[MOD] US Navy 1985-2010

Howdy Everyone! I am currently working on a mod to add in some modern naval craft like aircraft carriers and destroyers.
I will need help to finish this so if anyone has any tips or suggestions on how to go about i will be very thankful.
as of now i have DDS files of 7 modern ships.
please make comments that are helpful rather than “AWESOME” or “BOOOO U.S. FOR THE LOSE” or “I AM AN ANTI AMERICAN N00B”

When i finish the USA i will try to make a British race, a Russian race, and maybe a Chinese race too.

This link takes you to a guide on how to import your own hulls.

Its a good place to start

FINALLY! i finished my first ship of the mod a Nimitz Class Super-carrier!

No picture though cuz i cant figure out how to show DDS files on this post. ya im a newb…

Dude, open the dds image and save it again as jpg, problem solved -.-

Another update on the mods progress: I have finished the medium carrier, the
Nimitz class carrier and a destroyer. I also made 7 modules in addition to the one at the top. I will be using the rebel turrets unless someone has a better idea and some accompanying pics.
Have a nice day!


Looking at your Hulk for the Carrier A and i think you will have a problem with the hulk setup in the GSB ship editor

In the ship editor you draw rectangles over your hulk images to isolate the individual parts. With your hulk it would be imposible to draw these rectangles around each individual part due to the shapes that are formed

One way around it is to draw 2 rectangles one for the bow and one for the stern, so you have 3 parts in the bow box and 2 parts in the stern

THIS MOD IS REALLY REALLY DEAD! fun fact the comp i was making this on exploded… virus… not really an explosion…

Time for another Daily progress update.
i have finished the hulls for the A-10, the F-14, two types of frigate, a heavy cruiser, a medium carrier, and the Nimitz carrier as well.
that only leaves a destroyer and the F-20
i will also need to test it pretty extensively and i will need a lot of work to make the modules and the turret sprites.

P.S. as usual please post comments :slight_smile:
P.P.S. Umm… how do i change the mod title? i would really prefer [MOD] Modern Navies

Hello there,
As for the mod name change edit the first most and change the subject in it. I look forward to how this is going as I did an a-10 ships once also and look forward to yours. I do not reamber where the files went but it had a mid range salvo firing pluse gun, and 4 turrets per wing. I looked funny firing as it would not fire only in the forward arc like the real plans do. But as of right now that is impossable to do in GSB anyway.

thats no sense. U can “erase” parts of your supossed hull on gimp, photoshop or watever and make the editor rectangles cath only the shapes u want. If u notice the rectangle is going to catch a non rounded hull part, just erase a bit till it looks good. I really dont see any problem… or maybe i am not understand -.-

Thanks for your non help related comment. i actually prefer those to the " you need to round out your hulls blarg!" comments.

as it is i really want to put some good work into my a10 and f20 as well as making good looking turrets. i am thinking that i will cut up photos of real war ships to make the guns and to make the mod look as good as possible.

P.S. I will not be on tomorrow because i will be playing black ops my gamer-tag is Ultrazerglings and I am level 17 in Black Ops

P.P.S. I am planning to add an AC-130 and a Cobra helicopter into the mod as either frigates or as fighters. it seems odd to have them be frigates but imagine a squadron of ac-130s it would be silly :slight_smile:

How long will this take?

THIS MOD IS REALLY REALLY DEAD! fun fact the comp i was making this on exploded… virus… not really an explosion…
But dont fret. i have a new mod coming soon! its currently top secret but my avatar is a hint.

Well, the avatar ship looks great :smiley:

Does that mean no modern navy D:, and that avatar is quite cool cant wait for whatever you’r going to make :slight_smile:

actually the mod is back on! lawl i cant make up my mind. my other idea turned out to be a copyright issue and i can not continue at this time. i guess that means that i am going to restart work on the navy mod. if anyone would like to pitch in by sending me pictures of ships that you want in the mod i will be super happy!