[Mod] Unity v2.032 - A New Threat




Oh, you silly people. :stuck_out_tongue: Well played. [-golf clap-]


OH MY GOD! Megaupload is down!!! Oh god… the majority of the the anime, movies and music pages that i know were using megaupload… meaning, oh no…

From what movie is that gif astro?

The feds over powered? oh no… just imagine the universe ruled by only the fed-ish needing of having a good economy… no way! Praetorian Industries command to every fleet in the company! Prepare to lauch a massive strike to The Federation, we must stop them before they archieve their ambitious cause!! May The Inaugurator be with you!! Good Luck!


The Uni-T End Game scenario isn’t working for me. Says “missing behavior…” something or else. Crashes when I try to play. V 2.03 (mac)

I found the problem, In the AIEasy deployment file there was a behaviour code “LASTSTAND” which isn’t in the Mac version. I removed those lines and it now works.


I suggest that you redownload your mac version as you do not have the latest ship AI behavior of “Last Stand”
(i forget which version Cliff introduced the new behavior in"

Yes, that will work as well - however some ships will be “more stupid” than usual
(not that its a bad thing)


I haven’t discovered where to get Mac version updates:( Otherwise I would, but anyway, I edited the last post after I found that line of code and removed it, fixing the issue.


Send an email to support redmarblegames +d0t+ com , and put the question to them directly. Let us know what they say so we can spread the word.


“Star Trek 8 - First Contact”.


If you ever need mirrors, I can always put the CDNs into FileServe, too.


End Game on Hard…pretty epic… The Earth Alliance nearly didn’t come out of that scrum. Lots of Thunderbolt and Starfury pilots met their maker in that battle.


Thanks, mate. If I find myself in need, I’ll shoot you a message. Much obliged. :slight_smile:

Epic, indeed. At that difficulty level, the shrapnel from my exploding cruisers practically became an extra layer of flak defense for Uni-T against my fighters. :stuck_out_tongue:

Many of my dreadnoughts had to go into the body shop afterwards to get their paint and chrome re-detailed. The DNs which actually survived, that is…


[-happy sigh-] music to my ears - Both “End Game” and “Taking out the Trash” are suppose to leave a lasting impression on the player.


Due to the sheer size of the EA capital ships, I had to resort to fighter swarms because I literally ran out of room for more big guns… :smiley: I have since reduced all capitol ship sizes across the board by 12.5% in the B5 mod. sigh It’s tough when the ships are anywhere from 1-2+km long.


They are not 1-2k long in the game, just in their “universe.” The longest in my mod besides B5 itself which is orientated differently is the Warlock at a 800x800 in the original version, but has been reduced to 700x700.


Wow, that is large, the dominator core (found in taking out the trash) is 400 x 400
Any larger and you have do deal with the centroid problem


What is that??? I haven’t had any issues so far that I am aware of. Even my frigates are near 400x400 in size.

N/M, search feature is amazing, lol. The B5 vessels are long and narrow, so getting to target points isn’t a huge issue, I usually put several on the front anyway. I did not know, nor think about the 200x200 = 10 targets, 2kx2k=100 targets, etc. I will have to evaluate my target structure which is being reworked at the moment.


Not only that, no ship will fire on the B5 ships until they can hit the centre of the target. . .
So tackling a B5 ship head on will prove challanging, whereas attacking from the side will be easier.

This is why the dominator core is formidible, in that you can outflank it. But this is also why the dominator core is helpless when the enemy coordinates a focus strike on one section.


The larger Omegas and Warlocks seem to like to run “broad-sides” anyway. With such linear hulls the bulk of their weaponry can be better brought to bear by doing so…I don’t really know why, but that is what they do. The main batteries at the nose are a single beam cannon subbed to give the appearance of two beams firing at the same time at the same target, and the aft batteries are actually two independent beam cannons, so sometimes it fights butt first! Odd birds those Omega Class Destroyers.


Jeez, I finally got to being able to test my strengths against the cosmic vacuum cleaner that is Uni-T.

(Aside: It’s nice to have a comp I can trust to handle a mod this size. End of aside.)

I’ve barely scratched the surface, but I’m really enjoying m’self. The Uni-T viral missions so far are pretty soft (I get the feeling that was largely the intent, at least after reading the readme file), very fun missions for when I don’t really want to work too hard for my victories. :slight_smile: And I love the graphic adjustments made to the vanilla GSB ships to corrupt them. (Took me a bit to see what exactly was giving me the impression of weirdness on those things.)

And for Uni-T Prime, I have this to say: After running just Mission 1 (all difficulties), I’m really looking forward to the “epic” scenarios at the end of the list. I expect them to be brain-explodingly awesome. (I ran this exclusively with the Matmos Rift; I choose to take the fact that I had to change tactics a few times to mean that the mods in question are reasonably balanced. YMMV.)

At first blush I have to say, well done sir! And we’ll see what other exclamations of glee I make once I start actually building Uni-T ships. :slight_smile:


This is the first mod I have encountered that I have had to change fleet compilations between difficulty settings… Win:)