well after Cliff revealed that he would implement a possibility to do ground maps, I started to work on Gratuitous Tank Battles. My first attempts to create a tank via photoshop were smashed. My second attempt to start 3modelling was a partial success. After one week of learning how to get something together I needed aditional 2 weeks to create a final and convincing result. I proudly present the Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger. But see for yourself…

Why is there no spoiler function? ^^ Well anyway because I needed 2 weeks to create a full tank, I think I would need at least one full week to create a model which only shows things which are neccesary for a topdown view. This means like 40 workinghours. This is so much work that I can not do it besides my obligation concerning the university. Not considered the time to create the textures which are still missing at the moment. This means a real slow progression of things. Which leads to the fact that my GTB may become a GTB2 over the course of time.

But do not falter, I will continue work. I will now attack the T34.

Yeah well, oh yeah. I know that at least Hybrinoid started to work on a WW2 mod. To support you other modders I will supply you with the graphics needed to create a sprite.

I will upload the psd files which also contain the alpha channel. So, happy modding :wink:

DL: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9E9LH7S1

(the other part of the message has been deleted)

I’ll just stick to my original sprites. It would look very strange for a high-quality tank on the front lines while getting fire support from a pixellated artillery unit xD

If Enough Of the Hi-Quality Models are Made then The Story would be different

perhaps. but I’m doing it my way :slight_smile: