Modding Help.

Hi everyone, Just got the game like a week ago.

Anyways im like addicted to modding ~_~

and have started working on my own race, I have most of the artwork done.
and have created the mod structure based on the info ive found here and exploring the game.

I can make custom hulls for races that are there, but when I try to add my own race,
it shows up in race selection and stuff, but when I try to make a ship.

the game freezes and gives me an error,

Failed to find race:…\src\SIM_Race.cpp 130

if anyone could help that would be great. im totaly lost and have been trying to figure this out through trial and error for a week and cant get it…

any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile:


could you post the code of your race?

it would be alot easier for us to detect the problem if you did :wink:

EDIT: also, ve you put a istall file for it? its supposed to be in /GSB/data/installs

and looks something like this:

[config] path = Deserters

It might not be the problem - but its something to be aware of.
The race name is case sensitive

For example:
racename = Rebels
racename = rebels
are two seperate entities

thanks for the help guys,

I know everything is good on the case sensitive front,

Ill post the mod structure either later tonight or tomorrow or so,

(having pc problems, posting from boyfriends pc)

anyways again thanks for helping and ill get that info up soon.


Check that u are not trying to use some custom modules with a wrong "restricted = " value

Thank you guys for helping, I figured it out last night,
I had a typo in the turrets section of my race.txt.

But its fixed now,

Soon enough I should have my mod to a playable level ^_^.

then you shall all bow before the mighty Akrindii empire.

heres a crappy screenshot of one of my frigates, still have to clean up some graphics but most of my hulls are finnished,
still need to finish all of my turrets. :slight_smile: