Modding events question

I have created an event,and placed it in “mods/events” folder, it bases on my ppolice policy (also in mods folder,mods.policies) but it does not work and does never appear in the game. ichecked the spelling and comas etc. over and over but i think everything is correct.
Why does it not work?
has anyone tried to mod events based on custom-made policies?

#,agencyclash,Protection agencies clash!,“Two leading protection&crime prevention private agencies failed to arbitrate disputes between their clients wchich led to a violent gang-like fight on our city streets. People are otraged,and especially socialists despise the effects of our bizarre experiments with private law enforcement”,0,0,ak47.ogg,ppolice,0+(0.3*x),#,Socialist,-0.8,0.55,Conservative,-0.4,0.55,All,-0.12,0.55,agencyclash,-0.8,0.9,

#,ppolice,Private Police Force,ppolice,“Some radical capitalist thinkers suggest that even as fundamental government functions as enforcing the law can be at least partly worked out by private firms,some contracted by the government,some fully financed by consumers.This kind of experiment can lead to lower crime rates,but any kind of socialist finds the whole idea abominable - introducing profit motives into law enforcement can lead to unequality and discrimination of the poorest members of society.”,TRUE,LAW & ORDER,0,0,12,0,0,#Effects,“CrimeRate,0.1-(0.1x)","ViolentCrimeRate,-0.1-(0.1x)”,“Socialist,-0.15-(0.35x)","Equality,0.00-(0.11x)”,“Poor,0.00-(0.30x)","Capitalist,0.00+(0.30x)”,“Wealthy,0.00+(0.30*x)”,

OK,i finally made it work correctly,i forget about the three comas in the end… Sorry for bothering.