterpeice.
I would like to take this time to say congratulations him in creating an awesome mod that will save the universe against the Unity Threat.

What are you waiting for - follow the link and download it NOW !


[size=150]Success!!![/size] This is a most historic day in the lifespan of the Gratuitous Modding forum… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


LOVE that edited picture sir I just hope the rest of the forum likes the mod as much as I do that picture!


The Friendly Gratuitous Mod Squad
We are ready to help you :slight_smile:

(I have to laugh that I am Egon Spengler . .)
Once again Gentlemen - Congrats on each of your releases :slight_smile:


Yet again you are looking out for me Darkstar…I would never have been able to answer that question.


Thanks, mate!

And that is why he’s Egon Spengler. :smiley:


Ironically Egon was my favotite character…I’m just not very good with computers lol


Hey, at least you don’t have to worry about “time as you know it stopping, and all the molecules of your body exploding at the speed of light”. :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, safety tip from Darkstar: don’t cross the Sunbeams! :smiley:


Dont you mean dont cross the Proton Beams? lol…crossing Sunbeam rays is equally bad. It’s not a total protonic reversal…it’s more like a cataclysmic super explosion.


Thank you darkstar for this mod ships are perfect and new modules are nice thank you for this mod well worth wait. Be intresting to see what you will do to top your self now. Thank You again


While i would like to take the bow for the Union Mod, Jabakertx - it is Cen2050 that your comment should be directed at.
I only provided technical support and modding assistance where required.