[MOD] [WIP] Faction's Elite

After the complete and utter failure of every single other mod I’ve done, I’ve decided to make another. I’m aiming to make this mod similar to the experimental mod (leetspeek redacted), but I plan to finish it. This mod will consist of four ships for each fleet: One Corvette(frigate class, ~20 M), One Destroyer (frigate, heavy, ~110 M), One Light Cruiser (Cruiser, ~130 M), One Dreadnought/Olympian/Titan/Wanderer/Nest/Hive/Enviro/Hostship/Angel/Wanderer (cruiser, heavy, ~250 M).

Order of Races:
Federation, Rebel, Empire, Nomads, Swarm, Alliance, Tribe, Parasites, Order, Outcasts

Peregrine Corvette .dds: 100% Coding: 25% Testing: 0%
Destroyer .dds: 0% Coding: 0% Testing: 0%
Bison Cruiser .dds: 100% Coding: 50% Testing: 16%
Tarbosaur Dreadnought .dds: 0% Coding: 0% Testing: 0%

Complete Progress: 3.5%