Modding for the Mac


A question – I just picked up the Mac version of the game, and I’m looking at all the modding instructions; I’ve tried searching for Kudos data files, but my initial tries didn’t find anything.

Is it possible to mod the Mac version, and if so, where are the files?




It’s been a while since you posted but I thought I’d reply in case you were still interested.

Go to your applications folder (or wherever you put Kudos!) and right/control click on Kudos, and choose “Show Package Contents”. A window will appear with a Contents folder. Inside this is a Resources folder. In there is a Data folder.

There are a few moddable things here, like the config file, but most of the things you’ll want to mod are in the Simulation folder. I strongly advise you to backup the whole data folder, as it’s easy to mess things up. Or it is if you’re me, at least. :laughing:

As far as I can tell, most of the modding works the same as for Windows. However, jobs are different. It seems that Windows folk can copy in separate text files to a jobs folder somewhere, but we have to edit the jobs.csv file. This means that most of the jobs mods posted here will be in separate files, so you’ll have to edit them all into the correct format and copy them into the jobs.csv. I can never be bothered…

Hope that helps, let me know if you need any more advice. I know very little about modding and this is just what I’ve managed to work out, but I’ve made some successful mods and it’s pretty fun so don’t be afraid!

ETA: Argh, sorry, I didn’t notice which forum this was posted in. Wrong game! I’ve left the post in case the theory is the same for Rock Legend. I have the Windows version, so I can’t check for you. Sorry!


Hi there, I’m playing the Mac version too and I can’t find any data files in the game package, there is nothing of use in the Resources folder. Instead I can edit xml files located at the following address:


There is a bunch of stuff in the save files, for instance I can set the parameters of the practice mini-game. After some time it gets harder and the sequence goes way too fast, I changed that to 90bpm and it seems to work quite well. Modding the save file is annoying, the changes are not permanent, but it’s better than nothing.



Er, okay. I’ve found it, there is a data folder, but the path is kind of odd, it is located in an invisible folder (.Game denoted by the period). :mrgreen:

/Applications/Kudos\ Rock\\ Rock\


That’s odd… for me the data file is exactly where you’d expect it to be: in the first Resources folder. Looks like you have a shortcut/redirection thing going on. I haven’t checked to see if I’ve got a hidden “.Game” folder as well though.

Haven’t found anything I particularly want to edit though… I’m happy with the txt files and don’t really know anything about csv. :unamused:


My turn to correct myself :mrgreen: it seems all the really interesting stuff is in the config.txt file!