Modded content?

I have a very old install, that was just updated to the current 1.36 Full. A friend of mine just picked up the game, and I sent him a challenge. But when he tries to play it, he gets a notification that the package contains modified content.

Any ideas of what is causing that?

did you order any expansion pack he does not have? does he have the latest version?

Neither of us have the expansion. However there was a new ship in the rebels I used.

Actually, scratch that. Every challenge I try loading errors back as having some extra content that I don’t have. Even if it is stock race + stock map.

This is most likely a corrupt file here:

\program files\gratuitous space battles\data\packages\gsb_base.pkg

It should have this as contents (open it in notepad)

[config] name = gsb_base uiname = "Core GSB Game"

If it doesnt, paste that over the top.

Odd, it only has

in it.

Yup, the format changed, and i suspect one of the patches didn’t patch it correctly. That should fix it.