[MOD WIP] Halo mod

hi all i am working on a halo mod and would like input on things

so far i have made one covenant ship…thats it :confused: but i hope to add more so…yea

please tell me, would you like me to upload the mod as it is now?

download moddb.com/mods/the-halo-mod/downloads


this is whats done

ccs covenant cruiser = done
covenant corvette = done
covenant assault ship = done
covenant Destroyer = done

unsc frigate = done
unsc carrier = done
unsc longsword = done
unsc destroyer = done

covenant seraph = looking for image
space banshee = looking for image
covenant Frigate = looking for image
Covenant Battleship = looking for image

Covenant Supercruiser = no…just no
CSO-class supercarrier = NO NO GOD PLEASE NO

and the rest


Something important!
NEVER use more than 6 “hardpoint” (the white line) per hardpoint (the turret slot) or it will crash with bullet based weapons…

Try to mirror your modules placement by editing the text file manually, because it’s quite ugly if they are not…

(We are an active forum but not active to the point of reply you in less than 14 minutes! Count between 24 and 36 hours most of the time…)

that…was purely comical and thanks for the hard point thing

I’m relieved to see that the count of actual functional turrets on the first few hulls is a lot more reasonable than the pix you posted in the other thread led me to believe. :slight_smile: Those so-called “gratuitous” turrets can be a lot of fun. However, GATC is quite right: you’ll need to dial down the number of fake turrets linked to each actual turret, in order to prevent GSB crashing to desktop if a player puts a bullet-type weapon into one of those slots.

Another reason to cut back on gratuitous turrets is that such a super-abundance of beam graphics during gameplay can make the screen such a tangled mess that it’s quite difficult to really see what’s going on. Aesthetically speaking, sometimes “less is more”.

Lastly, the game engine has a cut-off point where it will draw only about 80 bullets at a time for ALL instances of the exact same bullet-type weapon. Once GSB hits that limit, the guns themselves still display muzzle flashes when firing, and damage is still allocated normally if a shot hits its target, but the bullets will not appear. That can look a little strange. :smiley:


jokes aside, i for one love massive ammounts of guns with lasers everywhere. im also a long time Halo fan, so i will be keeping an eye on this thread as i have with the other halo mods. carry on!

ok thank you i will take that into account, also i am looking for a good FREE file hosting site to use, any you recommend?

any ships you would like added first?

I recommend Photobucket. It does everything I need, and it’s free.

Imgur works too, but i do not know how long they keep the images hosted. photobucket would probably be a safer bet though.

i was referring to when the mod is in a more playable form

then i would recomend http://www.mediafire.com/

ok thanks for now i am going to upload it to filefront


My apologies, drag0n22; somehow I mistakenly thought you were looking for photo hosting. [-sigh-]

Anyhow, be very careful about including any Halo soundtrack music in your mod. For example Mediafire, which is otherwise an exceptionally user-friendly filehost, will quickly freeze your download link if they detect non-royalty-free music of any kind inside of the mod’s .zip or .rar you upload to them.

the covenant Destroyer is now done :smiley:

it’s cool

and thanks for the warning

here it is

ok so i have hit a road block with the fighter, i can only find one image…and i can’t get it to work (and yes what i am doing with it has worked before on other ships)