[MOD] [WIP] Shadow's Edge

Shadow’s Edge is a minor collection of modifications that will be released on here when I deem them suitable for public consumption. They are tweaks to the original game such as changes to ship layouts and some new scenarios as well as tons of new modules for your ships and new things to purchase with your honor points.


Fighter Overhaul

Fighters recieve tons of new weapons/equipment, and to supplement the addition of these new tools they have recieved another slot or two to their hulls allowing for expansion. Fighters now require crew just like any other ship and have cockpits available to supply it.


New equipment pieces that are manufactured by a corporation, depending on the manufacturer the equipment could carry more hitpoints, more damage, range, etc. but at the cost of weight or cost. Eindor manufactures equipment that carries more HP and they are the first corporation I’m working on.

Eindor Frigate Antifighter Missile
Eindor Frigate Armor
Eindor Frigate Armor II
Eindor Frigate Torpedo
Fighter Antifighter Missile
Fighter Cockpit
Fighter Cockpit II
Fighter Light Plasma
Fighter Gatling Gun (Subject to testing, aka forgot what I was at while working on it)
Two Federation Fights have the modified slots so far (Leopard and Falcon)

To Do:
The To Do List
Corporation/Prefix system
Racial Modules vs Default Stats on Chassis
More Outfits
Step into Frigate/Cruiser Modules

Also taking ideas for anything you want to see equipment wise for Fighters, Input is always nice on these things.

Extract shadow.rar into your GSB base folder
Create a text file in GSB/Data/Installs called shadow.txt have the inside say the following lines:
path = shadow

shadow.rar (7.22 KB)


This looks interesting! I be willing to give you any feedback when I done. :slight_smile: