[Mod] WWII Mod (postponed for another WIP mod)

Have you looked at using APC’s as the base for some of your tanks? There’s no giant turret to remove so that might work.

hey the brits didnt use the bazzoka’s in ww2. they used PIAT’s

alos i was working on a Table top WW2 game using the sprtes http://sites.google.com/site/frontlinegame/
and have quite good skills with Graphics, so i may be of assistance

i know, there are a few tanks that don’t look like they have guns, and there’s one APC I can find. but i won’t do it for all tanks. the german tanks weren’t green as i recall -_-

thanks, but I think I can handle this on my own. if i need any assistance, i’ll contact you.

as for the bazooka thing? I did say it wasn’t completely historically accurate. besides i wanted to do an AT weapon without springing to the other powers. even though all the powers are in the same race, when I make them, I want to organize them. however it looks like i’m failing to do that, seeing as i just completed a german artillery unit. I just have to balance it, and i’ll edit the OP to show the changes.

actually jake, i take that back. I’m having a problem with my German Artillery unit graphic-wise. It’s incredibly pixellated, much more than when I downloaded it, but that’s not the problem. the problem is a surrounding white line that was not there before. I’m a bit clumsy with these kinds of things so if you’re not too busy, i’ll upload it somewhere and give you the link. when you have enough time, at least.

EDIT: nvm, I took care of that myself…

your using the sprites from here? http://www.juniorgeneral.org/load.php?Period=10#World am i correct
ill tell you what to watch out for:
German Guns that Have PAK in there name, they were used as AT guns, the 88/Flak 36 Graphics can be used as a AA Gun as well

the ones with the green background have different lighting styles than the ones on the Dirt Background and have a different color style, the Dirt Background ones where done latter and have a better complextion

dont use too smaller Arty guns, they were phased out pretty quickly.

if you want HI-quality vehicle Sprites then go here: http://ww2drawings.jexiste.fr/Files/1-Vehicles/Axis/1-Germany/German-Armor.htm


(just a note, you could have arty guns a Blank Cassie, and have one turret slot thats the gun, if its a arty gun thats mounted on a wheel then have the base the wheel and have the gun the turret)

thanks, I managed to solve the problem anyway by just replacing the old German artillery unit in the WWII_turrets.dds file. turns out it was a problem on my part regarding saving and moving what I placed. thanks for the help though :slight_smile:

EDIT: Grrrr. It looked good in the .dds file, but that line has failed to disappear. oh well. I’ll just work on something else…

EDIT AGAIN: nvm, I fixed it. and I won’t be using sprites from that second site because my graphic-editing software lets me view pics up close without actually changing the size, and the selection varies depending on the zoom. it just so happens one “square” of selection equals a pixel in the pic, which REALLY comes in handy :slight_smile:

EDIT AGAIN… AND AGAIN: On second thought, I’ll have to use the second site for the battleships and some other units. the battleships on the other site won’t really work :frowning:

EDIT FOR THE BILLIONTH TIME: Hm, they don’t exactly work for that site either. grrrr…

May i post up a Compassion Table, so you dont have to have so many different weapons (these are MostCommon Infantry Weapons)
ID - Ger - Sov - US - GBR

Bolt Action Rifle - K98 - M1891/30 - M1903 - No.4
Semi-auto Rifle - G43 - STV40 - M1Garand - NA
Automatic Rifle - STG44 - NA - BAR - NA
SMG - MP40 - PPSh-41 - M1A1/SMG - Sten MKIII/MKIII
Light MG - MG42 - DP - M1919A4 - Bren
Heavy MG - MG42 - SG43 - M1917A1 - Vickers
AT Weapon - RPzB 54 - PTRD - M1A1/Bazooka - PIAT

for those of you who have been following this mod intently may have noticed that I haven’t been updating the OP. Don’t worry, I’m still working on it :stuck_out_tongue:

You know, I’m actually going back on the no naval units thing. I will include three battleships, a generic German Bismarck-class Battleship and two British ships: The Prince of Wales and the Hood. Now you can recreate the Battle of Jutland, Archduke :wink:

EDIT: nvm, I’ll actually include more than that :slight_smile:

EDIT AGAIN: Err, maybe not. I can’t find any pics that actually WORK without “This image can’t be saved in this format” or “This image contains an alpha channel. The selected file format doesn’t support an alpha channel. Flatten the alpha channel and save?” or this crap or that shit. Grrrrr.

even though I barely even started the mod (WTF), I’m halting work on this one to work on ANOTHER work-in-progress mod that is WAAAAAY more in a finished state than this one. All I have left is campaign scenarios, but that could take awhile. I might as well finish it before resuming work on this one.

whats the mod?

that’s the fun part. I’m not telling you until it’s finished. :stuck_out_tongue: