Modded hull making GSB puke

I have a modded hull that is persistently causing GSB to crash from the design screen any time I try to change to the empty hull or load a ship that uses that hull. Here’s the text from errors.txt:

2/9/2011 - 1::48 - Assertion failure:filename:…\src\GUI_RunningLight.cpp,linenum:30,build:Full 1.56

Anybody seen this before? The hull was working fine originally, then I went and modified the running lights and I hadn’t used the hull since. Don’t know why it’s crashing on me.

Hmm, an empty hull should not be giving any errors, but maybe u have something wrong in the txt file. U should check the txt file of the hull to see if there something wrong or something missplaced. Are u sure u didnt make other modules and u put em on the new hull? sometimes, we forget values of the modules like the “name” of the module (this is a common crash problem, when u put another name that already exists and conflicts with another module). If u can post the txt file of the hull, we can for sure discover the problem :stuck_out_tongue:

something is wrong with the rujnning lights. could u show us that part of the hull file?

To save some time, here’s the entire .txt file for the hull:

classname = frigate
name = Rift Frigate
guiname = Matmos Rift Frigate Hull
sprite = Rift
damagetexture = Rift
hulktexture = Rift
width = 110
height = 110
powerproduced = 10
cost = 135
racename = matmos


0 = 78.50,151.75,110.00,3.20,0
1 = 186.50,126.00,10.00,3.60,2
2 = 119.75,63.75,60.00,1.50,3
3 = 147.50,103.25,110.00,3.90,1
4 = 67.25,129.75,60.00,2.20,3
5 = 142.25,131.50,30.00,1.70,2
6 = 128.75,197.75,70.00,3.70,1
7 = 91.50,93.75,40.00,1.20,2
8 = 114.25,127.00,120.00,1.80,0

0 = 82.00,109.75,0,1,43.00,70.50,111.75,138.75,(damage_sprite_sparks-84.75-112.00),(damage_sprite_sparks-83.00-105.50),
1 = 174.25,110.25,0,1,139.00,67.00,211.50,134.00,(damage_sprite_sparks-175.50-104.75),(damage_sprite_sparks-172.75-111.75),
2 = 110.75,183.75,0,1,58.75,141.25,150.00,207.75,(damage_sprite_sparks-110.00-186.25),(damage_sprite_sparks-109.25-179.50),(damage_sprite_sparks-113.75-184.00),

0 = 128.00,30.00,TURRET,
1 = 115.00,103.00,STANDARD,
2 = 141.00,103.00,STANDARD,
3 = 30.00,128.00,TURRET,
4 = 115.00,128.00,STANDARD,
5 = 141.00,128.00,STANDARD,
6 = 226.00,128.00,TURRET,
7 = 115.00,153.00,STANDARD,
8 = 141.00,153.00,STANDARD,
9 = 128.00,226.00,TURRET,

0 = 0,128,128,EXP_BLASTGLARE
2 = 200,128,128,EXP_FRIGATEBREAKUP

0 = 154,137,249,234,(emit-201-186-hulk_emmiter_bluesparks),
1 = 283,214,367,306,(emit-325-260-hulk_emmiter_bluesparks),
2 = 190,254,280,345,(emit-235-300-hulk_emmiter_bluesparks),

I double-checked to make sure all the related .dds files are present and in the right spot. Don’t know what else would be giving it heartburn at this point.

Thanks in advance for the help!

send me the file again.
I cant work out what is wrong with that hull file - it looks fine as far as i can tell.

Will do.

Hmm, i think the bug is not in the lights section, have u tried to erase that part to see if thats the real problem?? in that case, make that section again light by light, not all at the same time, that way u can avoid possible bugs.

Are your .dds files capitalized the same as in the file? I had that trouble once before also. But other than that it looks fine, and all. I normally only use lowercase and a _ for my spaces. I’ve found it to be a lot easier for me.

I have tested the code and couldn’t get it to crash, if pain persists, send me the mod “as is” so i can track down the problem.

Solution Found.

I would say you had two problems with the mod which presented themselfs as one.

  • One with the running lights which was throwing the error in the original post and at some point you have solved yourself.
  • The other was with the frigate_matmos_shielddisrupt.txt which just threw the game right out without any error message.
    (with the module being a frigate only weapon you would have crashed the game any time you went in to “design” a frigate but you would be able to deploy any saved frigates)

So to fix the shield disrupter, open the file and change
icon = rift_turret_v3
icon =

From there you should be good to go

Yay! Back on track now. I’d hit my idiot code monkey in the head with a shoe, but I’d just get a headache out of it.

Now to actually test all the pretty little things I’ve been working on…

Uh oh !

Obscure, needle-in-a-haystack annoyances like this make me crazy. Especially when they’re mission-critical as well as fully due to human error. I hate making such goofs. The only real advance prevention is to:

  1. never mod in haste
  2. never mod while tired
  3. never mod while “substance impaired”
  4. check EVERYTHING
    4-a) repeatedly!

It’s amazing how many little bugs can creep into one’s code when one is not paying enough attention. None of us will ever be perfect people, true, but hopefully we can spare ourselves some heartbreak in the future. :slight_smile:

I now return you to Darkstar’s moment of debugging triumph and AcePalarum’s development of a cool new mod race.

… but don’t be like me and never finish anything.

Both of you make excelent points.

The only thing i can is the suggestion to have 2 versions of GSB minimum.
- Development Version(s): Where you perform various editings and moddings to your hearts content. When you have a stable build you move it across to the Production Version
- Production Version: This is where your final mod will form. If anything goes wrong in the Development version, you always have this as a reference

Yes and dont be like Randy :wink:

Luckily I had a spare flash drive, so now its official name is GSB_ACE and it has all my mod-in-progress work in place. It’s not quite a second GSB, but it does help keep things a bit more segregated. I can build the skeleton of the mod away from the actual game so nothing gets too screwed up, then I can migrate hulls, modules etc. as they get developed to a testing stage.