[MOD][WIP] Stargate


Concept art/in game - Supply Ship ->

Note-> I changed the turret bases as you can see in the images, it looks far better now in-game :slight_smile:


The little bit of lighter mottling really makes a difference. Adds a bit more organic feel to the image (to me, anyway). Plus it softens the purple somewhat (considering how many ships I’ve made in eye-stabbing purple, I can vouch that softening it is important :wink: ).

I like the new turret mounts too. Excellent work!


Thanks, yup the hiveship looks far better now. I also made the texture smaller because the ship was so big that even at 2048 of resolution when you zoom in the lose of detail starts to be really noticeable. Besides the organic details were too big, compared with the other ships (and i realized that small detail looked better in em lol).

Also i noticed that you cant make hull parts too big and add too many effects in the txt file. Eventually it will not let you pass certain limit and the game will always crash with a particle error. Something i completely forgot since the last time i was modding 4 years ago lol. My head was about to explode, until i made another hull to spread the effects.


Wraith fleet completed with these 2, the Wraith Scout and the Dart, yup only 5 ships in total but its what the wraith got. Well, if you have any ideas for new ships, let ma now and maybe i can make em.

Now, whats left? details like race selection icons, 2 scenaries, the loadscreens and minor fixes. And testing, this will probably the thing that will take more time than anything else…


So, it turns out that the ecm shields doesnt seem to work as intended. I dont know what im missing. If i have a ecm shield with strenght = 90 and, someone fires at me a ecm beam with strenght= 82, doesnt suposse the shield to make the ship almost inmune to ecms???

Because in-game it really doesnt seem to work. What im missing?


Looking at the vanilla ECM shield and EMP weapons, the shield has strength 82 and the weapons have strength 20, 22 or 32. Clearly it’s not quite a 1-to-1 balance of strength. I know I wound up giving my test ECM shield a strength of 10000 to block out the EMP.

Here’s a quote from an older thread I found that may clear up matters:

Honestly, I’m not sure about the “4 times” rule, since by that a single vanilla ECM shield (strength 82) should all but lock out the effectiveness of vanilla EMP missiles (strength 20 or 22) and that doesn’t seem to agree with what I’ve seen. But at any rate, it’s a clue to how the two module types interact.


Well, i kinda figured it out (i think). It looks it is working as percentaje. An ecm beam with strenght 22 will have 22% chance of success over a ecm shield with 82% strenght. It will be 22 x 100 / 82 = 26% more or less chance to success. I think thats the way it works, but im not sure, of course… the point is, there is no way to make any ship inmune to ecm beams at all. In fact, i suposse that writting a value higher than 100 will have the same effect as 100.

I mean, it was the only reasonable conclusion lol.

So, i almost finished with the tests, i think i will post the link along the next week if everything goes as planned. Be aware, the Wraith are the new evolutioned Tribe. If you know what i mean lol (1 hour to destroy a ship and incredible repairing systems… but of course, the wraith have no shields). They are kinda hard.

I am a little worried about the balance, since i dont use too much vanilla deployments for tests (im toooo lazy for that xD). So any advise will be very welcome.

Thanks Ace, as i said i already figured it out yesterday doing some tests.


Uploaded the Wraith. Also i uploaded again the Tau’ri and the Goa’uld, since i did minor modifications in the balance department.

Now, i will take “vacations” for a week , probably more before i can even get to start working on the Asgard. Life calls. So, the Asgard will take far long.



So i was experimenting with new turrets. Trying to make a sort of- animated turret. But i dunno exactly how the blast graphics work. Is there any realtionship between a blast graphic and the turret graphic itself? lets say that i want to make a turret that, when it fires, the blast graphic is “part” of the turret so i can make an animation (kinda) using the blast graphic + a copy of the turret graphic. The problem is, of course, that i dunno what resolution i need to do the blast graphic. I also dont know how the game places the blast graphic (because it appears that its placed slighty down).

Should i make the blast graphic as the same resolution as the turret graphic?? or should i pick the turret graphic size placed in the turrets file insead?? well, if someone knows something about this, any help will be very welcome.


Its been awhile so its taking me longer to remember what I have forgotten about this part of the game.

The blast graphic is just an opaque static image overplayed over the turret.
(So if your going to animate, you only have 1 frame)

The Blast Graphic does not have to be the same size as the turret. In fact its preferable to keep the blast graphic small as it will not slow the game down.

If you want to check how the blast graphic will look on the turret, scale the blast graphic up to the same size as your turret image in the turret map.
(you can make life easier lining your graphics up on barrels by reversing the process)


Thanks, yup i will do that, at least to experiment a bit. But if i think its too much trouble i will just pass. I knew the blast is overlaped, but the main problem was that i dont know what criteria picks the game to resize/place the blast graphic (since the blastgraphic is not placed as other graphics, its different).


Oops, and i forgot. WIP -> Asgard O’Neill Class. Its going slow, since now i have less time available. I dont plan to include the turret placements of the original tv model, since those are going to be “real” turrets and it will look really bad to have a “double” turret placed lol.


Asgard O’Neill Class - Finished - Isometric view with turrets mounted

Top view (in - game) without the turrets.


WIP - > Asgard Beliskner class


All this 3D work of yours is completely flooring me. Really awesome stuff! :slight_smile:


Thanks, i like to do everything in sketchup so i learn something new every day and i keep improving my models/renders in little steps. I really dont put excessive effort on em, just enough for GSB, and for my own learning experience keeping the similarities with the original tv models (but always with some little customizations since the originals models are not really defined in any scene). I could put more effort and make more details and waste more hours with different reflections/textures and so on, but it is not necessary, if we were talking about other game, in which i can put the whole model in 3D in-game, that will be another story :slight_smile:


Here you go, the Biliskner finished ->

Now, i will start working on some modules before i start the next ship -


They look pretty awesome so far in-game, even if as we know the game engine lowers the quality of the sprites -> specially the Beliskner


Work in progress - > Asgard Daniel Jackson class.


Daniel Jackson Finished ->

Now, im not aware of more Asgard canon ships. Im going to complete the “fleet” with 2 more totally new cruiser size ships.

Be aware, Asgard dont have fighters and in theory, they should not have frigates either. But since in the game there will be sometimes that you wont be able to use cruisers, the Asgard chariot (the last ship i will make) will be a “cruiser” but with the classification of “frigate” to be able to use it in some scenarios.