Modding experiens: second guitarist.

Greetings to all!
First, I would like to apologise for the bad English. I from Kazakhstan, where English not so widespread, as in Britain.

Kudos Rock Legend is one of my most favourite games. And it is wonderful, that there is a possibility to modding her. I wish to share the experience of modification of game. I understand, that to many methods of changes users of KRL have already guessed and have made. But detailed tutorials I did not see, except separate posts and answers in a forum. Therefore the part of users does not know, as where it is possible to mod. They hope for this site where they are sent by the pressed button of game.

When I have bought KRL, I was upset, that in structure of band there is no possibility to enter the second guitarist. Also there is no legal possibility to add it. Therefore, that I have decided to make the first is to replace the saxophonist with the lead-guitarist. In the real world is much more bands with two guitars, than at least with one saxman.

Saxophone meets to us in several files. It strings.ini in a main folder data, assets.csv, auditionees.csv in a folder data\simulation, audition_saxophone_h.jpg in data\bitmaps, some pics in data\bitmaps\assets, in data\bitmaps\gigscreen, EOG_SAX.ogg in data\sounds and so 4 ogg-files in data\sound\instruments\saxophone folder.

Other instruments have similar files, and names of instruments in them change only. But we not can rename simply everywhere a saxophone into a lead-guitar because the game engine recognises only a saxophone and does not wait more guitars in. How to be?

We simply declare from this day to consider a saxophone as a leader-guitar! We will begin with strings.ini. Open its with Notepad and find the paragraph [strings], and there
AUDITION_SAXOPHONE_TOOLTIP = “Audition for saxophonist” (sorry, I don’t now how it looking in English original cause I use Russian version of KRL)
First there is a game function, and so-called how this function looks in game when we look through candidates on audition. Here we can write anything you like, for example: «Wanted by Interpol» or «Rest in Peace» (looks funny!), but in a considered case we need to type AS:
AUDITION_SAXOPHONE_TOOLTIP = “Audition for lead-guitarist”

Then we go downwards under the list in alphabetic order and found:
It how the instrument is called in auditions menu. Without thinking twice, we change:

After that we search for lines named COMMENT_ POSSESION_…, exactly:

Under each of such lines go beginning with number and an equal-sign as band members beg for new instruments. We learn the saxophonist to play a guitar, therefore and to beg it owe a guitar too, instead of a saxophone. Type so, for example:
0 = “My guitar remembers hands of medieval minstrels! It is necessary for it in a museum, and I need a new guitar!”
1 = “Or you buy a new guitar, or I break old about your dumphead!”

and further in this way. Lines here will be unimportant how many: one or ten – the band member will alternate them, while you do not buy him the instrument.

We have one more line in strings.ini similar to the previous

It is one of the goods which you can buy in assets shop for the band members. Guitar will not get locate into a sax case, therefore we will replace it with something another. For example capotasto – very useful thing for guitarists!

Function here and in all cases COMMENT_POSSESION_DEMAND_… Therefore in we can fearlessly change other letters. If only the goods name coincided with assets.csv about which we will talk after we finish with auditions. You can change here SAXOPHONE_MIDRANGE, _EXPENSIVE, _ULTIMATE on similar with word LEAD_GUITAR

The remained lines in strings.ini are gratitude and thanks for the bought instruments and the goods:

Function here is THANKS. We arrive with them also as with begs.

Now we move to a folder simulation where we find pair necessary to us of files assets.csv and auditionees.csv (still open by Notepad). Precisely, auditionees it to be necessary for you only if you all the same have decided to rename formally assets saxophones into guitars not only for the eyes, but also for the sake of a true celebration! In this file we see characteristics of the musicians coming on auditions, including saxophonists:
#,SAXOPHONE,MALE,backing vocals,0.54,saxophone_cheap,lazy,egotistical,
#,SAXOPHONE,FEMALE,backing vocals,0.62,saxophone_cheap,socialiser,lazy,

There is no reason to change it! These saxophonists will easily give out themselves for guitarists (or even for harpists!) if only you took them in group! But if you wish to change an internal name with saxophone_cheap on lead_guitar_cheap, do not forget to make it and in this file too! If you consider, that serious guitarists are not inspired such song elements as sex, fear or love, change it on ‘guitar’ elements, for example slide guitar or harmony guitar. But do not touch the first (‘instrument’) word SAXOPHONE typed by the big letters!

And now my favorite file assets.csv! Everything, that is in KRL anyhow has found reflexion in this file. Here again we should continue transformation of the saxophonist in to the lead-guitarist. We have:
#,instrument,saxophone_cheap,Дешевый саксофон,instruments,ass_saxophone.jpg,data/sounds/instruments/saxophone/saxophone0.ogg,0,0,0,0,saxophone,SAXOPHONE, , ,0.4,#,#,
#,instrument,saxophone_midrange,Стил-Сакс,instruments,“Ну наконец-то! Саксофон, сделанный НЕ из пластика.”,ass_saxophone.jpg,data/sounds/instruments/saxophone/saxophone1.ogg,350,0,0,15,saxophone,SAXOPHONE,“DESIRABLE,SELLABLE,REBUYABLE”,0.6,#,#,
#,instrument,saxophone_expensive,Сакс-Тек Про,instruments,“Этот сакс так блестит, что смотреть на него можно только в солнечных очках.”,ass_saxophone_exp.jpg,data/sounds/instruments/saxophone/saxophone2.ogg,800,0,0,27,saxophone,SAXOPHONE,“DESIRABLE,SELLABLE,REBUYABLE”, ,0.8,#,#,
#,instrument,saxophone_ultimate,Платинум Сакс Про,instruments,“Сексуальный, блестящий, гладкий - одним словом, настоящий саксофон.”,ass_saxophone_exp.jpg,data/sounds/instruments/saxophone/saxophone3.ogg,1450,0,0,37,saxophone,SAXOPHONE,“DESIRABLE,SELLABLE,REBUYABLE”,1,#,#,
(Do not pay attention to Russian words)

The line begins with token # which gives a signal to game to take into consideration this line. Further it is shown trigger, specifying in start of this line in various processes of game (like gigs or rehearsals). In our case it instrument. Further there is the internal name allowing game to distinguish this element from other elements. It followed by a name for YOUR using, that is that you see on the monitor screen. Further the store name where it is possible to find this element (instruments, lightings, effects, music, staff etc). Then accompanying text. Then icon representing element from bitmaps\assets. Further explorer to a sound file of support from a folder sounds. Further three points of the price: purchase cost, daily payment and payment per gig. Then there is a satisfaction which brings finding of the given element for a category using it. Further a category of an element which is used by game. And trace element ASSIGNMENT that is for whom it exists in game. The category and assignment not always coincide with each other. For example the tour bus has a category transport, but appointment BAND.
About all it it’s possible to understand having read the top line of a file assets.csv. But it breaks on ‘assignee’ and further only commas. And after all in the further points there is a most interesting …
Let’s not forget about our saxophonist-guitarist! We alter a line for him so:

#,instrument,saxophone_cheap,Lead Guitar,instruments,ass_lead_guitar.jpg,data/sounds/instruments/saxophone/saxophone0.ogg,0,0,0,0,saxophone,SAXOPHONE, , ,0.4,#,#,
#,instrument,saxophone_midrange,Ivanes AM70,instruments," This guitar can be HEARD during a gig.",ass_lead_guitar_midrange.jpg,data/sounds/instruments/saxophone/saxophone1.ogg,350,0,0,15,saxophone,SAXOPHONE,“DESIRABLE,SELLABLE,REBUYABLE”,0.6,#,#,
#,instrument,saxophone_expensive,Bigson SE-333,instruments,“From this day FORBIDDEN to put beer banks on a guitar!”,ass_lead_guitar_expensive.jpg,data/sounds/instruments/saxophone/saxophone2.ogg,800,0,0,27,saxophone,SAXOPHONE,“DESIRABLE,SELLABLE,REBUYABLE”, ,0.8,#,#,
#,instrument,saxophone_ultimate,Grinch Rian Zetser,instruments,“Before you take this guitar in hands, show your letters of recommendation.”,ass_lead_guitar_ultimate.jpg,data/sounds/instruments/saxophone/saxophone3.ogg,1450,0,0,37,saxophone,SAXOPHONE,“DESIRABLE,SELLABLE,REBUYABLE”,1,#,#,

And now for capotasto!

#,capo_tasto,Capotasto,general,”This thing allows to protect fingers from destructive influence of barre”.,ass_capo_tasto.jpg,39.99,0,0,4,SAXOPHONE,“DESIRABLE,SELLABLE,REBUYABLE”,#,#,

Once again I will tell, that if you want, can replace saxophone_cheap, _midrange, _expensive and ultimate on same only with lead_guitar. It is not essential. But do not touch the SAXOPHONE in the column ‘assignee’!

Now we need to display correctly the second guitarist on the screen. For this purpose first of all the file audition_saxophone_h.jpg is required to us. It is a picture in the size 256X256 px with the saxophone image meets to us in game together with four other instruments and your avatar when we appoint auditions. Without this file game WILL NOT be started! It cannot be renamed! The only thing, that we can make is to change the image. Instead of a saxophone to draw a guitar. Here is how it looks in my mod.

Further we need to place images of four guitars and one capotasto in a folder bitmaps\assets. The size of these files 128X128 px. They should carry the same names that has been specified by you in a file assets.csv.

OK! Now we see our second guitarist on auditions and we can buy to him guitars and capotasto. But it is a problem here! On the screen of gigs we still see a silhouette of the saxophonist. But we need a second guitarist!

Silhouettes of musicians are hidden in a folder bitmaps\gigscreen and are called (_bass, _drummer etc). DDS-files open in Photoshop under condition of presence photoshop dds plugins (it’s easy to find it in the Internet). If you open them in Photoshop, you are surprised and even will be upset, because it looks as Malevich’s creation:

But it only an outer side. If you are switched from Layers to Channels and will choose the alpha channel, you will see the saxophonist:

Looks beautifully, isn’t? Paint it black!
Now we take a silhouette of the guitarist from the Internet and by means of a magic wand we will select it and copy. Paste it on the sax alpha channel and now paint it white. Here, that has turned out:

Save as with such options:

Here is how it looks on the gig screen:

There is a little problem. The silhouette of the new guitarist blocks the singer. Open and include the alpha channel. Now with the help of move tool shift a silhouette of the singer to the left and save. Now our group looks much better!



Unfortunately, it is practically only operations which we can legally use on gigscreen. I am very upset by that circumstance, that actions here are limited. I would like to have possibility to interchange the position of musicians and to add on the screen new effects, for example, dancing girls. But creators of KRL not given such possibility. I don’t want to crack the engine because it’s illegal and incorrect in relation to creators of KRL. I hope, sometime they will give a patch or tools for modification of this way.

So, we needed to sound our guitarist only. I think it easy for everything if you can find five guitar parts in a format ogg. Simply save under the same, as at a saxophone names files about which I have specified in the beginning of topic.

While it is everything what I wished to tell. I will answer any questions and remarks!

Great, thanks for your efforts. Can you put the mod together to download?

Wow! This is awesome! Thanks!
Would it be ok if I used the guitarist picture (the gig one) in my mod? I’m useless at drawing people.

Hey, im working on a installer for this