[Mod] Unity v2.032 - A New Threat


Thanks for the feedback guys . . in that case
Is there anything i can do to make Unity more of a satifying punching bag ?

(looks like i might have to fix the current version if its missing the viral dreads - so while i have the “hood open” i would like to see if there is anything else i can do)


It’s a pretty good mod, I really don’t have any suggestions for improving it.

well, suggestions that are possible given the limitations of what can and cannot be modded.


I will confirm that my version of Uni-T is likewise lacking the viral dreadnoughts. It’s version 2.032, for reference, downloaded last August.

And I can guarantee you that once I get around to actually building Uni-T ships (prime or viral), I will be using the dreads because huge kill-o-matic ships are fun! :wink:


any news on an update for this mod?


There is an update to this mod in progress but its moving at a glacial pace :frowning:
Stay tuned to this thread for further updates. . .


Glacial pace, huh?

Well, if we look at the fastest moving glacier in Greenland, we see that the speed is 7.83 miles per year. The glacier is around 40 miles long. With these figures, and simple mathematics, we can predict the arrival time of the update.

Time= distance divided by speed Time= 40/7.83 Time= 5.10855683 years

Roughly (to one decimal place) that’s five years, one month and fifteen days. So with any luck, the next iteration of nano-technological-garbage-things should be with us in mid April 2017.

Bear in mind, however, that these figures are for a fast glacier. Depending on which particular glacier darkstar has calibrated his estimate using, we could be hear for considerably longer than that!
To quote darkstar himself:


I honestly hope to have something out before then :stuck_out_tongue:
Once i have delt with several real life crisis that have dotted my radar and consuming my free time, i will once again fire up the modding station and work on fixing the last balancing issues with Uni-T.


hey, it’s no problem man. I’m in no rush so take your time and take care of whatever it is that needs to be done.


Been plugging away at the Unity skirmish missions - they’re a hoot. But I finally got around to tossing some ships at the Point Blank survival mission.

Damn, that thing is aptly named.

Did pretty well for a first go. I am really impressed by how it feels like the visually-identical waves get nastier and nastier the more of them you see. It feels kind of like some of the old arcade games where each level the enemies got progressively faster and meaner until eventually they overwhelmed you.

Nice job darkstar!


heheh, thanks :slight_smile:

I wish I had a way to reward combos in that survival mission. There is nothing more satisfying than to shoot that lead ship and watching it explode taking all the others along with it.

You know when your about to be defeated when a few of the probes manage to get right next to your formation and they explode. (a secret to surviving longer is to have fighters and hangers. Since fighters do not get damaged by the shockwave)


I did figure out fighters. I also used several of my modded stations stacked up with long-range weaponry - since they don’t move, it seems harder for the Unity ships to push in close (especially when there are other cruisers and dreadnoughts wandering around out there). It hadn’t occurred to me to use hangars, though. Might have to think about that one.


Feel free to post some screen shots :slight_smile:
(i would love to see the probes try and take on the stations)

Let me know if your stations manage to repell EVERY wave (even the Unity Station gets overwhelmed in the end.)
I might have to rethink the designs (throw in a few probes that are nothing but engines and a Doom Gen !)


Okay, here are some screenshots from my latest attempt at Point Blank (which is also my second go, for what that’s worth).

Here’s the initial deployment:

The four Kodiaks (that’s the big stations) in the middle are configured as fighter bases - 8 carrier bays apiece. The outer four are long range - mostly MWMs and plasma. The Terrapin stations (frigate-class) are all set up for long range - frigate plasma, fast missiles, and a couple beam lasers each. These stations are accompanied by 5 squadrons of laser fighters and 5 squadrons of double rocket fighters.

So how did they do? A picture is worth a thousand words:

During incoming wave 6(!) the Unity 'sploders finally managed to close in to get some of the outlying stations. Took out four of them before the next wave jumped in - good work!

Moving on…

When the last ship of wave 16 had been destroyed (where it cycles back to repeat wave 1), I still had 85% of my fleet remaining.

The ships of wave 21 managed to take out one of the long-range Kodiaks. Why did it take this long? More on that later.

Once the long-range beatsticks have been removed, it should be smooth sailing, yes? Au contraire:

With nothing left but four fighter bases, the inner ring of Terrapins, and about two-thirds of the fighters, the fleet finally took off the kid gloves. The carnage seen here is being dealt by the aforementioned frigate weapons, and Cruiser Pulse Lasers. With 8 of the things on each fighter base, that makes for a lot of punch power. The vast majority of Unity ships continued to be destroyed before getting even close to the stations.

Now, I stopped counting when the 41st wave of Unity ships jumped in. Because I had errands to run, I left the computer running and headed out. When I came back 35 minutes later, one of the fighter bases had finally been destroyed, with damage showing on the other 3. (No screenshot for this one, as I flat-out forgot to snap it and there’s no way I’m running this again for just one pic. Sorry.)

Unity did finally prevail. The final score:

Here’s the kicker: this all came about due to a fluke of hull design. Not ship design, mind you, but hull design. Turns out the centroids of the two ships have to be within a certain distance for one ship exploding to hurt the other. And when the Unity ships are up against the “lobes” of the Kodiak hull, they’re not close enough. More than once, I watched as three or four of the little buggers clustered up right against the nose of a Kodiak, all went kaboom, and the station sat there and said “That was cool! Do it again!” The Unity bombs have to work their way down into the corner between lobes in order to do damage. They manage it eventually, but it takes some time.

I had no idea the “cruciform” shape of the Kodiak would do that. Of course, when I slapped it together, I hadn’t messed with Unity. Sometimes, it really is better to be lucky than good. :slight_smile:


Wow, very impressive - it looks formidible to say the least.

no casualties until wave 6 . . thats very good.

85% percent - hmm, i think i need to generate move waves and vary it up a bit

Yeah, i need a few probes that have afterburners, to race in before they go boom

35 minutes ! . . ok, i am going to have to rethink the whole arrangement on how the missions work

Ok, now thats cheating - i like it !
Those stations do look good, whoda thunk that the design would be perfect defense against exploding ships.

Thankyou AcePalarum for the blow by blow feedback, you have given me something to chew on.
I have to give a bit more thought on this survival mission, on how to improve it and make it better,


My favorite kind of cheating - the honest kind. :slight_smile: I tried the new Swarm Pharaoh Colony as well, with similar results (although the Unity ships find their way to the weak spots a lot quicker than with the Fed stations).

Happy to be of service. I do believe that is the longest battle I have ever run through to the bitter end; it feels right that something productive comes out of it.

I might have a few simple notions on what would spice it up a bit, if you’re interested. (Can’t watch the thing for as long as I did today without getting some ideas. And getting a little cross-eyed.)


Yes, by all means YES ! (please)
Feel free to post ANY and ALL ideas you have about Unity here or in a PM me.

I have been collecting ideas and feedback for awhile, i am still planning to take the lid of this thing and add a series of tweaks, buffs and nerfs. I just want to polish the mod up a bit more before i say - Mission Complete


since they are garbage nanites gone crazy i think they should have like a garbage collection module that is used to repair itself with other parts of ships :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought the same thing. There is an advanced repair module similar to the tribes version.


I’m trying to download the new 2.032 version, but something about the mediafire download seems broken - I keep getting prompted to “repair the download” but it doesn’t work. Could you perhaps try reuploading or using another site?


ever since the SOPA wars media fire hasn’t been the same - there have been times when i have tried to download my own data and i get the same responce. (but it seems to be working now)

Anyway - Given the limited options of stable mirrors, i have bitten the bullet and uploaded to Moddb.
(For what little good it will do i have placed a link back to the Modding Forum)

Uni:T 2.0 - A New Threat