[MOD][WIP] Stargate

Hi, recently after 2 years i returned to the modding scene of GSB. I had this mod done since a little while but never had it posted here. So after a few test asuring everything is ok, here it is.

In the beginning i was planning to do a full mod of all races, but didnt have enough time and i only completed the Tau’ri, calling it a completed mod. Probably i will continue developing other races but at a slow rate. And nothing is going to be posted (links) until or if i finish another race. This is to avoid unfinished things. But i probably will be posting some concept art or info about the progress.

I plan to work on:
Tau’ri (finished with possible future updates/modifications)
Goa’uld (finished, with possible future updates/modifications)
Wraith (finished, with possible future updates/modifications)
Asgard (finished, with possible future updates/modifications)
Alterans (not started yet)
Replicators - SG1 version (not started yet)
Ori (not started yet)

And maybe i will work on other “minor” species like:
The Nox
Furlings?? (lol.)

and others i probably cant remember, but we will see.

The mod requires -> Version 1.63 of the game plus ALL the expansions. I dont think the campaign expansion is required but all the other expansions are, since i use some modules and code from em.

The game uses non compressed textures, meaning the graphic load will be higher than expected. Old computers will probably struggle a little. I did the mod this way to avoid the loss of details in the textures.

The mod only uses mod-specific modules. You wont be able to use default vanilla ones. So, some modules like repair systems (in the case of the Tau’ri) and others will be missing. I will only provide every race with their own modules, some of em will have others and some wont, this will grant special unique style play in every race.

What will be including in next updates? scenarios, background music, maybe more weapons and modules…

Balance: I tried back in the days to do the mod as balanced as possible, but in the end, its really hard. Sometimes it will be hard, sometimes easy. To compensate the balance, while keeping the ships unique i tried to give a big boost on every ship and some ships like the most expensive ones come with an extra cost as a boost as well.

Also, the unlock cost of the ships is not cheap, and the unlock cost of the modules is slighty higher than the regular vanilla number.

NOTE that the screenshots maybe probably outdated (since its really tedious to keep uploading screenshots for every race).

Goa’uld - Tau’ri


Wraith - Goa’uld



The mod includes:
7 ships
Dozens of new modules
Loading screens
Custom sounds and other fx
2 custom scenarios

Fighters -> F302
Frigates -> Lancelot (X300) , Trident (X301)
Cruisers -> Prometheus (BC303), Daedalus BC304), Arcanus (AT300), Tantalus (BC306).

Cruisers: Rail Gun, Heavy Rail Gun, Dual Adapted Rail Gun, Artillery Rail Gun, VSL Missile Launcher, Tau’ri Nuclear Missile Launcher, Asgard Cannon, Advanced Asgard Cannon, Plasma Field Gun

Frigates: Rail Gun, Plasma Field Gun, Asgard Micro Cannon, Stinger Missiles.

Fighers: Rail Gun, Long Range Missile Launcher, Naquadah Explosive Mine, Tau’ri Fighter Nuclear missile launcher.

Link -> dropbox.com/s/odv1cp5oewmwd … i.rar?dl=0


The mod includes:
7 ships
Dozens of new modules
Loading screens
Custom sounds and other fx
2 custom scenarios

Fighters -> Needle Glider, Death Glider
Frigates -> Teltak Cargoship, Alkesh Bomber
Cruisers -> Hat’ak mothership, Cheops Warship, Troopship.

Cruisers: Staff Weapon, Staff Cannon, Naquadah Bomb, Naquadria Blast, Overcharged Naquadria Blast, Staff Needle
Frigates: Staff Weapon, Staff Needle, Naquadah Bomb, Concusive Needle Artillery
Fighters: Staff Weapon, Staff Needle, Naquadria Core Detonation

Link -> dropbox.com/s/ayu6dhx7hheq3 … d.rar?dl=0


The mod includes:
5 ships
Dozens of new modules
Loading screens
Custom sounds and other fx
2 custom scenarios

Fighters -> Wraith Dart
Frigates -> Wraith Scout
Cruisers -> Wraith Supply ship, Wraith Cruiser, Wraith Hiveship

Cruisers: Energy Lance, Augmented Energy Lance, Defense Lance, Jamming Burst (Ecm Beam), Vampiric bolt, Vampiric Countermeasures
Frigates: Energy Lance, Defense Lance, Jamming Burst (Ecm Beam), Vampiric Bolt, Vampiric Sniper Lance
Fighters: Energy Lance, Jamming Burst (Ecm Beam), Vampiric Lance, Wave Lance

Link -> dropbox.com/s/gw4hii34uxaz3 … h.rar?dl=0


The mod includes:
5 ships
Dozens of new modules
Loading screens
Custom sounds and other fx
2 custom scenarios

Fighters -> NO FIGHTERS
Frigates -> Asgard Chariot Bomber
Cruisers -> Asgard Cruiser, Asgard Daniel Jackson Class, Asgard Beliskner Class, Asgard O’Neill Class

Cruisers: Ion Gun, Galaxy Laser, Galaxy Repeater, Neutron Gun, Neutron Wave Gun, Plasma Cannon, Advanced Plasma Cannon, Artillery Defense Cannon, Artillery Plasma Cannon
Frigates: Same as above

Link -> dropbox.com/s/u5u7puobaqvj3 … d.rar?dl=0

Enjoy it and things you dont like, let me know. Note, you will notice that there is not an extensive list of modules, well, i just did the ones that i think will fit with every race. The Goa’uld doesnt have a big arsenal, but i tried to make em compensated in some way. Or the case of the Wraith, that dont use shields, but they have innate integrity boost and organic repair systems. Anyways, if you have ideas about new modules / weapons, let me know!! and i will be glad to include em!!

do you happen to have the models of those ships or is it just screen caps?

If you pay attention, you will notice that the screencaps of the models have the turrets mounted in em. So, logically, yes, i have the models… i always use 3d models to make mods. At least when i can. If you read my initial post, i said that all the “MODELS” are made by me from scratch with the exception of the promethes , daedalus and the f302 (but still i did a lot of modifications). Im specially proud of the Arcanus and the Tantalus.

Now, at slow rate i started with the Goa’uld fleet. Trying to struggle modelling the hatak mothership. Its giving me a little headache :slight_smile: but it is taking shape step by step.

Uploaded a new file with some balance fixes.

in that case you should be able to generate a bump map with it

A bump map of what? most materials have bump maps added (ships, modules most of them doesnt have bump maps, it will make no sense). But the bump map strenght must really soft in most cases. The hull of a ship is mostly plain in most situations, and in space there is no light, using too much bum map will make things look worst.

I feel like one of these days I should watch stargate…

On the topic of the mod, it looks quite nice. The ships look great!

my apologies I meant normal map

And why i would want a normal map? GSB1 doesnt make use of normal maps…

And uploaded a new version, i forgot to restrict some modules. Also, more balance fixes and a new shield effect. Also, i changed the engine effect.

you could try to get it into the 2nd game

just sayin

Im afraid i dont understand. You mean GSB2?

Some concept art about the Goa’uld Hatak Mothership. The ship is almost done, only minor details left.

The ship is very big. But even so, i cant make the big in-game as big as it should be, since it is not going to fit in some deployments… but still, it will be very big :slight_smile:

Guys, uploaded a new version of the mod, completed the Tau’ri with 2 scenarios. Be aware, they are not easy on normal and expert modes… :slight_smile:


GSB2 is not supported anymore and it is not modeable… its not worthy to “try” to do stuff for GSB2 (Sadly).

Uploaded probably the final version of the Tau’ri mod. Improved some things, added 3 weapons and some basic modules because now the mod will only use Tau’ri specific turrets. The size is bigger because i avoided to use compression in the dds files (too much detailed was missing).

Enjoy!. And now ican fully jump to the Goa’uld.



link to why please

Why? i would like to know that too. But anyways, GSB2 is far inferior to GSB1 so right now and knowing that it is not developed anymore, i woudnt even bother, it really doesnt matter. In the steam forums you can find info about it too. I dont know if in the official GSB2 forums is something posted, did you check it?.

I realized the scenarios are way off in normal-hard difficulty and the ships were using vanilla modules… So i will upload a new update soon. I also took the opportunity to make new renders of the models, since i wasnt convinced enough with the actual ones.