[Mod] Xedilco Mirror War is Here! (Dl pg8 only!)

“They come, they destroy any ship present in the area, and return to hyperspace without touching anything else (like the planet located 3000 km ‘above’…). We are calling them: Xedilco. Who are they? What they want? Where did they came from? Have I other existential and stupid question like this?? The answer is Yesss, and possibly not for the question you are thinking about… Prepare you defense, they can attack from anywhere at anytime, but if they are already here, don’t think you can flee. The Void is attacking and it strike fast!
A recent change has occurred in the Xedilco, now they are taking planets, erasing the inhabitants from existence before transforming it as a giant fortress. Why this behaviour change? Can the Void evolve? Adapt to this dimension? The time of big battle is coming…”

The Xedilco is a race based on: “If I am too fast for you, you can’t hit me! So, who need hull?”
The majority of there ship have speed boost and hull diminution.

For example, the ship in the middle is the “Xedilco Halberd Battlecruiser”

If anything pass trough the shield/armour: ouch! But first, you have to hit it…

Don’t think because they are based on speed, they aren’t armed. This battlecruiser is equipped with 9 hardpoints and 8 standard module.
Xedilco strike fast, and they strike hard! (But they carefully watch out for enemy fighters…)

12/01/2013 — GATC Update

DOWNLOAD HERE : Go page 8 ^^’ (Some test to do -.-)

[size=70]2012-02-16 — Moderator Update:


Download here

Or also here

Both links lead to the entire mod. Each is hosted at Mediafire, so take your pick. :wink:

A big “thank you!” to WayOfEnoch and to Praetors for kindly re-hosting this sadly abandoned mod. Thanks are also due to forum member Vecmoroc, who just asked if anyone had a copy of this nearly forgotten old mod to share. Luckily, our community could fulfill his request as well as make this content available going forward into the future. :slight_smile:

The original Megaupload link was broken when MU itself recently sank beneath the digital waves. Both of the Mediafire links are newly active as of 2012-02-16.


Time for assault!

Recapitulation of the mod:
“3” Fighters hulls [2]
“4” Frigates hulls [5]
“7” Cruiser hulls [6]
7 exclusive module
2 encounters

Needs GSB version 1.47 or newer!

Detailed description of the different ship:

-Halberd class Battle-cruiser.

9 Hardpoints
8 Modules
Energy produced: 10
Cost: 180

Main role: Blitz attacks / Main attack cruiser

-Flamberge class Battle-barge

13 Hardpoints
6 Modules
Energy produced: 50
Cost: 380

Main role: Beam Cruiser / Main DPS cruiser

-Spear class Support Cruiser

5 Hardpoints
12 Modules
Energy produced: 10
Cost: 50

Main role: Carrier / First line cruiser

-Axe class Destroyer

8 Hardpoints
9 Modules
Energy produced: 13
Cost: 155

Main role: First line frigate / Main attack frigate

-Sabre class Assault Frigate

4 Hardpoints
6 Modules
Energy produced: 13
Cost: 70

Main role: Blitz attack (/ Dummies frigate)

-Stiletto class Heavy corvette

4 Hardpoints
4 Modules
Energy produced: 2.3
Cost: 37

Main role: Mobile weapons platform

-Katara class Light corvette

2 Hardpoints
3 Modules
Energy produced: 1.0
Cost: 23

Main role: Superiority corvette

Special hull:
-Daiklave class Dreadnought [Cruiser]

17 Hardpoints
11 Modules
Energy produced: 303.6
Cost: 600

Main role: Dreadnought?

-Scimitar class Plateforme [Frigate]

2 Hardpoints
4 Modules
Energy produced: 0
Cost: 0

Main role: Weapons platform / ISTM luncher

-Katana class Tactical Cruiser Hull [Frigate]

10 Hardpoints
10 Modules
Energy produced: 5
Cost: 130

Main role: Weapon support cruiser / Cruiser size frigate

-Rapier class Tactical Frigate [Cruiser]

2 Hardpoints
5 Modules
Energy produced: 20
Cost: 100

Main role: Super fast cruiser / Frigate size cruiser

-HISTM (Heavy Inter-Ship Tactical Missile) [Cruiser]

0 Hardpoints
4 Modules
Energy produced: 0
Cost: 50

Main role: Nuke missile / Nuke missile / Nuke missile (/Suicide ship…)

-Whip class Tactical Fighter [Frigate]

2 Hardpoints
4 Module
Energy produced: 6

Main role: Heavy support fighter

The Xedilco have 5 specific modules:
-Shield battery [Fighter]
Permit to a single fighter to boost the shield regeneration of an other ship by + 0.40 during 2 seconds

-Phase Autorepair System [Fighter]
If the fighter is damaged (or a very close other one) it is send to subspace to totally regenerate itself. Warning! It can’t fire while in subspace and it isn’t invincible.
maxrepairsupplies = 60

-Frigate Cruiser size Shield Generator [Frigate]
Yes, it is really a cruiser size shield mounted on a frigate. Xedilco are crazy!

shieldpoints = 190 resistance = 19 recharge_rate = 0.005 crew_required = 12 powerconsumed = 11 cost = 150 weight = 80 stack_effectiveness = 0.01 hitpoints = 8.5 Warning! Few HP and no stacking possibility.

-ISTM Luncher [Frigate]
The Xedilco Inter-Ship Tactical Missile is THE very-long range missile. It can destroy enemy before they have any time to answer.

damage = 40 fire_interval = 3000 armour_penetration = 150 shield_penetration = 100 min_range = 1000 max_range = 4500 has_decoys = 1 decoy_release_range = 250 tracking_speed = 0.5 turnspeed = 0.2 hitpoints = 5 cost = 100 crew_required = 25 powerconsumed = 10 weight = 600

-Heavy Laser Machinegun [Cruiser]
This 20 rounds heavy machine-gun can destroy a single cruiser shield in a single burst. But watch out there is no other cruiser during recharge time!

damage = 9 fire_interval = 41 salvo_size = 20 salvo_interval = 5000 armour_penetration = 15 shield_penetration = 55 min_range = 90 max_range = 490 optimum_range = 400 tracking_speed = 0.9 crew_required = 4 powerconsumed = 11 hitpoints = 100 height = 8.3

ooooh someone found Battleships forever!

I like it heh

also,BsF should finally get multiplayer

Lol another BSF fan xD i like those ships and that Ghost effects but I do not think they match the design of GSB…
In BSF Forums im Altahir, AKA praetors, bentusi xD

EDIT: Hey, try to make some with te new section packs, shiny or something, those sections are great and maybe will look better and more closer to the GSB graphics

LOL, it is a mod man, that means it is not necessary the ships to look like the original ones of the game. U can make a very good theme race if u work hard on it, even if the ship shapes / colour doesnt match the colors of the original races… i only see the ship sprites are too pixelated, i dunno if cuz of the screencap but if u can , GATC, make the sprites with better resolution and try to apply some enchant filters or artistic ones. Well i dunno wat program u use, u can apply very interesting filters if u using gimp.

Actually it kinda works. The Xedilco are GSB’s ninja race! Quick and stealthy. Now if only the cloaking modules weren’t nearly completely useless in this game…

I use gimp, what is the filters I can use?

Im trying to say what the new section packs looks more realistic and nice:
This are some “Holy Ships” from BSF forums, as you see, those are diferent generations of sprites and nice effects.


Your ships looks good, [size=85]a little pixelated but good[/size], what i mean is what they need a diferent generation of sprites, just that.
Anyways, Good Work. Waiting for DL :slight_smile:

It wasn’t the first sprite generation, it use the “Shipwright” new design, but when I apply the “Difference of gaussians”,who make the current look of the ship, it always look like this (I don’t like the feel it have with realistic sprites)
Daiklave before gaussians:

It can’t clearly been seen on the first picture but the ships are transparent on there border.

Again, if you have a filter that I can use ^^

P.S. For SirJamon
The description you does fit well with this race ^^

A test I’ve done. Who’s the best between them? (Left=Untouched, right=modified)

Well, since the resolution of the original sprites is quite low, u cant do anything about the pixelated issue, but it ok, i guess if u dont use high zoom on the game it doesnt matter. Sometimes we cant do anything about getting less pixelated sprites.

The modified looks alot better, GW again, i like it.
But those big “Blue” opaque quarters of circles looks too smooth, try to add some lines to transform them on windows or domes or something like that.

Anoterthing, what about the turrents? in my opinion they should be alienish “weird”.
And the bullets, well… I would make them like antimatter, dark energy and the explosions like black holes… if you think it… black shots in the space will be undetected by visuals, and black beams with a violet glow or something like that. That will be great.
Some screens of what i mean:


note: this examples are with blue glow, i think with violet glow will combine better with your race

I dont know anything about modding GSB but, if you cant make that, im sure what someone in the forum can help. Anyways, that type of weaponry will look really good with your race.

s[size=85]orry if the images are too big or unnecessary[/size]

Yea, but be aware that the game handle the black color as transparent in some cases, on some fx if u put a main black color on the texture u will see nothing unless u surround it with something else. The turrets should not be a hard job, since the base color are black and white and there are no defined shape of the ships that defines the turrets appeareance, u can make a square turret, a circled one or anything else u want that will fix good on that kind of ships.

Then if you use the bullets in my screenshots you will only see the sorrounding glow? :-/
That is the same problem with BSF…
S***… :frowning:

The Blue and Red area are energy generator. There is no windows on the ships.
I have use two filter on the modded Daiklave picture:
“Difference-of-gaussians” and “Van Gogh (LIC)” (“Specials effects that nobody understand”)

Actual look of the turrets

(Missiles one aren’t done yet)

The only problem is that actually, you can’t chose the bullet where the texture came from.

Actual look of the Machinegun:

A Halberd class against a poor little alliance frigate…
(You HAVEN’T seen the federation missile turret!)

(The missile turret In the left…)

A battle, screen-shot before I return work on the mod.
Xedilco destroying the feder… Terran???

(My next mod ^^)

Is that. . . . . Starcraft Battlecruisers???

is this mod downloadable or just missied the link or WIP MOD?

Cool looking ships

Yup, that gives me some ideas … xD…

LOL will we be hearing “battlecruiser operational” soon?

After I finish this mod.

Actually it isn’t downloadable. I think it will be in one or two day.

New ship!
Whip Tactical fighter.
A fighter equipped with two frigate weapons…
(I will post soon the real data)