[MOD] [WIP] Babylon 5

[size=200]General info[/size]

So recently I decided to devote a lot of my free time to modding
And i love Babylon 5 so i decided to make a Babylon 5 mod for GSB
but I am really bad at balancing so please post your thoughts
on stuff that you might think needs some work

download coming soon

Green = Done
Bule = Working on
Red =I haven’t started work on Yet
Yellow = Done but buggy or Unbalanced

[size=150]The Earth Alliance[/size]

[size=150]The Centauri Republic[/size]

[size=150]The Interstellar Alliance[/size]

[size=150]The Narn Regime[/size]

[size=150]The Vorlon Empire[/size]

[size=150]League of Nonaligned Worlds[/size]

[size=150] The Shadows [/size]

[size=150]Drakh Hordes[/size]

[size=150] Minbari Federation [/size]

The Earth Alliance
[size=70]EA Unidirectional 40mm Pulse Cannon
EA 40mm Pulse Cannon
EA Ultra Heavy Particle Laser
EA Particle Laser
EA large missile silo
EA small missile silo
EA Heavy Plasma Cannon
EA Pulse Cannon
EA Medium Pulse Cannon
The Centauri Republic
[size=70]CR Ion Cannon
CR 34mm Ion Particle Gun
CR Vorchan Ion Cannon
CR Battle Laser Cannon[/size]

The Interstellar Alliance
[size=70]ISA Neutron Cannon
ISA Twin Fusion Cannon
ISA Twin Fusion Cannon Green[/size]

The Narn Regime
[size=70]NR 52mm Pulse Cannon
NR Heavy Plasma Cannon
NR Particle Laser
NR Pulse Cannon
NR Ultra Heavy Particle Laser[/size]

The Vorlon Empire
[size=70]Vorlon Death Ray
Vorlon Death Ray small[/size]

League of Nonaligned Worldshe Shadows
[size=70]Vree antimatter burst cannon
Vree Pulsed Ion Cannon
Brakiri Particle Beam cannon
Brakiri Pulse Cannon
Drazi Heavy Plasma Cannon
Drazi Pulse Cannon
Drazi Particle Beam Cannon
Drazi Small Pulse Cannon

The Shadows

Minbari Federation

Drakh Hordes

The Earth Alliance
The Centauri Republic
The Interstellar Alliance
The Narn Regime
The Vorlon Empire
League of Nonaligned Worlds
The Shadows
Minbari Federation
Drakh Hordes

The Earth Alliance = 25%
The Centauri Republic = 0%
The Interstellar Alliance = 0%
The Narn Regime = 0%
The Vorlon Empire =0%
The Shadows =0%
League of Nonaligned Worlds =0%
Minbari Federation =0%
Drakh Hordes =0%

[size=200]Bugs and Things that need to be fixed[/size]
[size=150]A whole bunch of stuff[/size]

[size=150]COMING SOON[/size]

[size=200]Pictures and Videos[/size]
Babylon 5 mod Demonstration

cool! I have never seen Babylon 5 but the ships look good. There seems to be a bit of a white border around them, try zooming in and erasing that manually.

For right now I’m just trying to get all the components into the game

That’s why there’s pretty much no balancing and I’m eventually going to put in
custom sounds armor power engines and FX but for now im just trying to
get everything into the game and THEN balance everything out and add custom stuff

It looks like you’re trying to do a total conversion, you might want to use Kemp’s Restricted Vanilla Modules, so you are not forced to use the base modules for your races. Just pick and choose the modules you want, modify them as you see fit.

Good luck… Babylon 5 is one of my favorite Sci-Fi properties.

I can see why you’d take a “Get it all in” approach before smoothing and balancing for sure.

I mean, balancing will be especially tough… because Bayblon 5 itself doesn’t seem to “balance” the races consistently.

They make the Shadows seem invincible, only stoppable when you either exploit their psychic weakness (EMP weakness?) or set up giant nuclear weaponry that uses the terrain to it’s advantage. However they’re portrayed as the equal of the Vorlons… and The Centauri Emperor left Centauri prime undefended to provoke a Vorlon attack… suggesting that the Centauri fleet could damage them. Though, really only the first ones do them any real damage.

The Centaur, Narn and Earth Alliance all seem about even in power… with the various non aligned worlds being maybe a step below with weaker ships…

but then you have the Minbari, that defeated Earth in Earth Mimbari war… with Earth only getting 1 victory… and only then through deceit and trickery… and in general they made it seem like the Mimbari didn’t even lose a ship the rest of the war from their reaction to Sheridan.

Yet not 10 years later, the White Stars… which are supposed to be THE most advanced Minbari ships… have issues versus Earth style opponents… just 17 years later.

With the only “New” developments being the Omega Class Destroyer which was rolled out immediately after the “Battle of the Line.” Well… and Thunderbolts.

Granted they also had Shadow technology destroyers, but they were rare and not in every battle.

Well yes B5 tech isn’t exactly what you could call balanced but I will do the best I can to adapt
the Babylon 5 universe to gratuitous space battles and there’s still so much to put into the game
It will probably be a few weeks before I can actually start balancing anything

The Humans-Narns-Centaury were about even at the time of B5 because for a good reason.
The Narns captured plenty of Centaury weaponry, hundreds of years ahead of their tech. So, they took them apart studied and replicated them. Later on, they sold some of those weapons to the Humans (Minbari war). The Humans studied them and pushed them into the service as soon as they could, but the war almost ended by then. That is the reason, the Omega class is soo much better than the Nova class fought during that war.

The Minbari ships are not that invincible. In fact, they have pretty weak hulls, you can see at least one destroyed when a Nova rammed its hull.
The Sharlin relies on the stealth/jamming tech and the awesome firepower. By the time any ship got into range for manual firing, the Minbari beams just sliced them up.

As for the Whitestars, they were never designed to be a heavy destroyers. They were mere scout ships (by Vorlon standards :D) handed out to an intelligence gathering organization.
To that end,

  • they were extremely fast and maneuverable => get out of the trouble faster
  • They had only a light version of the Vorlon bio armour => just enough to protect the ship until they get out of the trouble.
  • Their weaponry were adequate to disable even a large ship with burst damage => so they can get out of trouble even if encircled.

Because getting the intel is only 50% of the job. Getting out alive and deliver that intel to good hands in time is just as important.
But they were forced to into completely different role, that is the reason the Omega destroyers could kill a few.
To be completely fair, they were as maneuverable as a starfury, were armour as a cruiser, and had similar firepower than a G’Guan class heavy cruiser. All in a hull only 1/3 that of a cruiser. Nothing against shadows, but enough against their minions.

Sharlins cruisers could still slice and dice the EA ships, but Sheridan decided against using them. He feared that those ships would look like a 2nd Earth - Minbari war and rally support behind Clark. So he waged war with the only strike force he had. With a bunch of scouts ships.

Anyway, absolutely gorgeous looking looking mod so far!
I will try to find some time to help you one way or an other.

I would absolutely love some help

I’m not that good in 2D but I can code and automate stuff. Let me know how I can help and I will see to it.

Hi, hey mrjjay, are u planning to go on with this mod??

Can i make my own Babylon 5 mod? lol. I have too many ships from Babylon 5 on my Outsiders League mod and i need to separate em into another mod.

Actually i would really like someone to carry on with the mod
i have become very busy and have been unable to mod in a couple of weeks

So it would be nice to have someone to take over the mod and I couldn’t think of anyone better than you

If you want I can send you the pictures they are all of low quality ships
but there are a lot of them and some of them you cannot find any where else

But the thing is that the mod i will make is not going to have your ship sprites (maybe some of em, the ones that i cant get) but i can tell u that i have a lot of sprites of every race in very high quality, well not yet, they are 3d models that i need to render, but i asure they will look very very good. U can look the mimbari ships that i already rendered in my other mod (“outsiders league”), the other races will have almost the same quality (i hope). This is the list i have so far of future high quality sprites:

Earth Alliance:

Aeolus Towship
Ardent Class
Asimov Luxury Liner
Atmospheric Shuttle
Babylon 5 station
Babylon 6 station
Cotton Tender
Hyperion Cruiser
Icarus IPX Scout
Narcissus Cruiser
Nova Dreadnought
Omega Class Destroyer
Olympus Corvette
Psi Corp Mothership
Raider Carrier
Raider Fighter
Sagittarius Destroyer
Skydance Scout
Skylark Transport
Technomage Ship
Tempest Dreadnought
Triton Light Cruiser
Warlock Class Destroyer
Starfury Assault Fighter
Thunderbolt Fighter

(maybe i forget anything…)

Centauri Republic

Centauri Balvarian Cruiser
Centauri Covran Gunboat
Centauri Covran Scout
Centauri Gunship
Centauri Primus Battlecruiser
Centauri Rutharian Fighter
Centauri Shuttle
Centauri Scarabac Transport
Centauri Station
Centauri Transport
Centauri Vorchan Cruiser
Centauri Sentry Fighter

Drakh Hordes

Drakh Advanced Shadow Hybrid
Drakh Mothership
Drakh Fighter
Drakh Shuttle

(maybe i need more but i cant find more, btw the Drakh is probably that will be joined with the shadows)

Mimbari Federation

Mimbari Bluestar
Mimbari Flyer Fighter
Mimbari ISA Excalibur
Mimbari ISA Excalibur Mk2
Mimbari Morshin Cruiser
Mimbari Nial Fighter
Mimbari Shargoti Warcruiser
Mimbari Troligan Frigate
Mimbari Whitestar
Mimbari Sharlin Warcruiser
Mimbari Tinashi Frigate
Mimbari Torotha Frigate
Mimbari Delenn Class Cruiser

Narn Hegemony

Narn M’Guon Assault Frigate (this design is original of me -.-)
Narn Bintak Battle Destroyer
Narn Defense Platform
Narn Fighter
Narn F’nor Heavy Fighter
Narn Gorith Fighter
Narn Outpost
Narn Shokar Interceptor
Narn Thentus Frigate
Narn Th’Nor Heavy Cruiser
Narn G’Quan Destroyer
Narn Transport

Shadows hmm Reign?

Shadow Advanced Fighter
Shadow Battlecrab
Shadow Carrier
Shadow Chaser
Shadow Heavy Cruiser
Shadow Fighter
Shadow Guard
Shadow Helix
Shadow Hybrid Command Ship
Shadow Looter
Shadow Scout
Shadow Seeker

Vorlon Empire

Vorlon Advanced Dreadnought
Vorlon Corvette
Vorlon Destroyer
Vorlon Heavy Cruiser
Vorlon Fighter
Vorlon Freighter
Vorlon Heavy Fighter
Vorlon Light Fighter (or watever…)
Vorlon Planet Killer
Vorlon Transport

Other Races or NAW races

Brakiri Cruiser
Dilgar Cruiser
Drazi Firebird
Drazi Stormfalcon
Drazi Strikehawk Carrier
Drazi Sunhawk
(i love the drazi designs)
Ipsha Battle Sphere
Lumati Transport
Soul Hunter Ship
Third Space Capital Ship
Third Space Fighter
Vree Saucer Ship
Vree Xorr Saucer Ship
Zidrii Hunter Killer
Zidrii Invader Class Battlecruiser

The First Ones

Sigma Walker

(i am sure i forgot anything, but in general terms thats all i got).

The Excalibur (victory class) is probably that will appear in various races, since it is built with technology from various races (mostly mimbari), but only in the ISA races (as the victory class were built as the flagship of the ISA). So the Centauri will have its own Victory Class (but probably with some “customized” aspects that i will change in the renders) , the Narn another and go on. Of course, for example, the shadows and drakh will not have any excalibur ^^

The first ones will be just Leviathans with inmense power, and its probably that i will design some fighters for em, so u will be allowed to select every first one as a different race, but u will only be allowed to select 2 or 3 ships, the first one capital ship and the fighter types. (i intend the first ones be like a hive with all those little things around em -.-).

So, if i have green light, i will start in a few months after i finish the work i have right now with my actual mods. If i can, sooner, but right now i have full hands, but if we have patience i think the mod will be great.

[size=200]DAMN[/size] That is a lot of ships so you definitely have a green light

BTW is there a way I can get the 3d models? I am a huge Babylon 5 fan and would love to have them

If u have sketch up, sure i can give u the 3d models, (note that i didnt design em and the author released em as public use),i not longer have the .3ds models, cuz i imported em on sketchup and i deleted em.

EDIT: Some of the models are really big (about 50mb) so, if u want em, u need to give me TIME so i can upload em somewhere.

1: Yes i do have sketch
2: Take all the time you need i’d really appreciate it if you could upload em somewhere

wooo cant wait to Send my Narn Heavy Cruisers agains my Boyfriends White star fleet,
you sir are my hero bringing the best scifi series to GSB :slight_smile:


Wait a minute? Babylon 6???

I’ve never seen a Babylon 6, (nor Excalibur mk2). Are they original model?

You did not fond Omega X picture?

Good luck to your mod

No there is not babylon 6 lol. But i have a model of a Babylon 6 station, so y should i not include it ?? ^^
U can place the Babylon 6 as a future proyect after the Drakh war.

And no, the Excalibur mk2 is a original design, it is supossed to be the standard Victory class for mass production. My story line is -> The Victory Class mk2, is produced with standard high output power nodes, but with limited speed, and the original Victory class on the contrary, still maintain high power output , but not as high as the mk2, and the speed is higher.

Yes, the Omega Destroyer is in the list.
In fact, is one of the few models that i already textured and made it a sprite (it comes from my old mod Earth Alliance).

And the Omega X? (Shadow hybrid)

Do u mean THIS?? (yeah i just forgot to include it in the list (i knew i forget something xD) !!!) -->