[MODDING] Add more "_All_x_" Options

For the sake of modding, could we have an All_Tax option? And others, such as, “_All_Income”? More could be suggested below.

Have you bothered looking for some tax policies?

Hmmm…in what way do you mean? I sure have. But to make broad macroeconomic changes swiftly, an “all_tax” option would be very helpful.

What difference comes from all_tax compared to all_income with negative input?

Not with respect to negative input, I meant it more as, if I want all tax revenue to increase by 20%, for example, I can simply select “All_Tax” and enter the default equation of 0+(0.2*x).

_All_income_ kind of effects mean that they will increase the income of voters who are considered as members of Everyone group. So I wouldn’t call it with _All_ unless it’s actually related with the ‘All’ group (aka ‘Everyone’).

Yeah, that’s my intent, when I say all, I mean everyone.