Modding a Country

I have created Estonia mission mod
You may want too look at it and check whether it is accurate enough.

A New Zealand mod is also under development, when I have more time to iron out the figures. :slight_smile:

Just tagging this on to the end of this discussion. But I was wondering if it was possible to create a new country with election promises automatically in place. Also, not neccesaryly with a full term, first go round.

I ask because, was thinking about creating some new “scenarios” where by in a less stable country a group consisting of military top brass and the social elite have just had the president/prime minister assasinated. You were his vice/deputy and have just been sworn in, with the backing of these groups, but on the condition that you a) keep military spending high and b) keep income tax relatively low. And first go round you may only have half a term.

To stay in power you have to both keep the groups that put you in power happy, but there influence only reaches so far, so you’ll have to win 51% come election day.

unfortunately this isn’t stuff you can easily do right now, I should have exposed a lot more variables for modders when I made it ;( I have grand plans to make a much mroe moddable version, but they are far off ;(

Okay, been thinking about this, would it be possible to instead of having election promises from the start, to have custom situations like the debt crisis , that act in the same way, and will only go away once you’ve done what the influential groups wanted you to do. So one that tracked military spending, and if it went below a certain point certain groups would be up in arms, and it would be the only thing that they cared about. Obviously that solution would be dependent on some how making sure it didn’t come up in other games, otherwise it could have some unexpected outcomes in those other games.

you can certainly engineer the numbers so that a particular event is already triggered at the games start, and also that only a single group are affected by that event yes. Most of the games do start with a crtain number of events pre-triggered, but this isn’t scripted, its a natural outcome of the setup of those events, and the distribution of population for that country.