modding changes (engine glows)

There will be some minor engine glow changes in the next patch. Those names like ‘ALLIANCE’ in engine glows will be removed, and older mods will not work.
The new format is this:

0 = 87,272,16,40,“”,“engine_debris”,0,1.0 is the texture used for the glow sprite, engine_debris the particle effect positioned over the sprite.
the next value declares it a simple glow (only used by some imperial fighters, with no particles) and the last one is the ‘YMultiplier’ which is
always 1.0 unless its an alliance ship, which sets them to 0.5.

Sorry for the inconvenience of this, but I want it all to be more flexible and less hard coded, so from now on you will be able to add new types of spaceship engine glow without having to work out the hard coded stuff that was in there originally.
This will be in version 1.31.

Does this mean that a particular hull could potentially have several different engine glows?

does this mean i have to wait until all the other mods that i’ve downloaded are updated to use them again…? :frowning:

No, because 1.31 isn’t out yet.

duh, i’m talking about when it DOES come out :stuck_out_tongue:


You could cut and past the posted fix into the mod hull files. Should take a short time.

oh yeah… never thought of that. XD

I’ve been so lazy that by the time I release 0.6 of the SB mod it will already be done for you, lol :smiley:

too lazy to actually try … (i say that cause if i dont like the new look i would have to get my backup and replace it and everything … too much hastle!)

Show me the screenies! lol … and of course the random lurkers like i used to be :stuck_out_tongue:

yes definitely, although that is already the case anyway as I recall.

cool can we have the codes for the whole rainbow? :stuck_out_tongue:

im mainly looking forward for
traditional style flame
blue traditional style flame
green traditional style flame
purple traditional style flame
white “pulse” look (reffer to Freelancer for that one … some ships have it … i dunno try to google “Freelancer engine trails” or something … cant help you too much with that since i’d need to find and redownload a mod that lets me pilot a capitol ship with the trail im talking about). And when i was talking about “traditional style flame” its kinda like that video cliff ha
d posted (the 2nd and new style in .31)

custom style engine trails kinda like that would be pretty cool!

done with the copy/paste thing now. i can release the mods i installed in a link if you want. i’ve downloaded the legios mod and hopefast’s fantasy fleet mod.

the freelancer one

Whooo!! someone Refferd to Freelancer, pity they never finished freelancer 2.