I was poking around in the files and wow, the game is easily moddable, though you do need to edit/change/replace/backup files. You could configure the game to your liking, provided you know what you’re doing. You could change all of the active concentrations around. For the ingredients, they seem to be totally randomized as to what has what, causing funny incidents with Insomnia meds that cause nightmares. The max concentrations also seem to be randomized too, so every game will have some randomness to it.

If someone wanted to, and could do the art, they could make all new machines, or alter original ones!

+1 to the devs in actually decent game design.

I do find later game you get some serious frame issues, even with few machines, maybe an issue with the AI, don’t know if it’s just me. I have 4 gigs of ram, 3.12 usable, hoping to finish upgrading soon. The building referred to as the ‘school’ in the files seems to be incorrectly proportioned in one place. And, on one last note, being able to flip the machines, not just rotate, would be wonderful!


The late game frame-rate issues are being worked on by Tim as I type this, so hopefully that will be addressed soon.


It might be something with the processing, or the whole ‘day’ system with so many animations running at once, but it happens even if paused. It really may just be me, as I do have some other programs running usually while playing, but I’d say the most important part of it is that the devs actually actively look to the community. I love it when developers actually immerse themselves in their game’s community, it makes the game so much better.