[Mod] Unity v2.032 - A New Threat


Naturally the game won’t boot if you still have ship designs saved in your “Ships” folder that were built with content from a mod that you removed. I’m surprised that you’re surprised. :smiley: This would occur with any removed mod. Just delete all of your saved Uni-T ships.


I did that. When that didn’t work, I deleted every ship I had to make sure I didn’t miss anything, and it still tries to load stuff that isn’t there. So I reinstalled the game and it still asks for them.


By any chance did you create any scenarios and enemy deployments for Uni-T, then? If there are saved opposing AI forces which use anything out of the now-deleted mod, this too will crash the game upon startup. Removing all of the mod-based human-controlled forces won’t be enough.


I don’t recall ever making any scenarios with them.

Where is the file directory for saved ships and scenarios?

  • go and delete the unit.txt file located in data\installs\ and remove the gsb_unit.pkg file from \data\packages

  • Delete the \unit\ directory

  • Remove any ship designs you have made that uses the mod content (For example - any Uni-T ships you have designed)
    Saved ship designs are located here \My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\ships\

  • Run the game and if it crashes out saying it cant find a design or module, check
    \My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\debug\debug.txt
    and it will tell you which ship designs its looking for.
    For example: Ship Design not found ->unit mega uber killer cruiser

  • Search and destroy the files mentioned in the debug
    Tech Tip: For hard to find ship design files, conduct a file search using the criteria from the debug file,
    for example - find a file which contains the following name = unit mega uber killer cruiser

  • In theory, if you followed all the above steps, that should be it . . and Unity will be no more . .


Thanks. For some reason, the Uni-T Central Core never showed up when I was deleting everything else ingame.
As in I couldn’t even load it.


Remember to fill out the Customer Satisfaction Survey once uninstall is complete . .

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In light of the recent question of Mods and their Balance against Vanilla GSB. I have created this poll so people can vote or provide feedback on the current balance.

Feel free to post your thoughts / suggestions / recommendations etc. on what should be done to this mod

Thankyou to the people that have voted :slight_smile:

To the 3 people that think that the mod is over powered - thankyou for your honesty :slight_smile:
Is there anything in particular that I should target to nerf Unity ?

For the 3 people that think the mod is balanced - thankyou for your support :slight_smile:
Is there anything i should do to Improve Unity ?

If you dont want to post your suggestions on the forum - PM me instead


The Unity is a bit overpowerd but im not exactlly sure what part! the reason i say that is because usually if i have the Uni-T and im against a vanilla/expansion race i’ll nearlly almost win, which is eather my awsome commanding skills (which i doubt xD) or some little thingumy thats OP im sorry that im not very clear or detailed, i dont think they are terrably OP just ‘slightly’! Did that help? D:


yeap everything helps. If your bored, try playing as unity but dont use the varient weapons - see how you go then.
My testing shows that i need to:

  • Increase varient weapons cost
  • Nerf the drones some more through cost or some other factor.


The mod is overpowered for me, likely because of the deployment strategy I use. I expect if I did the standard battle line blastemup, it would be balanced. But what I do instead is to build one ship (one awesomely powerful ship), make it quite fast ~0.35 speed (which is fast for a cruiser) and stick it forward at the extreme top or bottom of the map. What happens is that the ship charges forward and engages the extreme edge of the enemy, even those that have a forward deployed center element to lure opponent to the center. I close fast enough and destroy the lure fast enough that I am still to the far side of one edge of their battle line.

That means that I am able to start munching their line while only a portion of them are able to fire back. With my prodigious loadout, I also include two EMP guns, which seems to keep about half of the enemy within engagement range out of commission, so my ship is only being hit with one forth of the potential fire from their line, and one forth does not cut it versus the ship I am able to build.

All that said, I play almost exclusively on the campaign map and on that, it calls for an ‘overpowered’ race if you want any chance of actually conquering the map. Even while playing Unity, as overpowered as I think it is, due to the way the campaign game creates encounters, I can still encounter fleets that will hand me my ass if I fail to deploy three or four of those Unity ‘god’ ships to fly tight formation. And even ‘that’ has been defeated.

When I play a ‘standard’ 3X game, I am always pursuing the game with a near obsessive focus on getting a massive technological lead over my opponents. Usually that means that I wind up outnumbered, but I always have a qualitative advantage, often a massively pronounced one. Unity feels like the race I ‘would’ be playing if the GSB campaign game were in fact a true 3X game (which sadly, it is far from). Even though I voted in your poll that the mod is overpowered with regard to the standard races, I would not myself ‘nerf’ it. Or if I did, I would provide two files for people, the original files, and the nerfed.


A quick look at Unity’s weapon mods clearly show that they are overpowered.

A rapid-fire or heavy version of ANY existing weapon basically has twice the DPS, with no other modification.

For it to be balanced it would need to be twice the cost, twice the power consumption, twice the weight, etc.

Even then it would STILL mathematically be overpowered because it only uses ONE SPACE instead of two. This is especially the case when considering secondary anti-fighter weapons such as anti-fighter missiles(frigate) or Pulse laser or defensive lasers where Space is more of the limiting factor.

The actual weapon has usually double the cost and double some of the items, but only 50% more than baseline on several other items.

The extended range weapons are harder to quantify but are even more overpowered. Cruiser Lasers are extremely strong as is, though their range of 450 blows. But when you pay 50% more cost (on top of a pretty reasonable cost weapon) and get that range DOUBLED (in exchange for a fairly small increase in min range), you have a KILLER WEAPON.
900 range 50 DPS cruiser lasers are NOT something to take lightly and will vaporize enemy shields and lightly armored baddies. Its the perfect weapon to pair with rapid-firing armor-killing Beam Lasers or the 900range special weapon.

There are other solid options too such as my favorite cruiser that uses a bunch of Shield-breaker 1400 range guns (can’t even remember what they are…sorry), comboed with Extended beam lasers and anti-missile bombs. A bunch of rapid fire pulse lasers provides up-close DPS and absolutely shreds enemy fighters along with 1 rad gun for short range anti-shield.
This gives heavy firepower at longer-than-MWM range, provides very strong anti-MWM thru rapid-fire smartbomb, and greatly outranges plasma spam.
I pair this ship with the extended range Cruiser Laser ship above and its really hard to beat.

Having access to some of the special tech is sweet, such as the smart bomb.

The tachyon? and other special weapons can be extremely strong. Not super cost-effective by themselves but 1 tachyon with its 120 penetration ensures no 80armor tank will hoze me.

The uber-weapons at the very bottom really are garbage though. 1400 credit costs for 1 gun? Sure it has 900ish range, full penetration effects, but the DPS is not particularly good, and not really more than double that of a plain beam laser or plasma torpedo. Convenient and easy but incredibly cost-ineffective. I havent found any use for any of the bottom listed weapons.

The only way to counterbalance this would be through having particularly poor hulls, which I don’t believe is the case.

Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE the mod and have had a ton of fun with it. But I don’t think anyone can seriously call it “balanced with vanilla”.


You admitted in your very first line that you were only taking a quick look at Uni-T’s stats, which is cool; I admire your candor.

However, after assembling a case meant to demolish the belief that Uni-T is a balanced race, you overlooked one incredibly crucial fact:

[size=150]almost every single Uni-T hull is cursed with a [/size] [size=200]-50% [/size] [size=150] hull integrity penalty.[/size]

That is a huge omission on your part. While you raised some very cogent and convincing analysis on other aspects of Uni-T’s offensive arsenal, this fundamental weakness of the ships themselves has to be mentioned; indeed, shouted from the rooftops! Without it, an uninformed reader will falsely come away from your post with the belief that this race really is an unstoppable steamroller.

Perhaps some of our newer members have not been here long enough to see how for more than a year, Darkstar has explicitly referred to this crushing weakness (no pun intended) of the Uni-T hulls by repeatedly calling their fleet “glass cannons”. He wasn’t just being poetic here. :wink: That quality is a major counterweight to the high potency of their armament.

Uni-T, while blessed with many weapons-centric advantages - some of them indeed OP - is far from invincible.

Darkstar is aware of the situations you ably shone a light upon, and is doing playtesting to determine viable alternatives. We’ll have to defer to his future decisions about what will be tweaked and to which extent.

But in the meantime, while we wait for what some of you surely think of as a more “balanced” version of the race, let’s be sure that our own points of view on Uni-T are also balanced.


I fully agree with you that this is the best approch if your going to double a parameter to increase damage potential.
However since you only had time to have a quick look at the stats you may not realise that I have already done exactly that :slight_smile:

For example, the rapid and heavy versions have a 200% cost where the extended version have a 250% increase in price.
Power has also been increased by 200% and wieght is 180%

Here are the stats.


cost = 113
damage = 20
fire_interval = 430
min_range = 90
max_range = 490
optimum_range = 400
powerconsumed = 11
weight = 135


cost = 225
damage = 20
fire_interval = 215
min_range = 90
max_range = 490
optimum_range = 400
powerconsumed = 22
weight = 202.5


cost = 282
damage = 20
fire_interval = 430
min_range = 270
max_range = 980
optimum_range = 800
powerconsumed = 22
weight = 202.5


cost = 225
damage = 20
fire_interval = 0
salvo_size = 2
salvo_interval = 430
min_range = 90
max_range = 490
optimum_range = 400
powerconsumed = 22
weight = 202.5

But it seems that the ability to mix and match rapid/extended/heavy weapons enable the player to create some awesome combos.
We have to stop that. . . .


I think you are trying too hard.

Modded content should be somewhere between Vanilla and Unkillable. You know how unkillable was like and we gotten rid of that already, so it’s fine.

Having more usable options will inevitable mean the modded race is stronger, even if each individual piece is balanced. There’s nothing you can do about that given Unity is this huge. When you look at Vanilla most of them are just 1 trick pony with 1 or 2 usable hull.


I’m downloading Unity onto my new laptop. The link for the viral ships is dead. Could you re upload it or something please?