[mod] WIP Borg mod

I just maked a borg cube on GSB. this is my first making so it will not be so good.

No download link yet.

Cant insert photos please comment a tutorial.

Welcome to the forums linus2002pop

That does not matter, we all have to start somewhere

here is one that was prepared earlier - [MOD]Star Trek Universe(WIP)(Cancelled for now)
However the mod is hosted (hostage) on Megaupload - So you need FBI clearance to download it.

Host your photo on one of the image sharing sites (for example - photobucket,mediafire,etc)
The site will give you the option to share the image with a link, then place it within the img blocks:


and it will do this:

This ship was made by one of the “More Noble” member of the forum

thanks for the tutorial.

This has been ABORTED. :frowning:

Any particular reason why ?

Reinstalled becuse of crashing and accidently deleted the race.