Modding Help

I am making this subject for two reasons, one so people who need help with modding (like myself) can get help from experienced modders, and, another, because I need help :slight_smile:.

I simply need to know how situations work-when going into the situations.csv file I get hit with this random line of text

#,Gridlock,Gridlock,“Chronic congestion leading to virtual paralysis of the transport infrastructure. There comes a point where traffic congestion is so bad, nobody can get anywhere!”,TRANSPORT,,Traffic congestion has reached a state of permanent gridlock,“The traffic gridlock has now eased and average speeds are faster than a snails pace again, so commuters and motorists will be very relieved. This also means learning to drive will no longer seem futile for our citizens.”,0,0,0,“CarUsage,0+(x^5)”,“SateliteRoadPricing,-0.12+(0.1x)","winning,-0.1+(0.32x)”,#,“Commuter,-0.3-(0.9x)","Motorist_freq,-0.09-(0.05x)”,“Motorist,-0.5-(0.3x)","GDP,-0.06-(0.06x)”,

Could someone please ‘dissect’ that so I know what I am actually doing when I am playing with the variables.


the equations before the # sign are the influences,they add themselves to the situations value during the game ,they may be policies,other situations, simulation values etc. (and this value can be a number between 0 and 1 just like everything else in the game).

As far as i know,the situation appears in the game and becomes active when its value reaches 0.6, and disappears when it goes below 0.4

The equations after the # sign are the effects of the situation which work in a similar way to these in policies, “x” always means the level of situation in question (0-1).

To improve your situations, you can make them get harder to deal with as the player becomes more successful. Before the hash #, include as one of the influences the following:


or, for a positive situation:


The numbers can be tweaked to your preference, but I found that those values worked well with the other situations. Basically, 0 on this scale is when the player is doing really, really badly, and 1 is when they are doing really, really well. it thus means tahat the situation gets harder and ahrder to deal with the more successful the player is.