[Mod] Unity v2.032 - A New Threat


Well ladies and gentlemen what a week of modding.
First Archduke Astro releases the Classic Dreadnought then Cen2050 unleashes Union to kick Uni-T’s chromed can across the cosmos.

While i wish i had something equally as impressive to round out the week, i can offer this small upgrade for Uni-T Viral.

As Uni-T scourer’s its way across the galaxy, (to assist with the cleanup) sometimes Uni-T will infect space worthy debris bringing it under the Cleaning Collective control, forming a new SubNode Uni-T:Viral. In the past Viral sub nodes have been underpowered mainly due to the face that it is comprised of inferiors recycled hulls. However in recent times the Viral node has corrupted various dreadnought sized waste material along with a new set of hulls that were found littering deep space. End result - Uni-T Viral is now a bigger threat than ever.

Requirements: GSB1.55 & Nomads
The addon mod will a corrupted version of the Nomads and the Classic Dreads to Uni-T Viral.
To install - extract into the GSB directory - Please Note YOU WILL NEED THE NOMADS DLC to make this addon work.


Viral Uni-T Classic Dreadnoughts… hell, yes! We are going to have some serious fun, best measured in multi-megatons! :smiley: I can hardly wait to see how the corrupted Uni-T versions compete against my originals. That kind of “doppelganger” battle is, even to me, a truly scary idea.

And viral Nomads, too! Sweet! :smiley: The last of the official races is finally being “assimilated” (at least partly). I shed a tear for the wonderfully attractive, retro-styled Nomad hulls having their beauty warped and distorted by the silicon plague that is the Uni-T, but they’ll still be interesting to see in service against their former owners – or anyone else who’s foolish enough to come into weapons range.

Thanks for creating this interesting and challenging add-on for Uni-T. :slight_smile:


Just a quick note to the 6 people that have downloaded the Unity Viral Addon already i made a mistake with the hull configurations and used some very ancient configerations. I have reloaded the mod with the new hull stats so you might want to re-download the mod to bring it into line with Archdukes Clasic Dreadnoughts . . . .

Uni-T:Viral Addon
Requirements: GSB1.55 & Nomads
The addon mod will a corrupted version of the Nomads and the Classic Dreads to Uni-T Viral.
To install - extract into the GSB directory - Please Note YOU WILL NEED THE NOMADS DLC to make this addon work.


The balance of power has once again shifted in Uni-T’s favor! Viral nomands and classic dreadnaughts are gonna be EXTREMELY formiddable. I think properly equipped they could probablly take out the Resolute! especially if you make extended/rapid/heavy versions of Nomad tech! THAT will be something to see lol!


Nah, the balance of power hasn’t shifted into Uni-T favor i[/i]. Now if they could corrupt a resolute or two then they might get the upper hand, but the accursed Union is very careful not to let any ships fall into Uni-T hands :frowning:

What is worse, Central node has lost contact with a few remote outpost and recycling factories for unknown reasons . . .


NICE!! That gives me new incentive to play the game (combined with the Dreadnought mod). I’m not able to play challenges and campaign, so any mod that includes new single player scenarios is welcome!


One word, Bravo!

This is by far the most polished mod that I have come across! You really made a gem Dark!

“I’m Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite mod on the Citadel!”


Forget about cross sunbeams dont cross Wind reaper cruiser those little ships are deadly to max.


Ah but remember where those Dreadnoughts ships originaly came from:

And as for those annoying Windreapers, you have this person to thank

I have merely provided technical assistance as required.
For i am part of the Friendly Community Mod Squad ! (check my sig if you dont believe me)


I am having problems installing the mod, uni-t it doesn’t appear in the races list, touch I think Ive installed it correctly


No problem - we should be able to get you running in short order
The following Questions are to help me understand the setup your using:

~ What version did you download (Mac / PC)
~ Are you playing on a Mac / PC
~ How did you install it ? (manually drag n drop files or extract into your Gratuitous Space Battles Directory ?)
~ Are there extra missions like “taking out the trash” ?

As a check for the install process, could to confirm for me that you have extracted into the correct directory
\Gratuitous Space Battles\ directory.
±- Data <- some files need to go in here to make it work (make sure you have data\installs\unit.txt)
±- debugdata
±- directx
±- Nomads (and other DLC)
±- unit <-where most of the mod is contained


I got it working, the data directory had went to the wrong place, thanks for a fantastic mod


Good to hear that it is working - hope you enjoy the mod :slight_smile:
Yeah, if you drag the data folder into the wrong location it will not know that the mod exists.


LOVE this mod. I’ve found myself playing Unity more then any other race recently, specially due to the design of thier ships being similar to most the other races.

One minor glitch though: I’ve set up a Unity Prime frigate with Supercharged Frigate Engines, but after saving it, I had the Frigate Engine 4 from the Star Blazers immidiately take thier place. Is there a way to fix this conflict?


Thankyou very much. Thoughout the evolution of this mod i have recieved a ton of input from players such as yourself who have helped me shape the mod to what it is (and beyond). So if you have any ideas on how to improve the mod, fire away !

I have not had that particular conflict before - but i bet i know what is causing it:
Basically the Uni-T supercharged frigate engines and the StarBlazers Frigate engine 4 have the same name = in the module file. Therefore one of them needs to me renamed. (BTW - thankyou for bringing it to my attention, It would be a good idea for me to fix this in the next patch)

What i plan to do is change the name of every module in the Unity mod. Using the Frigate engine as an example what i need to do is go and open the file located in:
unit\data\modules\frigate_engine IV.txt

Find the line
name = “frigate_engine IV”
and change it in some way to something more unique, for example
name = “unit_frigate_engine IV”

Now this will effect 3 ship designs used in the scenarios:
unit elite fa frigate ac.txt
unit fa frigate ac.txt
unit fa frigate af.txt

Now these ships will be using the starblazers engine until you go in and replace:
= “frigate_engine IV”
= “unit_frigate_engine IV”

Rinse, Repeat for the other 999 modules :slight_smile:


Ah. If yer gonna be updating I’ll wait untill you set it up again.


I dont know how long you have to wait, but things are already happening . .
Time will tell …


glares at DarkStar for making her favourite this page. Again.
That said, I cannot wait.


Sorry . . :stuck_out_tongue:

All i can say this -
“. . .There is movement behind the scenes where Unity is only but a peice to a larger picture”


Oh boy I love uninstalling the mod only to have the game refuse to start because the mod ships aren’t there.