[Mod] [WIP] [Release 0.75] Beastslayers (HW Cataclysm Mod)

This mod will require you to have the Swarm expansion pack installed!

Go to this post for the download link. Current version = 0.75.

Homeworld Cataclysm’s Kiith Somtaaw was one of my all time favorite races in any space game. With the release of the Homeworld mod by GATC I was able to figure out how to include default hull designs. I had to make a few adjustments due to some limitations in GSB, but the ships are mostly identical to Cataclysm. If Cliff ever makes a module that allows ships to repair other ships (like the Empire’s shield repair beam but for hitpoints), I’ll also put in the worker and processor. Unfortunately I had to omit the mimic and leech since there is no way to implement them in GSB. I also had to change the swarmers into “suicide drones”. They are really missiles but appear to have their own hull and engine glow.

The ships included in the mod are:

“Seeker” Reconnaissance Fighter (unarmed and very fast fighter with dedicated, long-range target painter to support all missile ships)
“Acolyte” Heavy Fighter
“Avenger” ACV (looks identical to Acolyte, but has twice the firepower, armor, hitpoints, cost, has a weak emp beam, and is slower)
“Minion” Heavy Tug (fast, point-blank range attacker with a powerful tractor beam and short range welding beam that cuts through cruiser armor)
“Dervish” Multi-Beam Frigate (short range fast firing beams that target both enemy ships and incoming missiles)
“Hive” Advanced Drone Frigate (drones replaced with long-range highly maneuverable missiles that act as “suicide drones”)
“Deacon” Destroyer (missile turret converted into 2 smaller turrets, bottom energy turrets placed on top)
“Shaman” Carrier (dedicated carrer with low firepower but four carrier bays)
“Archangel” Dreadnought (identical to cataclysm version but with all turrets on top and swarm smart bomb in place of repulsor weapon)


Ship hull textures ([color=green]complete)
module placement ([color=green]complete)
custom weapons and modules ([color=green]complete)
custom module icons ([color=red]not started)
damage textures and hulks ([color=green]complete)
engine glows ([color=green]complete)
balancing with official races ([color=green]complete)
ingame module descriptions ([color=green]complete)
racial image and description ([color=green]complete)
custom turrets ([color=green]complete)
nav lights ([color=green]complete)
custom sound effects ([color=red]not started)
custom ion beam textures ([color=green]complete)


I really enjoyed HW: Cataclysm - Are you going to put in the Kiith Somtaw Mining Vessel with its seige cannon ?

ah, this make me remember old times, the homeworld saga is the best game what i played when i was young, well, more young (im 18 years old)(i discovered Homeworld when i was 8(?) ) xD
I never ended the homeworld 1 campaing, it was very hard, and i was a kid. The homeworld cataclysm campaing was GREAT, i really loved that campaing. Homeworld 2, well i played that game almost 3 years, one with my friends, and another 2 with mods (with homeworld 2 i discovered the mods and modders :D)
4 Years ago i created my first mod for homeworld 2, a modification for the beast mod. My mod just changes the ships speed, maneuverability, sounds, number and another things, making the game really EPIC. I could never go public, because a fatal flaw in my old computer, caused by lightning, destroyed my HD with that mod, and my another project, a very complex trading card game about Homeworld Saga. That was a bad day on my life, not the worst, but really bad… D:

About the mod, it looks good, combining it with the homeworld mod will look great ;D
I will test it as soon you release it.

EDIT: Do you need a good race image, i have some great somtaaw and beast flags :wink:
Tell me if you want them.

I’m currently debating that. On one hand it would be pretty awesome. On the other hand, there is currently no way to implement a shockwave explosion for the siege cannon, the siege cannon takes four minutes to charge up, and the mothership would be so long that it wouldn’t fit on virtually all of the battle deployment areas.


Sure, I’ll take the somtaaw one. :slight_smile:

Sadly, i cant find the best of the somtaaw badges what i ever founded, but here are some:


Changed race logo to this one:

Edit: updated screenshot

Good choice :wink:
Im glad to help you
I forget these:

this looks fun :slight_smile:
im a huge fan of the multi-beam frigate… a swarm of those can rip through virtually anything with ease, i remember making my friend pretty angry when i used gang up on him with 30 or so of those and just ripping his mighty beast fleet to shreds :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m ready for my first release, so here it goes.


Hopefully the link will work and I have packaged everything correctly. To install, just extract to your main GSB folder.
If you download it, please let me know that everything is working and installs properly.

This version is NOT balanced! The weapons are pretty even, but I’m thinking of a few possibilities regarding the armor. I may do what GATC did for his homeworld mod and get rid of armor and increase the repair drone’s repair rate. Or I may keep it and leave it as one module per ship with a large maxdamageabsorbable and give the various hulls different armor bonus amounts (acts like a shield that very slowly recharges and goes down once destroyed). I also have to tinker around with the prices. I’m also debating whether or not to give acolytes slow refire missile launchers.

Please feel free to comment. Feedback would be appreciated and I would like some pointers as to how you think I should balance things out further.

A few gameplay tips:
If you want to use the ramming frigate offensively, make sure you tell it to move as close as possible to the enemy ships. They will fly under cruiser shields and start welding away at armor.
The multibeam frigate also shoots down missiles.
The recon has no weapons and is very expensive. I recommend using only one per fighter squad and have it engage at maximum range so it target paints the enemy ships from as far as possible.
The ACV is powerful but slow. They make a good escort.
The hive frigate’s drones have a very long range.

Peter1x9, thanks for creating this mod and thanks also for sharing this beta version with us! This is going to be interesting. :slight_smile:

Are you considering inclusion of the Beast as an additional “race”?

On a related note…is it so wrong that each time I lose a frigate while playing GSB, I imagine Karen S’jet’s voice intoning, “Ion Frigate destroyed.”? :stuck_out_tongue:

deleted-newer version available

I finally figured out how to make custom beam textures.

Next I’ll tackle the turrets. After that, the icons, nav lights, and descriptions will be quick and easy. Depending on how long it takes me to learn turreting, I could have another release out within the next few days.

Niice ^^

I managed to get custom turrets in the game.

Woah :smiley:
This make me remember old times… sniff…

And now, for custom icons!

This is my revised release roadmap:

version 0.5 ([color=green]complete)
Ship hull textures ([color=green]complete)
module placement ([color=green]complete)
custom weapons and modules ([color=green]complete)
damage textures and hulks ([color=green]complete)
engine glows ([color=green]complete)
racial image and description ([color=green]complete)
redo destroyer hull textures ([color=green]complete)

version 0.75 ([color=orange]in progress)
balancing with official races ([color=green]complete)
custom module icons ([color=green]complete)
custom turrets ([color=green]complete)
ingame module descriptions ([color=green]complete)
nav lights ([color=orange]in progress)
custom ion beam textures ([color=green]complete)

version 1.0
custom sound effects ([color=red]not started)
(cosmetic) final alignments of all hardpoints and modules ([color=red]not started)

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Awesome! gw!

Cool Good work :smiley:

Release 0.75 is out now.

If you have a previous version, you should be able to install over it. Just copy and replace when prompted by windows.

Let me know if you find any bugs, problems, etc or if you have any suggestions of any type. As of right now everything is finalized (unless anyone has any suggestions or finds any bugs) except for adding sounds and aligning the modules.

Edit: The custom weapons are compatible with v1.50 (thanks for posting the guide darkstar076).