[Mod] Unity v2.032 - A New Threat


Oh right, and those frigates are like… Super good.

got the nomad engine, 30% speed, armor, extended ion. So for example

Raider Frigate, 2x Extended Ion, 3x Frigate Supercharge Engines, 3x Power Armor, Crew Module II, Frigate Repair

1421 cost, 0.83 speed, 20.92 armor + repair to tank those rocket fighters


Raider Frigate, 2x Extended Beam, 2x Supercharge Engines, Engine 3, 3x Armor III, Crew Module II, Frigate Repair

1174 cost, 0.84 speed, 18.21 armor + repair to tank those rocket fighters

With the keep moving tag at 1100/1400 respectively, they are practically enjoying immunity against most fleets fast and slow. Only time they ever get hit is missiles/painters or if they move in stupidly. So rush fleets more or less can’t touch them.


Not going to lie, stw123. I couldn’t crack that fleet with any vanilla configuration (though to be honest I’m not all that good at the sneaky tactics and things). Even against my mod faction–who I’m making to excel at long range missile combat–they can’t touch it either if I focused on cruisers.

I had to resort to fighter spam. (And which makes me think I have to do some economic penalities on my fighters, too). No vanilla fighter spam could have done it, since the armor was too heavy to penetrate with torpedoes.



Yeah, that wall of fire that you can generate with the mixed varients it a bit too powerful for frigates and cruiser.
I can only use fighter spam to wipe them out.

(back to the ol drawing board)


I still surprise that you can kill them with stock fighters though.

20 armor, super repair, 2x heavy pulse, 1x limpet. What fighter did you use to kill it with, exactly?


I’m assuming he meant Uni-T fighters. But even then, they would have hard going against that armor.


Yeah - Uni-T drones was what it took ^^;


Quick Question,

In the latest version of Uni-T - you will find a survival mission called “point blank”
Basically you put your fleet in the centre of the map and a pile of probes wil try and ram your fleet.
(BTW - the probes have doom gens on them :slight_smile:

I am wondering if anyone plays these survival missions ?
(Reason why: if i am patching Uni-T - should i worry about the survival game ?)


Oh, so that’s how shockwaves work. I’ve always noticed that an exploding cruiser or frigate will generate “shockwave” damage on nearby ships, but I didn’t know what exactly caused it. So it’s generator power, is it? Is it also based on hull size, too? That is, the generator power determines shockwave damage, but the hull determines shockwave size?

In any case, Ioaded up some Alliance Anaconda dreadnoughts and let them do their thing. They got rammed and went explodey.

EDIT: Read the readme. Looks like fighters are immune to death schockwave. Dang. Was hoping for another way to implement the suicide drones. Oh well, the flak parameter works just fine.


If you can destroy a probe at the right time you can cause a chain reaction and destroy several :slight_smile:
(if you running an old computer its not recommented to destroy several hundred - it lags)

Yeap. got it in one.

I am really happy how the doomgens turned out. I managed to create a module that creates a Big Shockwave without being an overpowered generator. But the most impressive feature is that no matter how think the armor on that cruiser is, you just park right next to them and let it blow. (even a Resolute will go down if the probes get too close)

Yeah, thats counter to a doomgen fleet, the fighters just ride out the shockwave and get pushed around a bit.

Ok, so i have one person playing the Point Blank scenario. yay :slight_smile:


Oh, I was playing it for a while, just never said anything. I was toying with the SU, actually. I got up to about 125k with just a superdreadnought and a cloud of fighters before I got bored–and laggy–and quit the scenario.

And Uni-T is about to go head-to-head with Solarian Union third Fleet, if you don’t mind some light reading. Heh.


Any suggestions to fight the bordom ?
i was thinking of including some “boss fights” other unity ships that just have doom gens in them (and maybe some weapons :stuck_out_tongue: ). . . bigger the ship, bigger the BOOOM.

Yes i saw that at the end of Chapter Two :slight_smile:

Somehow - I cant help but get the feeling that Uni-T and the Solarion’s have met before . .


A good thing, I think, would be to include non-doomsday powered saucers and have them mount a pair of anti-fighter weapons, or maybe just one. That way they could help clear some fighters and make the battle more difficult.

Although a boss fight sounds intriguing. The keep moving command would be a must in that case.

And if you’re tweaking Uni-T… well, let me send you a PM.

With what I have in mind, they haven’t… but I don’t know. The “X’Javen” are a made-up race I made up to move the story alone. But after Praetors mentioned the Parasites DLC (whch I still haven’t bought, sadly), I took a quick read of them. They have a gestation cycle–or something similar of three hundred years, which was the timespan between the X’Javen occupation of earth and the present.

It’s all just an idea, and it would have to pend Archduke Astro’s approval, but with that in mind I might have a very possible–and morbid–explanation for why the X’Javen never attacked Sol again.


Thanks for that - just got your PM
Send you a reply during my lunch break

The reason why i enquired if they had met before was that in the story you said a known enemy

As for the concept of X’Javen = Parasites. . interesting.

Since i doubt that the parasites would like to “share” a food resource you would have several clans/cultures/groups/clusters/strains ?
One of them might decide to call themselfs the X’Javen ?

Just a thought


That was from a Rebel’s viewpoint, though.

Which might not square with established storylines, since I remember Cen’s Union story saying that the Rebel high command didn’t believe Bianco when his fleet got shot up by the drones.

Oh, well, I’ll see what comes of it.

Not necessarily equal. Rather… X’Javen = Parasite hors d’oeuvres.


Thats a better way of putting it :slight_smile:
(for those that dont know what horse dovers are - Forge is saying that the X’Javen were the previous host)


Ugg not really. That’s why you do formation push and lock them to the back drone, which pushes forward by linking it escort 100 to the one in front.

They never lose spacing and they will go deep into enemy line instead of clogging up to the first thing they see. The last drone has a decoy weapon on board so it automatically gets shot at when finally in range, causing formation to break and drones moving toward the nearest ship. That’s why I can kill about 90% of most fleets with 10% drones in the earlier versions. They are pretty impractical now at their current cost but I am just saying.


yeah, but your using tactics, I am just letting these probes fly free
Should they bunch up enroute and the player wipes the probes out in a Gratuitous Chain Reaction, then all is well :slight_smile:

I want the level of Panic in the Player to increase as the flying bombs head towards the fleet.
The moment i have someone shouting at the screen for their fleet to shoot a probe that is uncormfortably close - i have done my job :slight_smile:


Just a notice, the link for the Uni-t viral addon that adds the Classic Dreadnoughts doesn’t work.


Yeah, its disabled (mainly because the Viral Clasic Dreads are already Rolled into the current version)
At some point i need to seperate the Viral ships as some people want them and others do not.


Just a quick thankyou to those that voted to help me get an idea on where my mod stands :slight_smile:

The Question:
Is Unity Mod v2.032 ballanced against Vanilla GSB

(7) The mod is Balanced against Vanilla GSB
(9) The mod is Over Powered against Vanilla GSB

Seems that i still have a bit more balancing to do. So between the various GSB mod projects people have me working on, i will try and think up a few ways to refine the balance. (or so i hope)

Due to real life being rather hectic - i have yet to investigate some methods to counter the powerful mix of varient weapons.
But i will . . one day Muhahahah