[MOD][WIP] The Xinalazolaeuoi Hive

Long time lurker, but now I finally made an account I may be proud to present Zina Lazo’s:

A very Long time has past since the First Queen of Queens united the Hive against the Enemy Who Is Silent and the Headless Hives. A Long time has past since the Asteroid defense system shot the first ships of the Enemy Who Is Numerous. They provided the means to extend the Gathering to interplanetary distances. Yet still they came at times that defied prediction. A short time has past since the New Enemy first arrived. They were hard to break with their strong shells of energy, but they were broken. Now it has been decided to go and find all Enemies and eliminate them as was once done on the World of Origin.

Lore tidbits over, now for some of what has been accomplished so far.

Pharaoh Assault Shuttles

Bullet Superhiveship (Dreadnought)

Well that is all so far with more to come.
Also, don’t know how to pronounce? This is roughly accurate.

Not too bad looking so far; I particularly like the Assault Shuttles.

Indeed, I am currently working on the Assault Shuttles, and I have gotten the effect to work, but I worried about balancing. And I am getting the feeling that I didn’t just sign up and hopped onto a sinking ship, instead I’ve signed a contract to a ship that has been sunk for months…

…Also that metaphor might be a little too extended.

It’s a decent metaphor, even if a bit indirect. :wink:

I think you should read this very relevant public service announcement. It should help clarify your thoughts and hopefully save you some heartache & indecision.

I think that I can and will stay with my mod at least until completion. I mean it might be quite fun to stay with GSB 1 until 2 gets some toys too cool NOT to play with. Besides it could be like a little GSB 1 Modding cult.

If i were you, i will stick to GSB1. I dont think GSB2 will be ever as modable as GSB1. Right now, it isnt. Not even 25%. We can always have hopes but im afraid im not confident about it…(few months already passed and we still cant even make a single custom hull to work lol).