[MOD][WIP] Stargate


Guys , uploaded the post-final … version of the Tau’ri.

And some final concept art about the goauld ->>


Model concept WIP. Cheops warship.


More wip artwork.


BTW, someone knows how to add custom deployments to the galactic conquest??? i mean, is that even possible. When playing the campaing, it will be coolo to face custom races.


Finished the Goa’uld guys, expect a link pretty soon :slight_smile:

On a side note… hello? is anyone out there? :stuck_out_tongue:


I can vouch for at least one life-signs-positive individual still monitoring this forum. :wink:

This is pretty amazing work. It’s good to see that when I inevitably get fired up to play around with GSB some more, there are some new toys to explore. And possibly I will be able to reciprocate. If only this “real life” garbage would bugger off.


Well, real life was the main reason that took me away from modding almost 4 years ago… i feel your pain. But right now, i have plenty of time (i dont know for how long…) so, for now i will keep the forum alive :slight_smile: was going to upload the link to the goauld but i forgot a few things here and there… (sigh, always the same story… xD), so , i hope tomorrow i can upload it.

Btw, Ace if you have the opportunity to answer this -> do you know if we can add custom deployments to the galactic conquest??


Wish I could be of help, but I never got the GC add-on. And I don’t think I ever saw any concrete evidence one way or the other elsewhere in the forums either. :frowning:


Unfortunately there is no way to add in custom fleets to the Galactic Campaign.

I tried modifying a few locations and after getting nowhere I asked Cliff. Long story short, he confirmed that it was not possible and would take some recoding to make it possible

Its a pity because you could make a rather awesome map culminating into the ultimate showdown . .


Thanks for the answer, and nice to “see” you darkstar xD. Yup, its sad. I was imaginig a campaign fighting the goa’uld or watever race i could imagine. That will give the game even more life and also an amazing way to test mods and the campaign itself. Weird, since i dont think ti will be too hard to implement that feature, since we already can make custom campaign maps and other stuff. But i guess we cant have it all.

Was going to upload the goa’uld and it turns out that for some reason i dont understand, my account on dropbox is blocked somehow. I will wait a couple of days to see if its unblocked, and if not, i will upload the mod somewhere else.


Heheh, thanks - I am always here, lurking in the forums working on various things :slight_smile:

Good luck the your drop box account - a long time ago my mediafire account was blocked because i had a file that had the term “Mod” & “Squad” in it. Some Studio had claimed it was one of their shows (the Mod Squad) and I had to wait for Media Fire to investigate the claims.


Guys uploaded the Goauld. Enjoy!!! It looks that it was a false alarm about the dropbox issue.

Btw, i know this will be too much to ask (specially since the forums are empty) but if you guys find some really bad balance issues, please let me know.


Concept art - Work in progress (still a lot to do) -> Wraith Hive Ship

This ship is going to be massive. In theory, bigger than the Goa’uld Hat’ak. But due to the limitations of the game itself, and the ship scaling, it is not going to be bigger than the hat’ak, probably just a few inches, nothing more…


Hive Ship. Almost done. Some concep art ->


I really like this ship. :slight_smile:

One small suggestion: To make the ship a little less uniformly purple at a glance, you might take the darker gray spots and make them a lighter gray (unless it’s a problem to blend it into the surrounding purple). Wraith ships always look more distinctly mottled to me (also a bit more blue than purple, but that may just be my perception).

(I did look at some images of Wraith ships taken from Atlantis to make sure I wasn’t just nuts before posting. :slight_smile: )

Very good work!


Well, the thing is. I precisely did the hull that dark because the wraith ships you see in the show are all of em even darker… i mean, the problem is, i will need to replace the whole texture because if, as you say, try to put more brightness into the black spots, the texture starts losing a lot of quality. The original texture was far lighter, but as i said i tried to keep the dark tone of the ships from the show. Besides, fiting the texture to the whole model was already a lot of work :slight_smile: , and it was the texture that looked more “organic” from the ones i had. I will do some tests.

PD.: Also, what do you mean with “dark grey spots”? there is no grey anywhere… :slight_smile: about the uniformity of the texture, yeah, thats one problem i noticed in the beginning but in the end i adjusted it somehow and trust me it looked far worst in the beginning xD. The dark spots on the texture were not there originally, i made em. I could do something similar using another brush or something like that with a lighter tone.


Here is another render with a different variant of the texture (also i blued slighty the texture) ->

what da u think?


Wip -> Wraith Cruiser


Wraith Cruiser -> Almost done (the second image doesnt have turrets placed).


Concept art. Work in progress -> Wraith Supply Ship